God said:

It is nothing against you when your loved ones die. Death of the body is commonplace in life. No one is singled out. It is not a black mark against you to die. Truly, beloveds, it is a gift. Your body gets tired. You are ready to go on to new realms that relieve you of the physical.

In relative life, the physical is always on your mind. Consider that your loved ones who have left their bodies no longer have burdens to carry. All they have left behind is the physical body. All is light now. The physical has a density, and now no heaviness exists. Death is like going on a well-deserved vacation from all that assails you. It certainly is a vacation from the gravity of life. You leave one city for another, that’s all. You are not gone. You are just as much as you ever were, only you have left your physical body behind you. It is like a return to the Silence where happiness only can reign. There is no suffering in what you call death. There is no punishment. No more stubbed toes. No more overt dimensions. No shoes to have to fit into. No looking for lost socks. No more imprisonment within a body. No more bruises. No longer a sense of need to get away.

Death is an arrival, beloveds. Do not crave death over life. The suffering you felt wasn’t real. Nor is death itself real. There is no death. What you call death offers a reprieve from the boundaries of the physical. That isn’t bad. Death is not a failing. Death is merely leaving one dimension and entering another, and one that does not have the boundaries that life on Earth in a physical body has. It is not a terrible thing for the body to die. It is a good thing when it happens.

When your loved ones seemingly leave, they have reached a different destination, and they haven’t left you for one minute. And they will always be with you. No one leaves life. Only a particular physical do they leave. And they don’t leave you. They want to be with you, and, at the same time, they go further on in their evolution. It is your evolution too, if you could only but know.

There is a continuum of life with or without the body. The body was a tool useful for only a while. Despite what you may have felt, the body has been the least of you and the least of your loved ones.

A star that reflects light would not moan for its physical existence nor would it mourn for any physical existence that takes a leave of absence. All along you have transcended the body. It is nothing new now when that which is called death arises. Whoever you are, no matter how great a physical presence, no matter how much you loved the physical and were loved in the physical, you never were your body. You really are not leaving anything. You are stepping out of old shoes, worn-out shoes, or shoes that simply don’t fit you any longer. You haven’t gone anywhere. If you like to consider that you go to the Elysian fields after death, then think it. You just got a raise in consciousness. In what is called death, you have risen, and yet you haven’t gone anywhere. You merely left your body behind. It was ready. And now you are not bound to the physical. Not that you ever were.

It is okay for the body to die. You as well as your loved ones will see with new eyes now. You will adjust to boundlessness. You will revel in it. You are free. You have been blessed.

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How good it is to read this.

How good it is to read this. It resonates what I have been feeling all along in my heart about death.
Mom passed away in April and even if I miss her physical presence, I sense her spirit within me!
How grateful I am to You, oh Father that You have thought to reassure me of this today!

God bless you, Johanne. A

God bless you, Johanne. A thousand thanks for posting.

Please come again!

With love, Gloria

1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said you are free
Revel in the boundlessness
In death all is light

Love, Light and Aloha!

This surely one of the most

This surely one of the most important issues in our lives and surely one the most suffered ones. In truth death is as natural as life, as God, as our Beingness, as all our expressions and experiences, it's just that while we are here on earth we only see "this side" of this transformation / changing, when we are Spirit and we see the whole picuture all is well.
It is a very beautiful Heavenletter, it makes me feel so much at peace, so much, and I think it's perfect timing again.

Love and big hugs

I recieved this letter 2

I recieved this letter 2 days before my husband passed into "just the other room" so to speak...He was 54 diagnosed with sarcoma cancer in July. I have teased him that he beat me to "graduation"....just like him though, has to win at everything! Checkers, poker, darts you name it!! and now this!

How marvelous this body, is NOT who we are!!! In quiet moments....we hear the melody, we recognize the song...we just KNOW...our spirits can fly! We instantly know from where we came, who we really are...ohhhh how our spirits long to be released from this earthly bond! WE can soar high above this earthly plane! We cannot be held back! We are LOVE!

In a quiet moment of meditation...his sweet spirit came to me....he said..."nothing dies....everything is here...even the plants"

I asked...even the rose bud I kept for 10 years....? The one you thought was trash and threw away??? The very one you gave me on our first date?

"Yes....."he replied..."its blooming now...and Im leaning over to smell it" I laughed so hard. Just like him.

Then...he said..very matter of factly..."ok ! gotta go now!"

He never was one for long goodbyes....and there are no goodbyes...only see ya! There is no death. Only love.

