Bless the Earth

God said:

You are the crown I wear. Your presence blesses Me. I, God, am blessed by you. You are My blessing, and you are the focus of My attention. I tend to you. You are the crown of glory I cover Myself with. I occupy Myself with you. You fill My heart, and you fill My thoughts. You are My occupation.

I tend to you even as I know that you are all set. I send you reminders of your worthiness to Me. I see you have forgotten. I have never forgotten, and so I bless Myself with reminders of you on your behalf. I write to you in remembrance of yourself. When you remember Me, you remember yourself. Climb up a rung in the ladder. Climb to Me even though you are already stationed deep in My heart.

You are deeply established in My heart. You cannot fall out. You cannot disappear from My heart. Not a whit of you can disappear from My heart. You are My heart. You are the centrifugal force of My heart. I placed My heart out across the land of Earth. You have taken over My heart. I gave it to you in the same way that I gave Earth to you, as I gave you life on Earth, as I gave you the Garden of Eden, and now you roam in it, and you know not where you roam. You know not. You were found long ago, only you have a memory lapse. Your memory lapse is your fall from grace. You never fell. You forgot.

You have not quite figured out your surroundings. You have located yourself on Earth, so you believe, and you have forgotten your current place in Heaven, as it were. You forgot your true identity, and you took on a false one. You took on an alias of yourself, as it were. You took on a false persona. You whisked on a mask. You forgot the mask was your disguise. You believed your own propaganda. You sold yourself a bill of goods. You advertised it to yourself.

You thought you had made a good bargain with yourself when you had sold yourself folly. You are My true begotten love, and you have dubbed yourself Forgotten Love, yet it is you who has forgotten. I have never forgotten you and My love for you. My love is indelible. It cannot be shaken. I cannot do otherwise than love you and love you with all My heart. My heart is a lot of love indeed. My heart is perpetual love. It is Eternal Infinite love. It is yours, do you understand? You are My beloved. You.

From the moment I had a thought of you, you were Mine. I wrote your name across the Universe. I placed you gently on Earth, and you had the idea that you were thrown out of Heaven. I placed you gently so that you would be Heaven-placed on Earth.

The apple Eve ate was an apple of forgetfulness. The tree the apple came from was the tree of forgetfulness.

Now, in remembrance of Me and in remembrance of Our Oneness, I ask you to remember. Remember Me, and remember yourself. Remember that you are My glory. Only a semblance of you is strewn across Earth. Your body is strewn, yet you are not your body. You are not your body. You are not your body.

You are far more. You are My song sung from My heart. You inhabit the Earth on My behalf. You stand in for Me. Bless the Earth now in My Name and yours.

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I bless it's better on the earth!I bless God!

I bless it's better on the earth!I bless God!

So beautiful.

Words cannot express what I feel so I will simply say, "Thank You".

Love to all,

Let us

Well ,Thank ou God for that reminder. Now let us all realize who we are and let us change the wirld into LOVE love you all Jack

thank of your blesseng dear God

dear God heavenley father,
bless me in my heart and my mind and my words,
am read your heavenletter everymoning but i can not give
my words from y heart, because i feel so groundnes ill
even i feel illnes but i dont forget your love, you are always in my heart
and my mind but iwant its over of my ill befor i answer your loveng words,
thank you so much your advice to me of this morning, now i feel agein
my heart and my mind like in heaven i feel rest of my soul,
thank of your blesseng dear God and i bless you to,

Beloved Carmen, are you

Beloved Carmen, are you feeling ill, dear one? Even in illness, you are God-centered. May you feel better right away. You share so much of God's love with us.

The blog today talks about illness and health in response to Chuck's guest entry about healing.. There is so much that is unknown.

Bless you, Carmen.

bless you to

bless you to, dear Gloria,
and thank your masseges
i feel better now dear Gloria God help,
and i read agein hes heavenletter
very sweet words hes writteng today,
i just com from my work today, its full rein
and am injoy the rein today and happy,
love light,,

Beloved Carmen, you are such

Beloved Carmen, you are such an inspiration to me.