Befriend Your Heart

God said:

Bequeath your heart to Me. I will give you more.

You need not protect your heart so much. A heart is supposed to be vulnerable. It is not supposed to be hardened. Your heart is meant to be wide open. Your heart is supposed to circulate through the universe.

Your heart is not to be restrained. It is to be let loose. Your heart is not a wild horse. It is a heart, and a heart is meant to love. Do not rein your heart. Stop stopping it.

You have a heart of love. Who says that anything is to hurt it? Events in life come and go. They are not to weigh heavily on your heart. Your heart can ride through anything. It need not falter.

Your heart engages in life. Do not sit on your heart. Do not prod it nor keep it still.

You may not be able to orchestrate life to your heart's content, but you can acknowledge your heart and its right to be.

Human Beings have hearts that link them to Heaven. Your intellect does not link you to Heaven. Your intellect debates Heaven. But a simple Human heart knows Heaven.

Let your heart guide you. It knows the way. It has the right beat. Your heart is strong, and yet it need not withstand anything. Let your heart gallop. Let it canter. Let your heart be what it wants to be.

Your heart is not picky like you. Your heart knows to love, and it is better that you do not restrain it. When you feel hurt, you apply it to your heart and you rein your heart in. You corral it. You put it out to pasture. All in the name of hurt. Hurts are little. Love is big.

Your heart must ride in front. It is a leader. It is not meant to obey you. You are meant to follow it. Do not tell your heart to close. Your heart is not what you have thought it is. It is not a thermometer. It is not a weather vane. It is not a measurer. It is a lover. Let your heart encompass the universe.

Your heart will not stampede. It will receive and it will give. Your heart need not waver according to your thoughts.

Your heart can be constant when it is not restrained and when it is not obligated. Your heart can jump over fences. There is no need for you to put fences up in the first place. Your heart is not meant to respect barriers. Let there be no barriers to your heart.

Your heart can love more than this or that. Your heart can simply love.

It can be like the Sun that shines irrespective of what it falls on.

Let your heart radiate love. Let it be what it is. Do not make it less.

If your heart is confused, you have confused it. Your thoughts have done a number on it. Untie your thoughts that bind your heart. Remove the shackles. Befriend your heart.

Your heart is meant for greatness, not smallness.

Your heart is to reign, not be reined.

Your heart is meant to enliven your course through life.

Uphold your heart. Free it, and it will take you all the way to Me.