Choose Perfection or Choose Happiness

God said:

There is no need to strive to be imperfect, now, is there? It seems quite natural on Earth to not be perfect, wouldn’t you say? Striving to be perfect may wear you out. Perfect by whose standards, anyway?

You can intend to be many things. You can intend to be perfect, and then you have to forget about it! You can’t wrap yourself up in your intention, for then you hold on too tight. You have to let go so that your intention has breathing room. Grasping isn’t the way. Letting go is the way. Sit back and look forward to what today will bring.

Of course, you can work your head off to be perfect. Then, in addition to calling yourself a mistake-maker, you may also call yourself a failure!

Which would you choose, beloveds, perfection or happiness? Choose happiness. If you don’t feel happy at this time, then do something nice for others. You could, perhaps, accept people as they are. Acceptance seems to be hard in the world because of high standards.

Isn’t it wonderful to have high standards, you might ask?

There are two answers - Yes and No. It isn’t wonderful when, with high standards, you look down on others who don’t meet your fine standards. What is more important, high standards or love? You know the right answer here all right. Love is definitely a form of acceptance. Acceptance is like a welcome mat in front of your door.

A welcome mat does not say:

“This mat is only for people whose shoes are immaculate.”

The welcome mat in front of Heaven’s door is for the masses. It reads more like this:

“All are welcome here. Even the barefoot may come here. Even those without feet are welcome here. Come in.”

Or, you can have a welcome mat that simply says:


As you go along in life, perhaps you will grow to have a bigger welcome mat.

Meanwhile, you are growing regardless. Growth is natural. You don’t have to think growth into being. Growth comes on its own initiative. It doesn’t have to wait for you to tell it when or how much and so forth. Something within you, something inborn, takes care of you. A timer is set. You may not hear it go off, yet it will go off. Your growth is unstoppable anyway.

How does a puppy-dog grow? A little at the tail, and a little at the nose. Who makes growth happen? Well, I do. It is written in your DNA. You may think you run the show, yet there is so much that you receive. You do not credit yourself with making the sun rise in the morning or the sun set in the evening, yet you are a part of sunrise and sunset. You do not have to knock yourself out to grow. It is already accomplished. Your growth was set in motion before you were born. Why would you think you have to force your growth when it is assuredly going to come on its own?

You are not on an assembly line. You simply are pre-assembled.

All this in your DNA occurs with your consent. You forget, yet I do not. You try to hold on, and you forget. I don’t try to remember, yet I remember all you leaned toward so it doesn’t matter whether you remember or not. You are marked in My heart, marked indelibly in My heart, in My heart of hearts which, as it happens, is also yours.

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GG, does this mean that our

GG, does this mean that our spiritual growth is pre-programmed in our DNA so to speak and that all of our struggling for spiritual growth is for naught? Sometimes it seems that all this yearning and searching for spiritual awareness is just another form of suffering. Is it saying that we are to just be patient and let awareness unfold at it's own pace? My unfolding is happening too slow and I'm low on patience!

Beloved Sally, what do I

Beloved Sally, what do I know? Right now I'm trying to install Thunderbird.I got it to save but not to run. Right now Santhan is working long hours on getting the server working. Right now I cannot receive email through Outlook nor can I send through Outlook. gmail is working, but I tell you, this forum is the best way to correspond when possible.

Here's how I understand what you asked. This is in my words, Sally. (Perhaps Nirmala will send us some Heavenletters that address this topic.)

Sure, we may struggle momentarily to lift a heavy suitcase into the trunk of a car. At the same time, life is not to be a struggle. A baby grows naturally. It is easy. There is nothing to it. Of course, milk and love help babies grow. And so we are gentle and loving with ourselves. Spritual growth is a natural process. Happiness is a natural process. Try as we may, we can't force it.

We can't struggle our spiritual growth into existence. Struggle doesn't work. I believe that God would say to desire and then let it be. God also says to read Heavenletters every day if we like how we feel from reading them. . He doesn't say everyone has to read them. Everyone is going to grow spiritually at his own speed.

We can't MAKE our spiritually whiz into existence as we would like. Ordering our spiritual growth around isn't effective. Desire and let go. We can relish our growth, yet we can't boss it around. We can anticipate, look forward, yet not demand it.

We do our best to be kind and gentle to others, and so we must be to ourselves and our yearning for all that is possible.

God does not tell us to study or that enlightenment is a mental practice. It is natural evolution, yet we are, of course, free to seek it yet not struggle.

I love to go to Good Will stores and such. There is a wonderful My Lucky Day store here where I live where I have found many treasures. The point I want to make is that when I am determined to find a particular item, I may well search in vain. However, when I forget about my urgency for it, I often walk into the store, and there exactly what I wanted when I was not expecting it. There is that power in letting go. Desire and let go of it.

Now, God tells us that every single one of us will reach what is called Enlightenment. God also says that every single one of us, in Truth, is already enlightened. We are already much more than we realize. Therefore, the express Self-Realization.

Somehow, our dreams do not come true from the relative world as it would seem but from within us. All we desire is not an outside event.

Thanks for your honest question.

I Love You Heaven Letters

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I am filled with Gratitude for Your Presence in Life and My Heart Sings Heaven and Earth are ONE.

And Heavenletters love you!

And Heavenletters love you!