Building This World

God said:

When you run after something, ask yourself: “What for? What is your purpose? What are you caught up in?”

Whatever it is, what makes you buy into it? It has been said that whatever you buy, you are buying the dream. A new lipstick will make you more beautiful. Who does not want to be more beautiful? You buy a new tool. It will make you handy.

Your dream of an exciting seminar is to come away with a great how-to, how to make money or how to succeed in some way in the world. Then what, beloveds? What then?

What is the world for, and why are you in it?

You may be eager to take a seminar. It has great appeal for you. Perhaps it will open the financial gates for you or promise to give you a special power. I ask you again, “What for? How does it serve?”

By all means, gain financial success. Yet, I must ask: “Where do you go from there? What are you going to do with it when you get it?”

Let Us imagine that there is a course offered called Walking on Water. What have you got when you have it? What are you going to do with the skill? What is your purpose in taking it? How does it serve? Does your purpose stop at your own aggrandizement? Is this skill going to serve a greater purpose? Or is it something that you can just say you have. The real question is: Does this serve ego and only ego, and that’s it?

No one will own to that. Who will say: “I want to take this and do that so I may be like little Jack Horner who sat in the corner, eating a Christmas pie. He put in his thumb, and pulled out a plum, and said, what a good boy am I!"

If My beloved son, Christ, were giving the seminar on How to Walk on Water, rush to it so that you will be in the presence of his consciousness. That would be enough reason. Yet Christ offered no such courses. People flocked to him because of what he radiated.

Beloveds, he did not radiate self-purpose only. He radiated Self-purpose. He had a grander picture beyond himself. He had a grander picture in mind.

I am not trying to squelch courses or your taking courses. Just have some idea why you are going to take it and what it means to you. Think beyond yourself is what I am asking. Think just a little beyond yourself.

Have some idea of why you do what you do. And turn your focus a little in the direction of thinking beyond your own immediacy and so think also of others.

Do not give up your cruises, and, yet, perhaps, give one away to another. Instead of building a mansion for yourself, build two houses and give one away.

The world seems to be run on money. Money is such a little thing to trade your giving heart for. No one is disparaging a basic need, yet giving breeds giving. Selfishness breeds selfishness. Where does ego lie? Sometimes ego will be your choice, but, beloveds, not every time. Allow yourself a bigger dream. Even fulfill another’s.

What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind of world would you like to awake to? What kind of world would you like to make?

Build it. Build this world. Build it for you, and build it for all, and build it for Me.

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Moved to tears

Sometimes Heavenletters move me to tears. I am very very grateful for them! Thank you God!
And thank you to Gloria! I am happy you are on sabbatical. I am excited to read anything that you write, will you be publishing or is it a personal project?

Beloved Kidest, You are the

Beloved Kidest,

You are the artist in Design Management who does that art that thrilled me so.

Now you ask a question dear to my heart.

Everything I do know seems to be for the goal of Heavenletters. Certainly, Heavenletters, getting them out are my greatest happiness. I don't know how this happened, Kidest. I don't know it could happen and happen to me. Some great huge blessing landed on me. I cannot believe my good fortune. The whole course of my life has changed. I do feel like I am riding a wave. I am a veritable Cinderella of the spiritual word. God is My Prince.

Now I'll tell you what I'm working on. Actually, a whole lot is finished. I do have some obstacle with completing projects. This is some rewriting, organizing, structuring to be done. It hasn't been easy for me to make the time when there is so much to do every day, seven days a week, for Heavenletters.

In the case of the Godwriting book, I have more than enough material. I have too much material! I've changed the thrust of this book.I had thought the title might be The Godwriting Book, a manual of sorts on Godwriting.

That started not to feel comfortable to me. Learning to Godwrite isn't a step by step thing at all. The book could perhaps stimulate people to Godwrite, but it wouldn't be like a live Godwriting workshop where everyone does come out Godwriting.

Kidest, I see that in answering your question, is almost a chapter of a book on its own. What I'm going to do is start writing my response to you on the Godwriting blog. I'll start tomorrow. It may actually take several blogs.

Thanks for your question, Kidest. Thanks for everything.


You are a blessing Gloria! What a beautiful world we live in. Thank you fo much for answering my questions so openly! I love the entries on the Godwriting blog and I am excited to see how everything unfolds. Thank you!

