Christmas Eve

God said:

The Eve of Christ’s birth is the dawn of your own. When your heart meets Christ, you rise to a higher vibration. This happens naturally. Whenever you love, appreciate, enjoy, your consciousness is rising. What did you think ascension was if not rising? And what are you rising to but your own stature? Nothing is being added to you, beloved. You are simply ceasing to stay as you were — as you thought you were.

When you want to go to the seventh floor in a hotel, you press the button of the elevator, step in and find yourself rising to the seventh floor. You rise to the floor you press.

When you want to ascend in life, press the button of love, joy, the essence of Buddha, Christ, Mohammed — you can only automatically rise. There is no top floor, beloveds. You are always rising. The way vapor rises, you can only rise, beloveds.

Now, on Christmas Eve, you celebrate your own birth. The Christ in you is your Divine Humanness. It is not someone else’s. Christ is your own Oneness. He demonstrated the union of God and man. It was a simple demonstration. Christ was such that he couldn’t do anything else. He could only be as he was.

You, however, have found other ways to dress yourself up. One moment, you are in your own good graces. The next you have fallen into disfavor with yourself. You have forgotten the Grace of God that surrounds you. Christ remembered, and he reminds you. He reminds you of the possibilities that are yours. I, God, am yours for the asking, and you are Mine for the giving.

Christ did nothing more than walk the Earth. He spoke My Will. He lived My Will. He held Me before him as a lantern. And now he holds that lantern high and continues to light the world in My light. Christ would take nothing for himself. He would give all to Me. He knew no other way. He knew the Union of Our Hearts, and he knew what to make of this Union. He knew it was for him. He did not know how to turn away a gift.

Whatever gifts I gave Christ, I give you the same. Your question is not really, “What can I become?” Your question is: “What am I now?” Your question is: “Where am I now?” When you can truly answer, not with the right words alone but with the sure knowledge of what you are now, you will sing a song. Your life will become a song.

Whose song did Christ sing if not Mine? He knew he was a witness to My affability, My power, and My Will. He knew Who made miracles, Who revealed, Who gave to him with every breath.

An amazing thing happened. As Christ revealed Me, he revealed himself. This is revelation. Christ experienced his Oneness with Me. Will you not do the same in kindness to Me? Will you experience Me as your Self? Then with every waking or sleeping breath, you will spread love across the face of the Earth. You will spread My love. Individual love is love, and it is beautiful, and, yet, it compares not at all with the love that surpasseth all understanding. It passes all understanding because you have not yet allowed yourself to understand. You have yet to understand so that you may once again be free and reunited with All That from which you previously disconnected your Self.

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