Beauteous Light

God said:

I see you as a star twinkling on earth. From My vantage, I see light. I see your light awakening the whole planet. Your light makes Mine visible. You are My light on earth. It is a simple thing for you to shine My light. It has taken you a lot of work to convince yourself that you don't and cannot.

My light does not burn out, nor does My light in you burn out. It is ever there. My light shines in you, and you shine in it.

You are the sun that shines My light.

There is nothing else on earth for you to do.

Shine My light and see it. Is that hard to remember?

Today specialize in seeing My light. When I say it is everywhere, I mean it is everywhere. There is nowhere that you cannot see My light when you look.

Look into other eyes that also shine My light. Suspend what other people say or do for a while and note My light emanating from them. My light outdistances everything else. My light is interchangeable with love, but right now I tell you to note My light, an aspect of Me that shines through everyone and everything on earth.

It might help to think of My light as energy. Surely the people you resist have energy enough that you back away from it.

Consider the energy of thought. No wonder thoughts reach everywhere. Look at the power thoughts have had over you, your thoughts and others'.

Your thought waves are light waves, and they move faster than physical light. Your thought waves are instantaneous. Your thoughts structure this moment. Your thoughts may be about the past or the present but their dominion is in the present. You may not attend to the present, but your thoughts reflect now.

Electricity has nothing over you. Atomic energy has nothing over you. You are the most powerful thing on earth, and your thoughts are divining rods. They tell you where gold is. Your thoughts also have belied the fact that gold is everywhere.

Golden light are you. And golden light is the person next to you or across from you. And My light is reflected mutually in you, and you also reflect each other's light.

When all the nonsense goes, light is left. Light alone is. My light alone is, and you are immersed in it.

The trees know the power of My light in their leaves and in their fruit. Isn't it time that you knew the power of My light within you?

If you knew you were the most powerful light on earth, what could you not do? And what on earth would ever stop you from shining from the tiniest corner as well as from the greatest mountaintop? What veils would you put over your head to hide this light, and why would you? From what misconceived idea would you?

But you have hidden this light. You have hidden it most of all from yourself.

Take Me literally. You are made of My light. My image is light. What, then, can your image be?

You have had an image of yourself that is not adequate. It has not been the Truth. You cannot exaggerate the Truth. You cannot embellish it. You cannot say enough to equal it. But you can begin to acknowledge this Great Light that shines in you. It shines in you for all the world to see. Your light is designed to be seen.

The world needs to see your light, and it needs to see it replicated everywhere. But that is what light does on its own. It shines everywhere. Unbeknownst to you, you shine everywhere.

But now you know, and now you shine.