Thank YOU for your generous

Thank YOU for your generous offer to add your design management skills and art to our dreams for Heavenletters! This is exciting! Please see more on

I love this heavenletter.

I love this heavenletter. It is a great reminder of what is important and how to steer one's course through life. This paragraph in particular stood out to me:

"Let Us imagine that there is a course offered called Walking on Water. What have you got when you have it? What are you going to do with the skill? What is your purpose in taking it? How does it serve? Does your purpose stop at your own aggrandizement? Is this skill going to serve a greater purpose? Or is it something that you can just say you have. The real question is: Does this serve ego and only ego, and that’s it?"

Something that I will try to keep in mind.

Gloria I also loved your story on the Hadesha birds that you posted on your blog. I love your writing, so open and innocent. A true breath of fresh air to me. Thank you so much!

Love to all.

Beloved John, thank you.A

Beloved John, thank you.

A positive comment such as yours reverberates upliftment around the world and so builds the world we all crave, far more than than opposing others and telling others what they are doing wrong has ever done.

In contrast to pointing out the errors of others' ways, a post such as yours rallies hearts and raises them higher. God says this is how we build a world of peace and good will for all. Condemnation was the old way. Now God says it's love's turn.

Here are quotations from a Heavenletter coming up in a couple of weeks:

God said:

There has been enough of discontent. Have you not had enough of it? Drop it then. Drop off discontent. Throw it off the edge of the world. Dissatisfaction has had its day. Boot it out. It is love’s turn now. This is the year of the fulmination of love. Welcome it. There is nothing but love to keep in your heart. There is nothing else that truly wants to be in your heart but love. I say your heart is Mine, and that hearts are to be filled with love and nothing but love from this day forth.

What makes you think that this is something hard to do? Bail out from your heart anything that is not love. Get a dump truck if you have to and empty your heart of the past and fill it with the light of love. No longer cover up the light of love. No longer sully your heart with less than love. Everything is less than love. Jewels are less than love. Nothing equals love. Nothing but love is to occupy your mind and heart. Nothing but love deserves your heart. You deserve love, and you are to fill your heart with it. Do not hold your heart for ransom. Do not hold your heart in waiting for some day. Some day is now. Now is the Year of Heart. Make My dreams come true.

In the Heavenletter I

In the Heavenletter I proofed this morning, I found a more concise quote than the one posted above:

God said:

If you truly want the world to be a better place, it is up to you to make it so. If you really really want a better world, what is your contribution? Fighting is a complaint. Love is restitution.

Dear Gloria,What is the #

Dear Gloria,

What is the # of this Heavenletter: "If you really really want a better world, what is your contribution?"

I love it.

Yes, we could make this world better: Every smile counts; every warm word counts; every helping hand counts; everyone's contribution counts; everyone's creation counts; everyone's love counts.

Together we can make this world as beautiful as Heaven.



~*^_^*~ I read the Chinese


I read the Chinese version of this letter translated by Xiyangyang.

4 tremendous strong

4 tremendous strong dedicated translators whose native tongue is Chinese translate the original English Heavenletters™ into Chinese. And you are the 4th one, dear Leean. All Heavenletter translators are volunteers angels. We are so grateful. Of course, God must have a hand in this!

In addition, Leean, you have come forth to do whatever you can do to help bring out Heavenletters into the world. Already you have become invaluable. You inspire me. I'm so grateful. Heaven Admin also leaps for joy to have you join the Heavenletter team.

God bless you for representing Heavenletters in such a forward-moving way.

How fortunate we are for all the blessings that you, Yingxuan, Xiyangyang, and Liruozi give. We are so grateful.


Walking on water? Why? Ok to safe someone from drowning. Same with other courses, only if it helps others, at least that is how I think now. Winning a big lottery fantastic, how many people or worthwhile institutions I could help. No win! Ok, we still eat, a pitty for the others, that missed out . But the big winner might have better ideas than me. No worries. Good luck to the winner(s). I do not think most people trying to get a degree even late in life do it to polish their ego. I know of one Lady who became a bachelor at 55, just because she liked learning. She is still the same as before. Yes better yourself with others is fine. Polishing Ego is a waste. Anyway lets love and help all whereever and whenever we can. Love to all Jack