Bring What You Want to the World

God said:

Life in the world keeps chugging along. Life in the world, as you know it, may never settle down. Therefore, it is incumbent for you to settle down. Within yourself, you settle down. You are wise and calm. Life brings unexpected stories, and yet you can read these stories without alarm. What an imagination life has! What it puts together cannot be taken back, yet, what life puts together keeps changing and growing, and sometimes dreams do come true.
There are dreams you have that are imminently true. Before peace fully reigns in the world, and it will, you give it a head-start by realizing peace within you. Peace does not really come from outside you. For one thing, beloveds, there is no outside you. It seems so. It seems that sunlight comes from outside you, yet you are the Sun. Storms seem to come from outside you, yet you are also the storm. Neither weather nor foe comes from outside you.
Nor am I outside you. Everything is within you. Everything is reflected within you, and everything within you is also reflected outside you.
You are your own best friend, and you are your own best challenge. When all is right with you, then all may be right with the world.
Clouds have their place in the blue sky. They benefit there. They hold the blessed rain that is to come. Everything in life benefits. Peaceful rain benefits most of all. Peace is a different kind of call to arms. It is a call to warmth and an opening of your heart named Love. Peace and love enter life amicably. Make them welcome. Offer them an armchair to sit in and a footstool to put their feet on. Seat them by the fire or by the open window. Offer them hot tea or a cool drink with mint in it. Give them every opportunity to stay.
If you have felt peace even once before, you can feel it again.
Peace is refreshing. No longer is peace to be a pause, a cessation, a truce. Peace is to envelop the world. Peace is your natural environment. Agitation is not. Peace can only be for all. It cannot be in one place and not in another. Peace with eruptions is not peace. Peace is not really proclaimed. Peace is welcomed.
Peace can start anywhere in any clime. Tell Me, dear children, what is the clime of your heart? Are you a hothead? If you are a hothead, you are quick to react. Be quick then to react to brotherhood and peace. Be quick to react to what is favorable and let other stuff go. This is true courage to not have to defend yourself or straighten out others, only yourself. Take responsibility for yourself. That will keep you occupied. You are responsible for yourself, and how you live in the world is how the world responds to you. And, yes, you are also responsible to everyone else in the world, yet you can know that as you rise, so does everyone else. If you want to be a leader of the world, simply rise first.
This is an automatic procedure. You don’t have to make others follow you. You just have to be foremost, and all will rise to your state of equanimity. Just as the day follows the sun, this is so. This is how it works. When you used to go on a rampage, others followed you. They copied you, is that not so? When you became angry and witless, others met you halfway or more. As you embark on a journey of peace, others will also mirror you. This is how it is. A smile brings a smile.
Bring what you want to the world.  

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Hi, Gloria, the third

Hi, Gloria, the third paragraph from the end begins "Peace can start anywhere . . ." and the last sentence reads "If you want to be a leader of the world, SIMPLE rise first." Should that be "simply"?

Heavens, yes! Thanks,

Heavens, yes! Thanks, Charles. I'll fix it right away!