Beyond the Physical Dimension

God said:

Everyone on Earth is a multi-dimensional being. For everyone, there is more than the eye can see. Your body is made of matter. The you of you is not. That of you which matters is made of My light, and you were created to extend your influence beyond the material. You already do. Certainly, when I tell you that by your thoughts alone, you can alter manifest life — that in fact you do — I do not speak of density changing density. Density itself can change only the surface of itself. Density can make itself into other shapes and forms. It can change its configuration but not its density. Playdoh is playdoh. Enjoy molding it. Roll it into a cookie, and it is still playdoh.

But that which molds and reshapes is made of an energy that extends beyond the physical dimension, and you are a Being of higher dimensions. You are a world traveler, a life traveler, and there is no dimension that is not yours. Unlike physical endeavor, this is not endeavor at all. Endeavor keeps you where you are. And where you are is fine. You need not escape from it, but you are not limited to it either. It is like this:

The Source of your energy is the Sun. The Sun's rays enter your heart. The Sun is One Sun. Were you to immerse yourself totally in the Sun, there are layers of horizon that you would travel through, and these are dimensions of your Being. From yourself, you rise to Yourself. You meet the Sun full-face, and you enter it wholly.

Reaching other dimensions is natural. Ice melts at higher temperatures. No effort involved. You reach higher dimensions by virtue of higher frequency. The sound of your heart echoes, and it rises to dimensions where the game is different.

Certainly Heaven is a higher vibrancy, and it is not one unknown to you. You would not aspire to it if it were singularly unknown to you. There is no top to Heaven, however. All-embracing is infinite. Your physicalness will fall off, but you yourself can only continue to rise. You are on your way. You are well on your way.

Unbeknownst to you, you are rising every day. You are here to rise higher. What is higher but another dimension? What is dimension but another side to life? What does higher dimension mean but rising above where you are now? What does human potential mean but that you are yet undiscovered? You have yet to discover yourself. You are in process of that Self-discovery.

Your discovery of Me is your discovery of your Self.

There are higher tides than the one you presently swim in. And you are ever swimming toward them. The tides are within you.

Flying is so charming to you, for it is symbolic of the heights your heart rushes to. Of course, you don't want to be relegated to the mundane alone for you are meant to go higher. Nothing wrong with the mundane. It serves its great purpose. From it you peek over the horizon. Without the physical, you would have no horizon to peek over.

Gravity in the physical domain keeps you on Earth. In other domains, there is an energy equal to gravity that escalates you upward. You are tapping into that energy on Earth. That energy is everywhere. For all practical purposes, We can call it joy. You sip it slowly, but it is nevertheless yours. I put a cup before you.

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Hello Friends,

God said call it joy
That your discovery of Me
Is Self-discovery

Love, Light and Aloha!