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To the beloved people who post regularly on this forum

It is beautiful how you support the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum. Your consciousness here is a wonderful gift. You lead the forum. I hope you know what a good thing you are doing and how much your participation is appreciated.

First there are God’s words, His thoughts, His Being, and then our thinking is furthered, and we share our thoughts, and so inspire others.

Here is something I have noticed that could use some attention, if you will:

The “regulars” often get great recognition. Sometimes four appreciative comments in a row! – while someone new to the forum may not get even one response.

Here are two powerful comments I noticed recently that give much food for thought. Somehow they have been overlooked. I know you would have a lot to say:

My feeling is that we need to respond to what is said more than to praise the individual who said it.

What do you feel? What are your ideas for this forum. What can we do to serve your needs?
Here is the place to ask.

I thank God for the privilege of writing down Heavenletters. I thank the tech angels for setting up the forum, and I thank you for reading Heavenletters and sharing your insights with us all.

God bless you.

With love,


Dear Gloria, I guess, I am

Dear Gloria,

I guess, I am the first one to respond to your observations.

You made a point in saying: "
My feeling is that we need to respond to what is said more than to praise the individual who said it."

....and I will keep that in mind.

As for responding to newcomers, I am a bit mystified by the term "not verified". Does it mean that they have not subscribed? or, not logged in? or, are passing visitors?

It would certainly help if more readers would get involved on a more regular basis.

That is what a forum is for: to acknowledge each other, to share, to uplift, to empower, to comment, to shine some light and love, to assist when asked for help, to inspire, to connect heart to heart, to learn, to 'remember', to laugh together,.....and much more. Ideally, to see God reflected in each other.

How this is done on this forum, I have noticed, is through each individual talent. Some, through their poetry, some, through their inspiration or Godwriting, others through visual beauty or humour, others by making their presence known just with a smiley. I think all is welcome.

For my part, it is such a joy whenever I resonate, to what someone has offered and I make it known to him or her. I love it when someone (that includes the Heavenletters) has the talent with words to express what I feel or know. At other times, when someone is a bit 'in the dark', I feel moved to lighten up that belief or perception. And at still other times, my belief and perception changes, thanks to what has been shared or, transmitted.

What about the translated Heavenletters, is there a forum capability for each individual language? I haven't seen any. What if, for an example, the Spanish-speaking readers want to share, comment, help each other in their language?

You have heard this before but, I will say it again, a great deal of the life and energy on the forum is thanks to your presence, big heart and management! Behind the scenes, the Tech-angels are invaluable! I thank you all!

Much love,

P.S. It came to my attention that two posts (one as a reply to a newcomer) that I posted last night, didn't show up this morning. They dissapeared into cyberspace. Anyone knows where they are?

What a great response,

What a great response, Xenia. You are the first to respond, and I hope not the last.

I wish there were another expression than "not verified." Really, they are good people just like the rest of us, and some post often. They just haven't gone through the registration process.

When the forum was going up on the new website, I practically begged Santhan not to make people register. I was fervent about this because, so often when I try to register somewhere, I wind up frustrated.. No one wants that to happen with Heavenreaders who want to post and may not be more techno than I am.

I especially love this that you said: "...what a forum is to acknowledge each other, to share, to uplift, to empower, to comment, to shine some light and love, to assist when asked for help, to inspire, to connect heart to heart, to learn, to 'remember', to laugh together,.....and much more. Ideally, to see God reflected in each other."

When the translation websites are all set up, then I imagine they will have the same capacity for a forum that we do. Santhan can do anything! (Did you notice in Heaven News we're going to get some translations in African languages? That makes me so happy. It would be wonderful to have all the languages in the world!

Did you see Santhan's fantastic idea in Heaven News about choosing a Heavenletter to have translated into every language on Earth? He said: "Could this be the golden thread to unite all people?" Post your selection of Heavenletters here.Oops, the link doesn't work here, but I'll come back with it. Here it is:

Dearest Xenia, I don't know how it is that I am so blessed to be here. I weep for joy.

I would never want to miss any entry of yours, Xenia. Try a search with your name, and see if they appear, and then tell us where they are.

With love and blessings,


Hi Gloria and all. I look

Hi Gloria and all. I look upon the forum part of this site as a kind of heart circle...similar to a 12 step format...where whomever desires to contribute can...and if people in the circle desire to offer positive feedback...they may...but don't have to. Mysteriously, I am led to give feedback to some and not others...However...because I do not reply formally to some comments, does not imply I am in dissagreement or even love them less. It's just the way things are...and there is not enough time for all of us to comment on all that is said...I just respond as I am led to. Having said is my honor to send love to all here participating in whatever way.

Also...Gloria...I extend hugs and lovingnesses (is that a word?) to you for your heart felt dedication to this web site. I have been around a while and to many sites and this is one of the purist voices of the Divine that this mind and heart has witnessed. So thank you again and again and know that much light and love comes your way from this heart that I am or this Heart that we all are.

I do have some creative ideas that you might want to consider for this site in the future...I will email you as soon as they have time to incubate within...

Love and blessings to you Gloria and to each and every reader and writer on this loving site. Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Dear Jim, thanks for your

Dear Jim, thanks for your thoughtful reply! And your wonderful words about the forum. Really, one of the purest? That's because the people who post are divine.

Of course, everyone can't respond to every posting! And it's still a free country! You have the right to choose which comments you want to respond to! I just wanted to say there are some great postings -- like the two I mentioned -- that have not had responses, and I don't understand why.

Jim, when you get your thoughts together, please post them HERE. We can all collaborate. Feel free to make your suggestions openly, dear. There are no secrets.

With love and blessings,