Be a Freedom-Giver

God said:

Certainly, you are a contributor to the world, yet you are not the comptroller. If you come from the idea that the world is a horse, and you must rein it in, you create a tension within yourself. You take on too much. Yes, it is hard enough to know when to rein yourself in, beloveds.

I am referring to when you are certain you know what others ought to be doing.

Although everyone, including you, is responsible for the world and everyone in it, you are not to take over. It is not your purpose to know how others should live their lives. This is not the premise for you to base your life on. Not only would you take on more than you can chew when you want to tell others how they should live their lives, it is not productive. I am sorry to tell that your well-intended desire to make everything right in the world may be tantamount to meddling.

No one has to live up to your expectations. No neighbor has to have his front yard look the way you prefer. No one has to raise his children according to your standards. No head of a country has to make decisions according to your will. It seems to be so easy in the world to know what everyone else should be doing. You only want to make life better for everyone. Good luck!

It would seem that everyone and his brother know what everyone else should be doing and how they should be doing it. Everyone knows how to run another’s business when he is not the one doing it. Sometimes it seems that many of My children have specialized in minding other people’s business.

As a human being, it is not always easy to know when you are helping someone or interfering. Of course, you mean to help.

If your neighbor doesn’t keep house the way you think she should, it is likely that you don’t keep house the way your neighbor thinks you should either. In any case, usually unasked-for advice falls on deaf ears. Is there something in your own life that you could attend to? Dear Ones, mostly, the lesson is Hands Off. Not so often is the lesson Hands On.

Be aware when you are sure you know what others should be doing. Free Will is for yourself, not for the management of others.

If you are an employer or a teacher or a parent, certainly you have some say. A fine way is to inspire. Ordering may well not bring the result you want. We come back to the question:
By what divine right do you think others are to handle their lives the way you think they should? You desire freedom, and everyone else does too.

It was not My intention to make you the critic of the Universe. I believe I said you were to bless the Universe. Love others rather than trying to change them. Acceptance goes far.

When your neighbor asks you for help or advice, that may be a different story, but not always. Sometimes your neighbor wants your confirmation rather than advice.

Are you aware that not everyone takes My advice either?

Beloveds, it is not for you to force-feed another. It is not your jurisdiction to make choices for others. Even with Christmas presents, even with all the love in your heart, you may choose a gift for your neighbor that may not be what he would like.

What does it mean to be a good neighbor? God knows you want to be. Loving your neighbor as yourself has many dimensions. You are here on Earth finding out how to love.

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same sentence twice

Dear Gloria,

the sentence starting with When your neighbor asks for help or advice is twice in that paragraph.

from heart to heart, namasté, Anneke

Neighbor twice

It is important the neighbor asking advice and or help. Thus twise used. The whole HL is full of good advise. Never use the word "Should" what others should do is none of my business. so ,no worries mate. I never saw the repeat, so not my thing. Let us love and not worry about should. And think about Gods lessons.. Love to all, Jack

Beloved Anneke, thank you,

Beloved Anneke, thank you, dear one. Theophil found it, and I fixed it. I would be glad if you checked to make sure that I did take care of it all!

Many thanks. Merry Christmas, dear translator.

yes, I saw it

Yes, dear Gloria, I saw you fixed it. And hopefully it will be fixed in the translations too.
Merry Christmas! Or Boxing Day?

from heart to heart, namasté, Anneke

To give thanks

I would like to give a huge thank y to Gloria for her wonderful inspired initiative and the amazing consistency with which she writes God letters. A wonderful wisdom is expressed in each and every paragraph of her writing.
thank you for being such a blessing.
With love

Thank you, Ruhannah. Is this

Thank you, Ruhannah. Is this your real name? It is beautiful. It has a meaning?

Writing down God's Words is the easiest thing I do. The words are His, dear one. To God goes all the credit.

I am definitely thirsty for His Words and His Love.