Only love is real, only love exists. Teach only love, for that is all there is. Period. Bottom line.So simple.We are of God, and God is LOVE! Let's dance, sing, ourselves to love, and be loved!!!

This is remarkable how you

This is remarkable how you bounce with life! What a treat to read this. You are a great example for us all. I am always amazed at the great people who live in this world, and you don't make the headlines, but, by golly, you should.

Dearest Rhonda, I thank you

Dearest Rhonda,

I thank you very very much for sharing your heart so openly with all of us. Reading your posting here really took my breath away and I am left in awe at how you dance in the moment. I'm really speachless but I wanted to express at least to a small extent how much I appreciated what you have shared with us.
You are a wonderful soul dear Rhonda (and so beautiful too!!!) and I'm happy you found Heavenletters, or they found you... and I hope to read soon more of you.

Love and blessings to you dear

Hello dear people! This is

Hello dear people!

This is Rhonda's mother. I happened to come across the following verses written by Rhonda, to and for herself, in the weeks before Pat's passing over to the other side. They were written as she struggled to keep her balance while being Pat's advocate in dealing with doctors, the medical system, insurance, the pharmacy, trips to the emergency room in the middle of the night, seeing to it that his pain was managed, hospital stays, dealing with the realization that she may remain in the world, but he may not, keeping her job as the manager of a large retail store, and most of all and through it all, staying open and present with God. She's been an inspiration to me in dealing with much smaller issues. My hope is that the following lines might help everyone to remain in the peace and love of God while things may not seem to be going according to what we might wish.

All is well!

with love and blessings always,


~ ~ ~

ONLY this moment is all we have. Live it. Embrace it. Love it.

For heaven is here, and now ... there is no other place, no other time.

Why wait? Yesterday is gone, tomorrow doesnt exist, all we have is NOW...don't hesitate to love, don't hesitate to laugh, don't hesitate to dance.....don't hesitate to FEEL.

~ ~ ~
Today I choose to laugh...
Laugh loud
Laugh hard
Until tears roll
Until stomach hurts
This world will not force me to contain my laughter
It comes freely
It cannot be contained
Clears the soul
Frees my spirit
Renews my hope
Today.....I choose to laugh at life...

~ ~ ~

I will rise today....with a song in my heart.

Today I choose to sing.

I will sing from my heart....a song once forgotten.

I will sing to my Love, for only He knows the melody.

I will sing for my Love, for only He knows the words. heart will sing.

~ ~ ~

Today, I cried lost tears... into the river of longing.

I don't know why.

I know in my heart, this is where I should be.

This very moment, this very instant,this very second....
is my destiny.

Just wanted to cry.

Today, I will learn to except my destiny.

~ ~ ~

Today....I made a choice to be happy.

I awoke early...saw the moon and stars.

and I sang the song...."I am a child of the universe,,no less that the trees and the stars...I have a right to be here." And here I am.

Today I will choose happiness.

~ ~ ~

Today....I choose to love....

I remind myself daily.....not to take THIS life to seriously....
my life on this earth is NOT entirely what I am,
not my TRUE identity.
Not permanent.
Only my spirit will live on...
Only love will continue to exist.

So today, I will choose to love....
I will choose to laugh
I will choose to be happy
I will choose to just BE.........
And if tomorrow comes
I will choose once again.

If when I lay, and close my eyes,
And they fail to open again to this life,
All that I will leave behind,
Is my gift of love.
All I can take with me,
Is the gift of love which others have given me.
For that is all that is REAL.
That is all that exists.

I will choose to love.

~ ~ ~

The more precisley you plan you life.......

The harder your DESTINY will hit you.

~ ~ ~

Rhonda's tribute to Pat after his passing:

Pat, my friend, companion, husband ....Your laughter lives on in my heart. Your Irish eyes are still smiling. You left this world too soon, but you left a part of yourself in everyone who came across your
path. The legacy that you lived your life by ..." live in the moment" and "don't sweat the small stuff, and its ALL small" are forever etched in my heart. A true gift. Your eyes are still smiling, your feet still dancing, and now you are singing the songs of the angels. (Probably Free Bird .... live, long version.) Forever grateful for sharing a part of your life with me, your sweet happy-go-lucky spirit is still here with me. And I smile. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the laughter. Thanks for being you. See you on the other side of the moon.
~ ~ ~

Accepting all conditions of life -- whatever they be -- as His,

is to abide in fortitude and do service.

~ Anandamayi Ma

There is only God.

