Be like New-Fallen Snow

God said:

A noble king organizes his kingdom in such a way that it runs effortlessly. You are the noble king.

What is your kingdom? What is your domain?

Not those around you, but you yourself.

You are here on earth to free others and to free yourself. But what is it that you have to be freed from? What is it that restricts you? What is it that holds you back?

It is not that which surrounds you.

It is your impression of that which surrounds you.

Your impressions are your restrictions.

Your impressions are a landslide of your thoughts. One thought knocks over the next one, and you find yourself locked in your impressions.

Be not impressed.

Be like new-fallen snow.

It has no marks on it.

It doesn't rail at the sun for melting it. It doesn't call its melting bad. It does not resist the steps upon it or the noise the steps make. It is happy being snow. It does not take too much credence of what happens to it. Its credence is in itself.

It says, "I am snow. I serve God with my whiteness. I bare myself. I hide nothing of myself, and yet I cover everything with my whiteness and make it beautiful. That is my mission. To make a world beautiful, and I do that by being what I am."

It does not occur to snow to be resentful over anything. It is happy for everything, because snow is snow and does not try to be something else. Even when it takes on the appearance of slush and water and ice, it does not protest, for it never forgets that it is snow from Heaven. How the world colors snow is insignificant next to God's making of it.

You were created wondrous. God created you as one of His miracles. Take your attention off of what someone else makes of you. They cannot compete with God. They cannot strip you of your rights. They cannot strip you of your wondrousness, for your wondrousness is inviolate, for God put his stamp on you.

You can only hide your wondrousness, and why do that?

Unbare your wondrousness. Be the bearer of God's vision. Extol creation. Leap high, and pull the world with you. Do not be put down. Uplift. Uplift yourself.

Do not be caught in schemes. Schemes portray you as less than God made you. Be caught in the fullness of truth. I do not try to make you more than I have already made you. I do ask you to accept what I have made you. When you accept that, you place your feet differently in the world, and your eyes alight where they never have before.

You are not to be the reflection of the world. Let the world be a mirror held up to you, and let your image shine forth on it and brighten it.

You are not a reactor. You are a master craftsman. You create the world as you walk through it.

A king walks through his kingdom, and he blesses it. His admirers throw flowers.

I suggest that you, as king, throw flowers before the masses, and set the pace of your kingdom. You, ring the bells. You, blow the trumpets. You, wave your scepter. You, cheer the crowds. You, herald your kingdom. Usher yourself to it. It is prepared for you. All you have to do is relish it.

Enjoy each shade of light. Enjoy each sound of the kingdom. Take Me with you, and you will indeed enjoy the sights and the throngs. Let the kingdom be a tribute to Me. Let it be worthy of you. Choose your higher self because that is the truth of you. You have perpetuated a fraud on yourself. Remove the façade. Be who you are in all your splendor, and light up Heaven, and encourage the stars and the angels, and encourage all on earth who have been waiting for a bright light to appear.