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Baby Laughter roundup

Dearest Hagi, what wonderful

Dearest Hagi, what wonderful laughters these are !!!! I think this is one of the most beautiful postings ever seen !!!! How sweet they are and how I laughed !!!!
Many thanks dear !

Hey Berit !!! I am happy to

Hey Berit !!!

I am happy to hear that you loved it. You don't need to speak Italian in order to laugh from this one. It should have been posted in "Multi-language" Forum...LOL....
I felt a nice breeze today when I went out of home to buy some food....Winter is coming to Israel and i am getting excited.....Maybe because I lived in London in my previous incarnation.... :p

I love cold rather than hot

I love cold rather than hot weather, so I join you ! :big

how do you came to know about your previous incarnation sweet Hagi ? I love these things although my interest is HERE AND NOW, already enough to handle.... 8)


Well....I went to this woman

Well....I went to this woman a few years ago, Which guided me through a meditation to my previous life....It was interesting....She put some crystals on my chakras......It was strange...

Bye the way...There is a movie called "Some like it hot"....I think it's an oldie with marylin Monroe.....

Thank you Hagi for

:big :thumbup: :wub:

Thank you Hagi for sharing the angels language with us all!! Laughter the universal soul uplifter!