God said:

What is on your mind today? Asking that seems to be the same as asking: What are your burdens today?

Thoughts are weightless, yet thoughts are often burdens. You are overlaid with thoughts, capricious thoughts, repetitive thoughts, booming thoughts, insidious thoughts, thoughts upon thoughts about other thoughts that have raged through your mind.

Let go of your thoughts for a while. Go beyond the endless gyrations of thought.

If you must think, think of something lovely. Think of a flower.

Think of a star. Think of Me.

Have higher regard for yourself.

You are more than the overloaded mind you carry around. If your mind is burdened, you are the one who burdens it, overfills it, crowds out enlightening thoughts, and drags around the old useless heavy-hearted ones. Is that not so? Start over. Undo your thoughts for a while. Replace them with other thoughts.

Your memories are thoughts. Step over your memories.

Make room for new thoughts, thoughts you've never had before, thoughts that will exhilarate you, thoughts that will take you far, thoughts that will surprise you, uplift you, restructure you.

Your thoughts take up a lot of your life.

Have one new thought a day. One new thought a day will do more than ten hundred vitamins.

Have a new idea today. Have an idea today that no one in the world has ever thought or ever said or ever dared to say. Have daring unfounded ideas today. I say unfounded, meaning ideas far above the past, far above all world thought, thoughts found no where else, thoughts that have been secreted, kept aside, kept in abeyance to an imaginary limit.

Have unbounded thoughts. Let your thoughts be pole vaulters who jump high and higher and set new records. Tell Me, what limit can there be to your thoughts?

Think bigger thoughts. Instead of thinking a myriad of small thoughts, think one great one. Expand, expand. Let your new thought today be one heard around the world.

Be elastic today. Let there be no end to your elasticity. Be open-minded. Be new-minded. Start anew.

If you could have only ten thoughts in a lifetime, what might you want them to be?

If you could have only one thought in a lifetime, what would you want it to be?

Letting go of the past is letting go of lack, for even happy thoughts of the past carry a downward trend with them; the beauty of them cannot be reproduced, and you feel you are without some beauty you once had, and so you feel deprived.

Instead of crowded thoughts that tug at you and tell you that you are lacking, create thoughts that will create the fullness you so desperately desire. Turn over the coin of your thoughts.

Take a new path. Embark on a different journey. If you have been trudging uphill, roll yourself up the hill, or get into a canoe and paddle in a different direction. Unlimited are your choices. Unlimited are possibilities. Now choose a heretofore impossibility and make it manifest. Create, create.

Write a poem. Make up a song. Link hearts. No one is better at it than you if you only would. Embrace the world. Pop it in your heart, and bless the entire world, the seen and the unseen.

Bless those who dispute you. Bless those who do not notice you.

Bless every step your foot takes. Bless every breath. Bless everything within reach and everything out of reach. Bless with your heart, and bless with your thoughts. Bless, bless, bless.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said Bless bless bless
No one is better at it
If you only would

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