Be Good-Hearted

God said:

Love is a natural event. Love isn’t organized. It comes at a high vibration. Love doesn’t have to be tumultuous. Love does not even have to be pursued. If love is natural, it is naturally-occurring.

Love is not urgent. I am speaking to those who feel that love is urgent, that you must claim a committed love in order to be worthwhile. To you it may feel that you must be married or you will fall into categories such as dying on the vine.

The world seems to expect marriage of you, and you may be quick to respond.

Often, the observation that haste makes waste is truer than you missed the boat.

Have some respect for nature and naturalness and letting life come to you on its own terms. If you must pursue love, that may well be your course. Be seeking love then and sowing happiness while you are at it. You aren’t seeking love at the expense of anyone. You are not capturing anyone. False promises are false to yourself and to your own well-being. To thine own self be true. Being true to yourself and being true to others are the same. You need no pretense.

Romantic love has earmarks of illusion, yet it is not for you to make false promises to yourself or to another. What makes you think you would ever have to? Where is it written that you have to belie yourself?

Let everything be what it seems. Let you be as you seem. No aggrandizement is needed or called for. To be who you are in good faith is good-hearted. Be good-hearted. Tall or short, you can be good-hearted. All the externals can only be external. You may want to find a good mate, yet that is not the same as defaming yourself in order to achieve an objective.

There is something to be said about letting life takes its course. There is something to be said about not trying too hard. It may also be said that you can find what you want when you are not adamant to have it.

Love and disappointment can come in all colors. No need to manufacture colors.

There is nothing you have to be but what you are. The True You is beautiful, and the bare-boned mortal you are in regular life also carries beauty.

You have perfection within, yet, in the regular world, you cannot rise to a perfection that all would hail. Your best bet is to be as you are at this stage as you are. Of course, you yourself may not see yourself at the height you are. You may be the last to know.

But know this. I say with certainty, that you are higher than you dare think you are. Too often you are the last to know. There are those who start off with stars in their eyes about themselves and may be riding for a fall. I don’t believe that any of you who read this Heavenletter are in that category. You are not so high on yourself. In fact, be more generous in your self-appraisal.

It’s a good idea to be generous with yourself. It is good practice. Love yourself more, and you will love others more. You have every propensity to be as you desire to be, and this is high. What are called lows are behind you. Make sure you allow yourself to think well of yourself.

In My Kingdom, there are no last because all are growing fast. Even when time starts to stand still, you are growing faster than the speed of light. You are the Light, and you are growing in brightness.

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OOOOH this is so true!

So true!

So nice to hear from you

So nice to hear from you again! I just caught this post of yours! Sorry to be late!