Dear Roselee, You have such

Dear Roselee,

You have such a beautiful daughter with such spirit. It's is a delight now to have both of you here. Please come often.

I'm so glad you shared Rhonda's writing. She is amazing. What a beautiful example she is.

Dearest Rhonda, thanks for

Dearest Rhonda,

thanks for this wonderful sharing. You have touched my heart deeply. Indeed everything we have is NOW, it is all we have and we should take nothing for granted, enjoying and appreciating even the tiniest and seeemingly unsignificant things in our lives.
I send you all my love and a big hug saying THANK YOU !

Love and never ending blessings to you dear.

Dearest Roselee, of course I

Dearest Roselee, of course I meant to adress my reply to you, I really must have been somewhere else with my mind while writing this, sorry for the mistake.
Love and a big hug to you dear

Rockin Rhonda AWWWww,

Rockin Rhonda

AWWWww, Berit...believe me...out minds are ALWAYS somewhere else!! So funny...because its a family joke with us...we can totally change a subject matter in the middle of a sentence! And minds just follow right along! Soooo..welcome to the family! LOL!
ps...see now Im answering for my MOM too funny! sweet husband would be rolling his eyes about now..

psss...My life is an open book, really..."what is there to hide?." The minute we lay it all out the very minute, we release ourselves..we literally unlock the door to LOVE, to give and recieve...its a revolving door!

Dearest Rhonda, YOU ARE AN

Dearest Rhonda,

YOU ARE AN ANGEL !! You made me laugh, yes, because I know about changing arguments. Not everyone is able to follow you although, and when they don't, the laughing never ends !! :p

The minute we lay it all out the very minute, we release ourselves..we literally unlock the door to LOVE, to give and recieve...its a revolving door!

What a great truth dear Rhonda and what joyful and loving way to express it !! :Rolleyes:

Love and blessings to you :wub:

Rhonda continues to deal

Rhonda continues to deal with her seeming loss of hubby Pat,
but reminds herself that Love IS. IT is the one constant in
our seeming tumultuous lives here, and THAT we can depend on.

Good things to remember when those times come where we seem
to forget:

Today...I am alone again.
I have never felt so lost.
But this is only a feeling.
This feeling too shall pass.

I know who I am.
I know where I am going.
I know from where I came.
Love hasn't changed.
Cirumstances have.
Love is constant.
Love is steady.

Love IS.

Deep in my heart.
I can faintly hear the song.
The melody is coming to me.

I slowly remember..
I begin to hum the tune,
The words are coming back to me now.
The chorus written before time,
"Teach only love, for that is all there is"
Written on my heart
Etching in my very being...

The versus are vague.
But always after each faint verse,
The chorus is there.
The chorus is loud.
The chorus constant.
The melody unchanging.

Today I sing the chorus.
Today I remember who I am....

I am not lost.
I have been here since the beginning.
I am the Song.

My next verse of my life is yet to be written...

But the chorus I know by heart.


And tomorrow...
I will choose to sing my song once again.


~ ~ ~

The message of the crucifixion is perfectly clear:

Teach only love,
for that is what you are.


Reality, take over this life

Beloved Rockin Rhonda, There

Beloved Rockin Rhonda,

There was a delay in your posting getting up on the forum. It was a bug. An important post like yours, and there is a delay.

Rhonda, you have been remarkable, open, honest, and uplifting about the passing of your beloved husband. You keep the vibration high, and you are honest.

You are my ideal, Rhonda. I am so grateful to you for showing me how someone can handle such a loss with great love and great feeling and uplift us all.

You know, of course, that you are fortunate to have had a true love and to be the love you are. What an empty place it must have left.

God bless you.

With love,


Rockin Rhonda AWWWWWW

Rockin Rhonda

One of my favorite sayings....

"dont cry because its over.....laugh because it happened"

This pertains to every single aspect in our lives....
Even in this human idiotic emotional ego driven body we live in.... How can we NOT be happy???? Really...think about it...what is there to cry about? EVER! We have love, WE ARE LOVE.. sooo we have it ALL!
The truth shall set you free....and WOW what a freedom it is....
Even when "dealing" with the "legal" form of human death in this society..just want to throw my hands up and scream! Soooo..finally just said to myself...."okay Im homeless...would that be in the end of the world???" Told myself..."nope" soooo then said to myself "ok fine then, dont have a thing to worry about!"

Love to All! does help to talk to yourself...and then of course the polite thing to do is answer yourself!!! :D