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The Calling

Hallo, angels :)

I am very happy to be here. I found about Heavenletters at "Just One" spirituality and religion group on the care2connect network.

Upon Gloria's request I post here some corespondence. I think it can serve well as a presentation of my humble persona too and hopefully it may inspire You. Yes, You. You matter, You Can.


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Dear Vanya,

Dear One, please post this beautiful email!

Please post this so everyone can see and share. This is too beautiful not to post. Please, please, please.

God bless you, angel.


From: Vanya
October 28, 2007
To: Gloria

Beloved Gloria,

Thank you for writing. Your email presents me with a wonderful opportunity to thank you for Heavenletters – they are truly Divine, they are marvelous, so inspiring. I think the fact that I have easily mounted my translations to more than 60 in a couple of months speaks for itself.

I just saw that you have already added a Bulgarian forum, thank you very much. It is wonderful that people can subscribe to these forums; I am much exited about it. Heavenletters changed my life. That’s why I translate them – they are too good to keep for oneself, they had to be shared; and of course I would be happy to find out how they touch the lives of others whose mother tongue is Bulgarian.

I will post a Heavenletter in the forum as soon as I send you this email and one to Santhan with the translation. I shall start with revising and proofreading what I’ve already translated: as I don’t have an editor I’ll ask Time to serve as one, then I’ll be ready to post. I think a Heavenletter per day should be OK for now. By the time I post all I already have I should be more confident at my new job and able to translate on a regular basis again.

Just in case you cannot wait that long, dearest Gloria, you can find my translations already blogged on my yahoo 360:

I often come up with illustrations too. I’ve posted some of them in “Just one” and they were very well accepted. However, some of them may be too “private”, may not be conveying anything to do with the Heavenletter at all. If so, please, consider that they are mirrored in my personal experience and have no intention whatsoever to reflect the universal aspects of Heavenletters the way you give them to us so lovingly.

Thank you for encouraging me to post my thoughts in the forum, I am sure that will happen in its own time.

With love and blessings,


A very warm welcome to you

A very warm welcome to you Vanya!

By the looks of it, you are already very busy translating the 'Heavenletters' into Bulgarian and involved in a Forum. We would love to be able to chat with you on this 'Heavenletter Forum', get to know you better and get to know your creativity. This is a wonderful place to share divine inspirations.

Welcoming you with a big HUG,

Thank you for your warm

Thank you for your warm welcome, Xenia – it’s good to be here. I am looking forward to getting to know you and all the wonderful people here on Heavenletters and to share and cooperate. Here is a Heavenletter inspired print screen of me, flying off my cam, image dissolving to pieces, while fairy wings grow on my fingers…
HUGs you back
even with yoru eyes closed

Dearest Vanya, a most

Dearest Vanya,

a most heartfelt welcome to you dear angel !! what a wonderful way of expressing your heart dear, so beautiful !!


"Here is a Heavenletter

"Here is a Heavenletter inspired print screen of me, flying off my cam......"

.......and right into our midst, dear Angel!


Thank You Love &

I am Home

Thank You

Love & Blessings,


So beautiful! And aren't you

So beautiful! And aren't you gorgeous!!!!



KOMSHU, KOMSHU MERHABA...(when we pass to Bulgarian side of the border they welcome us (mostly) saying Komsu-neighbour you know it, komsu????





Oh my... Merhaba, komshu

Oh my... :big
Merhaba, komshu engin

Thank you for your sweet welcome. A heartfelt thank you to you too, Gloria

Love & Blessings


Komshu, your drawings are

Komshu, your drawings are amazing :thumbup:

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove :wub: