Befriend the Universe and Your Self

God said:

Sometimes, once in a while, you step on your own heart. You assail yourself. You may call yourself names. At these times, you are not doing right by yourself. Oh, yes, the world may rail at you, yet you are to respect yourself. It's not right for you or the world to put yourself down at the same time as what the world says about you is not your concern.

You, above all, know how hard you try. What is so terrible about your not already having all wisdom in the world? Under no circumstances, are you to be unkind to yourself. Call yourself names, and you are less than kind. Be impatient with yourself, and you are less than I say you are. What is the point of your telling yourself you are less? No no, no name-calling yourself. No derisive adjectives. Always be gracious to yourself.

You are to be a good friend to yourself. Be it.

If you already knew everything to say and do ahead of time and were, in your eyes, fool-proof, why would you be living on Earth? I do not tell you to make mistakes on Earth. By virtue of your being a human being, you are learning, and learn you will. There are many ways to learn. Making mistakes is one of them.

Did you ever think you would hear Me say that you are not supposed to make mistakes on Earth? Your perfection arises from a deeper layer of existence than you find yourself in the world at large. This is just how it is in the relative world which declares opposites. By definition, if you are capable of great acts of love and wisdom here on Earth, you are also capable of flubbing up.

It makes no sense for you to lash out at yourself. Your perfection lies in other realms than your humanness. I take that back. Your perfection does lie in your humanness, yet not exclusively. You do have moments of perfection. You do, indeed, have your strengths and also spheres in which you are learning and strengthening your awareness day by day. It makes no sense for you to berate yourself for learning.

This is the meaning of loving yourself. Then you can love others. Love is meant to be gentle and kind. Start with your very own Self, and it will carry over to others. Why not be the same to your Self as you are to others?

You are a parent to yourself. You are raising yourself every day of your life. Be a genial encouraging parent. Do not fly off the handle. Give credit where credit is due. You learned something. You are wiser now. This is cause for congratulations and not condemnation. Be your own supportive friend.

A mistake was made. Now you have learned better. Now live better. Do not yell at anyone. This includes you. Be done with recriminations to anyone. Blame is never the point. Change, growth, caring, bigger vision, a pat on the back – these are the points.

You are not alive on Earth to find reasons to scowl at yourself or anyone. Find reasons to smile at yourself and encourage your tender heart.

You learn something that has to be learned. Now you are learning generosity to yourself and to others.

You have the responsibility to learn to forego blame. Right now you are wiser than you were yesterday. And tomorrow you will be wiser than you are today.

Across the ocean are waves. Even strong tides are broken up into waves. You ride waves of knowledge, and then there is another wave and another.

Now you are grasping the meaning of goodness and mercy, beloveds.

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Good Morning

Hello, Friend. What a beautiful letter for today! I read through it with zero expectation. God's good news simply continues to melt away preconceptions and an all-too-human tendency to focus on limitation. Keep on writing. You have such a wonderful gift.

Ah, so long as God whispers

Ah, so long as God whispers His Words, there is no choice! It's not I who keeps on -- it is God!

I expect we will use a sentence of yours in an upcoming E-Book, Sandra. It is:

God's good news simply continues to melt away preconceptions and an all-too-human tendency to focus on limitation.

In a few words, you express what God does do in Heavenletters. He melts away preconceptions. He widens our vision. I think you have a knack, dear Sandra. Thank you.