Be What You Seek

God said:

What wonders fill your Life right now? What are you glad about today? What matters to you right now? What manna from Heaven reaches you right now? What desires for good do you keep alive in your heart?

Dear One, think along this way: Whatever goodness and mercy and joy that have reached you, recycle them. For goodness sakes, toss out what gave you heartache. You owe yourself this much.

Ah, in Life as you may live your Life, what you don't have may seem more consequential to you than what you do have. If your mind is on worry, you may be sure you are thinking along the lines of fear and lack and all that which blocks you from realizing your desires.

Perhaps your cup runneth over right now with what you have not yet recognized. Even a push in an adverse direction is guiding you to go higher. Well, then, go higher.

Respect your existence today. Respect even the hard times. Looking back, you might even long for some of the goodness you skipped over so intent were you on the wrongs.

A sense of gratitude will lift your Life in the world. Gratitude will deliver great treasure to you. Gratitude itself is a great gift. Feeling ungrateful delivers woe. Guaranteed. Discover that for which you can be grateful.

Between your being good-natured or grouchy, which comportment delivers what you want? Which do you want to meet around the corner? Be what you want to meet. Don't be what you don't want to meet. Inevitably, it is yourself you will meet around the corner.

Be grateful, and, then, you will see that more to be grateful for will walk into your Life. Goodness and mercy will pile upon you. Goodness and mercy are piling up right now if you would but see. Look at your daily life with your eyes wide open. Welcome life to you as it is. Life has riches for you. Get over the concept of blame.

If you hold on to being ungrateful, more of that which to be ungrateful for will blithely into your life. This is a formula.

Oh, yes, in the relative world, everything is relative. Life is as you see it. Perhaps you don't see well enough. Perhaps, instead of seeing all the opportunity that surrounds you, you are bent on keeping score. Turn over a new leaf. Engage in noticing blessings. By your presence, make the world a welcoming place.

If you are good at yelling foul, find blessings instead. This is how you bless the world. We are speaking of Consciousness. Go ahead and bless the world in silence, and bless the world through your view of it. Expand your horizons, and so expand the Universe.

If you want to be blessed, bless the world. There are as many ways to bless as there is to struggle. Drop the struggle, and bless the world. I never told you to take it upon yourself to condemn the world by proving the wrongs of others. Proving the wrongs of others is much like vengefulness, beloveds. Don’t give wrongs the time of day.

If you want to understand the world better, let go of preconceived ideas. Reclaim the world.

Have more confidence in yourself and not squander your Life on the offenses of others.

Be secure in Me.

Rise. Be what you seek.

Keep your eyes open. Be open. Look forward to today which has not yet unfolded itself. Look for the good. Look for the silver lining. Be gracious to the clouds. If you can't feel gracious to the clouds, welcome them anyway. The clouds won't stay very long. They will turn into blue sky and sunshine soon enough.

You are meant to be a Great Light on Earth. Shine your light. Start right now.

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It is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

- Brother David Steindl-Rast -

I am eternally grateful for this Truth. Thank you.