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alone on Christmas

I could use some uplifting tonight. Love to you all and thanks aquarius for the weilcome the other day.

Ichabod, well, that must

Ichabod, well, that must make two of us who are on the internet tonight!
So many of us experience loneliness at this holiday time when we think we're supposed to be feeling holiday cheer.

I imagine that whatever we feel is just right to be feeling at this time.

How long have you been reading Heavenletters?

Please keep posting. Also come to, will you?

Looking forward to more of your posts, beloved Ichabod.

With love and blessings,


I forgot to ask where you

I forgot to ask where you live. Will you kindly tell us more about yourself?

Thanks for replying, Gloria.

Thanks for replying, Gloria. I'm in Illinois. I don't recall how I stumbled onto this beautiful website but I've been reading the letters for about a month. Your kindness is touching.

Dearest Ichabod, a big big

Dearest Ichabod,
a big big hug to you from Milan !!! I'm sure the Godwriting blog is a marvelous uplifter !
Love and sweet blessings to you dear

Grazie, Berit! Thank you so

Grazie, Berit! Thank you so much for the lovely wishes. I had a beautiful day and I hope you did, too. Milan is the fashion capital, right? Anyway, sweet blessings and love to you and Gloria, too.