Call a Truce

God said:

The opposite of surrender is resistance. Resistance is control. Resistance comes from the idea that you must banish elements from your life; therefore, that you must judge what must be banished and what may be allowed to enter, perhaps to stay.

You are not a doorkeeper of life. You do not know what to keep out. You do not, therefore, know what to let in.

Be lusty in living life. Embrace life. Do not separate it. Do not sort out beforehand or afterhand. Embrace the up's and down's. They are two sides of the same life.

Be like water that flows. What does a flowing stream have to fear? It washes whatever enters it.

Now, surrender does not mean submission. You do not submit yourself to another's will nor do you spend time on what you do not want to. You do not submit to life or to another. Surrender is not submission.

Surrender is a light embrace. When you surrender, you are balanced on your feet and do not topple over. Surrender is not toppling over.

Surrender is gracious. Be a gracious host or hostess to everything that enters your life. Look it in the eye, give it My blessing, but invite to stay only what you wish to stay. Keep nothing out.

Your heart gives a party. It is an open house. People and events come and go at your open house. That does not mean you invite all to your party. It does not mean either that you banish who and what may come. You address them. You give them comfort and then send them on their way. Unless your way is their way, they will take leave of their own accord because like wants to be with like. It is not true that opposites attract.

What you struggle against, you call to you. Your fears call it to you.

Call a truce. Peaceful coexistence. Truce means truth.

You are a rippling stream. You wash over stones. You flow and catch the sunlight. And you reflect it.

Keep your eye on the sunlight. Your sight calls it to you. Drop off fears on the shore. Fears do not belong to you. They don't belong to anyone. They are jetsam and flotsam. They fall away because they cannot handle a beautiful flowing stream like you.

You bounce along, and what cannot stay with you cannot stay.

Only light craft can stay with you. Only what surrenders to your stream can accompany you. Heaviness will have to stay behind.

But shining fish will swim with you. Leaping fish will call attention to the sparkle of sunlight on you. And miniscule cells of light that you cannot even see will flow with you. And I will flow with you. We will flow across the universe together. Our sailing will be like flying. We will soar through the universe. We will alight on Heaven.

Will you soar with Me through the universe?

I will be with you whether you wish to accept Me or not. You do not have to come with Me, because I will stay with you no matter what you say or do or wish or want. My embrace holds you fast, but it does not tie you down. You are as free as a bird or a mountain stream with Me in tow.

I am the wake that follows you, and I am the horizon in front of you. I am the ship you sail. Whatever you say, your life has My name on it. I am the bottle of champagne you christen your life with. The name of your ship is God's Blessings. Take Me to your heart, and know what I say is so.

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Monday morning

Feelig so peaceful this Monday morning after reading today's Heavenletter #3090, An Ocean of Love Deep in the Heart of God, I just gazed into the deep blue sky for a while, savoring the lushness of the greenery all around when suddenly ....

I live in an area with mostly small houses for one family or perhaps two and much garden space everywhere. It's quite idyllic really for a big city. Many of the people living around us are retired, and that's the problem. In their deep unease about becoming useless, they will do anything to find things to do. They buy machinery of every conceivable kind, I mean all of it and cheap and noisy – and they use it! You can always see them looking around for things that need some pressure washing, electric sawing or planing, they use chain saws for you know not what, and with much of that racket you don't even know what it is. They will even tear down things that are perfectly ok. just to have an opportunity to build something and be useful.

On a Monday morning, after they had to refrain from using their machinery for a whole day ..... well, I think I don't have to tell the whole story. As if on a secret signal, suddenly an incredible din broke loose on all sides and continued for hours with not a minute of quiet in between.

To cut a long story short, I was unable to withstand this and rapidly regressed into a very well known state of utter helplessness and frustration – frustration mainly about the fact that I was unable to cope and remain on God's ship. Instead, I felt catapulted back into my leaky boat where I just have to row, row, row and not merrily at all.

I said, "Okay, You tell me", and hit the Generator. This is what came up. Unbelievable, huh? And now I feel all right again, because even if my old conditioned responses are still in place, there is Someone I can turn to and Who will tell me in no uncertain terms.

What you struggle against, you call to you.

How hilarious your story, I

How hilarious your story, I really enjoied it, Jochen. I understand perfecly your feelings as I too feel utterly helpless, alone, frustrated whenever I see vulgarity, and I assure you it happens often. Noise is so offensive that I sometime wish to be totally deaf. Today, for istance, I felt frustrated about food. I hate all those super-huge-hyper markets that have spoiled the landscape and that sell nothing edible. In order to buy a seemingly apple you have to pack it in tons of plastic. Where are all those little shops with poor choise of items, but great quality? Where has the elegance of simplicity and naturalness gone? Then I hear that reminder from God : keep your eyes on the sunlight, keep your eyes on Me and you will have back all the beauty you believed gone away.

I can relate to this, cara

I can relate to this, cara Emilia. I am from a very different time, growing up during the fifties in a city (Cologne) that was practically wiped out. Today, the very real problem you address, that of gorgeous looking sealed food of poorest quality, is one we have solved by strictly buying organic food only, and for this you find wonderful shops of all sizes in a city like Monaco di Baviera. Ironically, the problem seems bigger today when you live in the country where people apparently looove having everything under one roof and where all the little shops have simply gone. There is one big shopping mall near where I live, and I have to say that on a very cold winter day I sometimes like to be there. It's warm, you can stroll around a little, have a pizza and cappuccino, take it all in, the funny and endearing craziness of it all. Of course, when it's cold and sunny, the huge greenhouses of the botanical gardens are better, much better.

I'm so happy to hear that

I'm so happy to hear that the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator is serving up the right Heavenletter. Yet, I suspect that any Heavenletter would be the right Heavenletter!

The neighbors here have a noisy pool pump. It goes on specifically at those quiet times after the sun goes down. I got a digiridoo and play that in tune with their pump. Maybe you could get a drum set and sit out in front of your house with it and strike up a beat with the neighborhood chainsaws :)

any Heavenletter

Hey, that's a secret!