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Hello, dear Heavenletters readers!!!

I'm Lourdes (Dreamhealer), writing from Cancun, the Mexican Caribbean. I recently volunteered to translate Heavenletters in Spanish, and I enjoy so much doing it. There are so many God's letters just made for each and everyone, and nothing gives me more satisfaction that to share this loving material with others. I haven't been able to translate as much as I wanted to lately (I work in a hotel so you can imagine how things are during these Holidays), but I'll be back on it soon. Oh, yes...working in a hotel is not just that: work. It allows me to meet people, try to help them and make their stay a pleasant one. I have years of experience on this so providing quality in service is one of my favorite activities.

Well, Christmas is almost here, with all the excitement and joy it brings. Nothing like sharing precious moments with all our dear, friends, workmates. I'm blessed because there are so many angels, both Heavenly & Earthly, surounding me every step of my way, every moment, when I wake up in the morning until I go to bed.

This year has been one of great challenges. Personally I had my share but now I'm grateful with God for the lessons learned during the most difficult times of my life, and for putting all those angels in my way. Without them I wouldn't be here writting these words to you, beloveds!

I got one of many prior-to-Christmas presents, one of them very, very special because one of my many Angels came to visit and gave me my first Heavenletters book. OMG, what a wonderful gift! Reading a part of the Heaven book before going to bed is like listening to God Himself, vanishing all our worries & doubts. His sweet embrace makes us sleep tight, lying our heads on His chest, listening to the wonderful music His Heart plays.

Thank you for opening your hearts and welcoming me within your community, for being part of my life, and for this great opportunity to do my contribution on behalf of humankind. My very best wishes for a wonderful Holiday Season for all of you, your family and all the Angels working in HEAVEN. May the Light of all Lights shine within your hearts...always!!!

Love you all...


Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you Lourdes!

You wrote such a beautiful letter from the heart, it really touched me!
You are in good hands with the Angels surrounding you and now, with "Heavenletters" reaching deep within you. I'm sure, many consider you an Angel as well.

Blessings and more blessings to you and merry Christmas!

Nice to meet you, too,

:big Nice to meet you, too, Xenia, and thank you for your words & wishes. Sometimes I better express myself in writting than in spoken words, that's how I actually feel. Many blessings to you & your family.

In Love & Light :wub:


Lourdes...Thank you for your

Lourdes...Thank you for your posting and your translating! ps..I work in a hotel too (Los Abrigados in Sedona, Az) and I love meeting and helping all of "Las turistas" if that is the correct word. Love and light and blessings to you. Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.


Everything points in the direction that this year’s Christmas is going to be an extra special one, first because the Sun moved into Sagittarius November 22 and into the next sign, Capricorn, December 22. As the 22 is on the master vibration, this is bound to be of great spiritual significance. Read more about this in the chapter ‘Two Studies in Mastership’ at the end of the Astro Files. Second, there is a full Moon on Christmas Eve and, as you may recall, that is always a time for finding spiritual enlightenment and understanding. Cancer is the opposite sign of Capricorn; hence the full Moon will be taking place in this the Moon’s own sign and that of home, mother and ancestry. Cancer represents the Great Mother of all life, the archetype and the essence of motherhood in all aspects of life.

Now, could there be anything more beautiful than this when our world is waiting for a renewed understanding of the birth of the child in the manger? This child is a symbolism for the long promised saviour and redeemer of humankind and its world, the Divine spark that has for aeons been waiting to be reborn and come alive. If we tune into the inflowing Christ energies in our meditations, especially around the time of the full Moon, and request to be used as a channel through which the Great Father/Mother’s blessing and healing can flow into everything that is in our world and all worlds, then that is exactly what will happen.

From the Sun’s entry into Sagittarius until it moves into Aquarius 21st January 2008, our world will continue to be influenced by the vibration of the master number 22. If you are ready for what this may wish to bring to our world, you might like to use what now follows, first the affirmation and then the prayer:

God is in me and I am in God;
Divine light floods and fills
Every atom of my being.

