Beneath the Ground, Gold Mines Thrive

God said:

The Surface of Life altogether is like an illustration. The Surface of Life is an AS IF. IF Life were truly as it appears to be on the surface, IF Life truly were as it is generally thought of and presumed to be, where then would miracles lie?

It appears that My children lead Separate Lives. Human Beings live in separate homes with separate addresses and separate everything. For the most part, as Life is viewed, none of the twain meet, yet the Unvarnished Truth is that there are no Separate Lives. There is Oneness. This may not be obvious to you. This may seem like quite a Leap of Faith that could not be true as you see it when you look around you.

Death seems obvious. At some point, all the people that you know and do not know, will close their eyes and stop to breathe, and then you may accept this as a permanent gap. The Truth is that no one lives alone, and no one dies as death is commonly thought of.

Nothing is what it, at first, seems. Beneath the ground, gold mines thrive.

Seeing is not believing, and so it is with sound as it is with sight. Noise goes on, day and night, horns honking, sirens blaring, voices talking and lions roaring and all manner of sounds, one sound and another, while the Deeper Truth is that My Children are immersed in Silence where all are joined. This seems like such a contradiction, yet it is Silence that overtakes noise. Not just somewhat, not just moderately, but all the way across uproar.

Silence is long and deep, and Silence carries you Great Distances, when, all the while, distance exists not at all. There is no near. There is no far. There is no multiplicity. There is Oneness, that's it.

In the midst of incompleteness, the Truth is that you are Wholeness. You are this raved-about Infinity. All along, you are Infinity. You will discover yourself as you truly are. This will be the Greatest Discovery of Mankind.

This discovery is inevitable. At this Realization, you will be in awe, and you will start smiling and laughing as you never smiled or laughed before. You may not be able to stop laughing. Your laughter will resound around the world. Your laughter will change the world before your very eyes.

In the world, it is taken as a matter of course that there is not enough room for everyone and that, therefore, there must be borders and restrictions and, alas, no Room at the Inn. It is said that, of necessity, all in the world must take care of their own. This is cried out as necessary for survival. This is what is said you must do and isn't to be considered selfish at all under prevailing conditions. What an excuse for selfishness! Do not exonerate selfishness. Say it like it is.

If you declare you must have a safety clause, you have forgotten the Power and Expansion of Consciousness and the Power and the Expansion of the Heart where anything and everything is possible.

You are already seeing that the Lion and the Lamb lie down together. You have seen Miracles of Love. Have you ever seen Miracles resulting from selfishness, have you?

When Higher Motive and Higher Vision come into play, what you call a miracle is an ordinary event. In one view, We can say that All Miracles are ordinary events. The Sun rises every day.

It is not wise to deny the Existence of Miracles. We are not speaking of a Genie. We are speaking of Naturally and Inevitably-occurring Laws no different from those when you expect water to flow downward and the Sun to rise by day and Stars to come out at night. I demand that you Claim the Common Sense of Miracles and desire that your consciousness grow so you know what Love is.

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what Love is

Most beautiful message.

I accept your Demand that I Claim the Common Sense of Miracles

I AM comforted knowing and feeling I AM Infinite and I smile and cherish the Innocence that believed otherwise due to false programming. Out with the old and in with the new. It is a new day with new hopes and new dreams and new ways. As I discover the Power within my Precious Heart, I joyfully unleash my True Divine Nature and I claim the courage to Feel what Love "IS". Thank you and Happy New Year Beloved Heaven Letter Family.

Hi Gloria....

I will ask my question again...less any personal commentary. (My original question with commentary was possibly deleted as I cannot find it anymore.) The question is why God uses the word "demand" in the last sentence of this HL...quoting: "I demand that you Claim the Common Sense of Miracles and desire that your consciousness grow so you know what Love is." After reading thousands of heavenletters...I do no recall "God" ever demanding anything....How can God Love and demand at the same time?...This is incongruous in my a parent demanding that their children love one another....but again...I may be missing something!...Much love...