Bigger Than the Sun That Lights the World

God said:

Pursue your thoughts of Me. See where they take you. Your thoughts of Me are like the crumbs that helped Hansel and Gretel find their way back. You are finding your way back to where you started. You started with Me. You end with Me. Yet, in truth, there is no start and there is no finish. There is no line to draw.

There is not even really a circle of Our love to draw, for Our love is unbounded. Nothing can contain it. Love is a river that flows. No dam can withstand it.

All are within this love We share. No one is outside it. There is no outside to be in. There is only what We can call the Inner Circle of Love, and yet there is no inner anymore than there is outer. And you are never out of love. It may seem so to you sometimes, but that is because you have distracted yourself with something else along the way of life.

The greatest moment of love you have ever experienced is only a drop in the bucket. It is a tiny sample of the love you contain. It is a dollop on a cracker served to you as an appetizer. Do not think I negate the greatness of love you have felt and expressed. I am telling you that there is greater yet, and that it is all right within you. I wish to enhance your awareness of the very love your heart contains, even though all that love cannot be contained.

Why, the love within you is bigger than the sun that lights the world. The Universe is a huge bin of love. It overflows. You can reach in for more any time you want, even though you already house all the love in the world right in your own heart. You are deluged with love. You cannot get away from it. You can evade all this love for a while, but not forever.

And yet why would you deny all this love? Why would anyone look away from it and pretend it is not there? Why would anyone hold back when love buoys him to Heaven and beyond?

What is beyond Heaven, you might ask. What is beyond is more Heaven, and more and more. And that very expanse of Heaven exists within you. If you have been denying yourself this love, deny yourself no longer. Open up the floodgates. Let My love within you flow freely. Succor the world with your love, this love within you that is really Mine and is all up for grabs.

Why on Earth can there be a resistance to love when love is all? And yet there is a resistance. It has even happened that you have backed away from love, as though it were something perhaps tawdry or underhanded. Love is all, and yet love is hidden or persuaded to wait. Wait for what, I wonder.

You are bursting with love, and you squeeze it back, as if love were an embarrassment, something not adult, as if it were a relic of childhood. Beloveds, who cares what love is except that love wants to be expressed, and it wants you to express it?

Love wants you to whirl it around the Universe. There is more than enough love for all, and yet still, just about everyone is hungry for more. Well, then, serve everyone love. Carry it on a tray or toss it like a bridal bouquet. It doesn't matter. It matters that you do not keep your love in reserve. Get your love out there on the playing field. How good a thrower and catcher will you dare to be?

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Images of love

“Your thoughts of Me are like the crumbs that helped Hansel and Gretel find their way back.”

“The universe is a huge bin of love. It overflows.”

“Love wants you to whirl it around the universe.”

and especially:

“Get your love out there on the playing field.”

Oh, how I love these images! Oh, how I love these letters!……….Chuck

images of heavenletters

Dear Chuck
I so agree, the images of heavenletters for us "visual" beings are wonderful.
Dreaming in pictures Nancy

"the love within you is

"the love within you is bigger than the sun that lights the world"

My God, in a Letter (just few days ago) You asked: "how have I do for you belive it? How have I do?" It sounds something like this.
Well. I don't know how You can do, really I don't know.
But I'm sure, absolutely sure, that You know how. Perhaps it is enought I ask You, perhaps You WANT I ask You, so I do.
Please, God of All, want You give us Your Light that excludes all our bounds? With Your Light of Love all bounds fall and We, part of You, could see You. And so all is done.
Thak You so much, Sweet God, We wait

The Light is in You

You asked God ( perhaps You WANT I ask You, so I do.
Please, God of All, want You give us Your Light that excludes all our bounds? With Your Light of Love all bounds fall and We, part of You, could see You. And so all is done.
Thak You so much, Sweet God, We wait)

I just want to share with you a marvelous word from God. God is Light and Love . then if we are from Him, apart of Him, united to God and in the begining God said let light be! then we are also to speak out loud to the Light in us. Command the Light in you to arise, because where the light shines all darkness disappears. Since God is the creator of everything , He is the creator of sound. It's God's words and sounds that will change our atmosphere. So if God speaks, and we speak what God speaks, there is much power in the words we speak. So I say out loud to Pitta's spirit and body, soul and mind... Light Be in Pitta.
We are God's seed planted in the world. Just like when a mother is pregnant from the seed of man, That seed grows in the womb, we are growing in this world. We are becoming more and more like our creator.

Wow Michelle, I think that

Wow Michelle,

I think that these words will help not only me, but everyone who will read them.
Thank you so much, your words are so inspired. Thank you again.

Praise God

Praise God Pitta,
God is watching and listening to all of us. We are His little children and when we encourage one another in the things of Him. His smile is soooo Big. It's like when we see our children helping each other. the harmony will spread like wild fires. So our love will also spead.

Deep within You

I recommend you to read this Heaven letter . It is so everything we have been reading and knowing His awareness in us. Thank you Gloria for your obedience to the God's voice and relaying in to us.
Deep within You
Heavenletter # 196 Published on: May 13, 2001

Love arise

To my God my abba Father,
I am aware of the love You speak of.
I say to my heart now love arise
Awake! Awake ! get ready to swim
the River is flowing and its flowing in me
the river is flowing and love is growing.
I will flow where the river goes
I will flow where the river goes
In the river I will stay
Near the heart of my God
The river is flowing and His winds
are blowing.
Oh I say Love arise Awake! Awake!
For now is the time spread this Love
For God is pouring down His spiritual bread.
The bread of life , oh everyone come
Come and taste ,it is good oh so good.
Our Father is feeding us from His hand
He's telling us to take from Him,
and give give give and spead His love.
God is good Oh so Good.

Michell makes it feel good

Your words are like a River we can swim in.

George without flippers

Love's really something big!

When we squeeze it, we hurt.
When we give it we feel good,
When we receive it we feel even better.
Love is not related to gender and contrary to general belief you can't make it.
Love is what we are filled with,
when we give it all away, we're not empty.
Love suffers long and is kind.
Love name is above every concept known to man.
Don't you real love it? Don't try to do it, learn to be it.

George in his love pj's

Spread love

truely Inspiring. If the globe is filled with love whereis the place of evil? Spread love anywhere and everywhere.

Sprikanta Kumar Rath

I may not have your name right but I sure loved your words!

George squinting a little

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said reach for it
More Heaven and more and more
Why deny yourself

God said whirl and toss
Get your love out on the field
And serve everyone

God said yet in truth
No one is outside Our love
For all are within

Love, Light and Aloha!

Heavenly batmitton

My heart races to see your hula hoop light each day!

You are a joy every day.

So much light!

George hiding behind something or other