Breathe on me, O breath of God;
Breathe through me, O breath of God;
Blend my whole being with Thine,
Until all my earthly parts have been
Cleansed and purified by
Thy Great fire Divine.

Breathe on us and our world, o breath of God;
Breathe through us, o breath of God;
Blend all our hearts and souls with Thine,
Until all earthly parts of us and our world have been
Cleansed and purified by Thy Great fire Divine.

In the name of love I ask this,
On behalf of all that is in our world and all worlds;
May we all return into perfect re-alignment with Thee.


For the Twelve Holy Nights

Because December contains the festival of Christmas
It is a very holy and special month and within it
The twelve holy nights represent a particularly hallowed period.

1) The three nights starting with Christmas Eve are the holies of holies.
They are a time for receiving and the door to the Angelic Kingdom Stands wide open, inviting us all.

Each of these nights, as you light your candle,
Hold in your mind the image of
Our planet, the Earth, turning on its own axis in space.
Reflect on the fact that every being on this planet is united
And an integral part of this Great Life.
Bless it and commit yourself to healing it.

2) The following four nights bring us to night seven;
They are about understanding the Christ energy
Which at this time flows particularly strongly into every heart and soul.
It is a time for contemplations and meditations.

Each of these nights, as you light your candle
Bring to mind those close to you and whose love
Helps to give your own life quality and purpose.
During your meditations, hold them in your heart
And share your love with them.

3) The remaining five nights bring us to night twelve;
They are about grounding the Christ energy.
It is a time for making plans, for activity and new beginnings.

Each of these nights, as you light your candle,
Review your life and consider which areas of it are in need of changing,
Resolve to invest in yourself, to make it more productive and positive.

After this the elemental kingdom is said to take over the energy
And its value to the human kingdom is supposed to be spent.
Hence the importance of shutting things down on Twelfth Night,
But do not forget to persevere with your meditations and efforts, throughout the whole of the coming year.
The Twelve Nights by kind permission of the
D.K. Foundation

Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year 2008 to everybody
With Love and Light,

Dear Aquarius, Thank you

Dear Aquarius,

:thumbup: Thank you so much for this useful information. I also think - and believe - Christmas day 2007 will be an extra-special one. I was thinking about it last night when I realized it would be full moon. May all hearts be filled with this wonderful Light!

In Love & Light :wub:

Thank you and bless you,

Thank you and bless you, dreamhealer - I feel that it's not just Christmas Day that will be special but the whole period starting with the Sun's move into Sagittarius and until its arrival in Aquarius. This is the Age of Aquarius - if we do our homework right, in our prayers, meditations and other devotions, we shall be good and ready for coming into perfect re-alignment with the Highest in that sign. Not only that, we shall also be helping our world and everything that is in it to do the same.

With love and light,

Dearest Lourdes, you have

Dearest Lourdes,

you have touched my heart with warm words of love and joy ! I'm so glad that Heavenletters found you and that you are here with us right now, for you are a REAL ANGEL, and you are showering and shining love on all of us with each word you write.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a 2008 of love, joy and divine gifts and divine blessing.

Love Light and Joy

Dear Berit, Thank you for

Dear Berit,

:blushing: Thank you for your words & wishes. Actually we're all TRUE ANGELS, bringing light to others in one way or another.

Happy & blessed holidays for you & your dear ones!!! :p

In Love & Light


Thank you to all of the

Thank you to all of the beautiful souls who have posted messages on this page.
They are all so very lovely.

Love and hugs to each and every one of you ~




Thank you and bless you,

Thank you and bless you, Mary - it takes one to know one, i.e. one beautiful soul can only recognise another. All the best for Christmas and the New Year - love and big hugs - Aquarius

It is the same for me. It is

It is the same for me. It is easier for me to write than speak.

Lourdes, do you have a photo of yourself? Will you send one as an attachment to me, please? Maybe post here too for everyone.

I would like to take some of your words above and use as an endorsement on the web site.

Is that okay with you?

Thank you so much for posting such a magnificent posting.

Love and blessings,