Are the Innocent to Feel Guilty?

God said:

You are at a turning point. This is how it is every day. Every single day you are making choices. Every single day, you go in one direction or another. Of course, it is good for you to take Life in your stride.

Every choice has bearings.

Possibly, your choice of which coffee shop to go to this morning will have bearings on your Life. But, hey, there are choices that you can’t figure out, and you have to take pot luck. You cannot dwell on decisions overmuch, or you may ponder your Life more than you live it.

You cannot know ahead of time at which coffee shop you will find your own True Love or be discovered by a movie agent, and your whole Life changed – or not.

How can Life be figured out? There are no guarantees.

Even after the fact, you cannot always know for sure the meaning of what a whole story really is. Even a bona fide mistake is not a mistake, for you gain Life Experience.

Great difference or none, at the moment of decision and even in retrospect -- no one knows. Had you taken another road, you don’t know whether that road would have been for better or for worse. Again We come to the unpredictable and wondering what might have been. Was it all Destiny anyway?

Remember Greek mythology where it was predicted that the baby son of the King would grow up to kill his father and marry his mother? Despite all the means that were taken to prevent this prediction from coming true, it was not prevented. The infant was sent to be left on a mountain to die, yet the kind-hearted soldier assigned the task gave the infant to another King and Queen to raise as their own.

When the boy reaches manhood, the Oracles tell him of this long ago prophecy. Now, aware of this prophecy, and in his desire to flee the prophecy, Oedipus flees from the King and Queen he believes to be his parents – might you sometimes not wish to have an oracle?

As the young Prince runs away from his fate -- believing he is on a road fleeing away from his Destiny -- there is an argument between him and an older man, and, so, the young man, Oedipus, unwittingly fulfills the prophecy and kills his own father. Ironic, isn’t it, seeking goodness by dodging his Destiny, Oedipus has taken the road headlong to where the prophecy is fulfilled.

Now Oedipus joyously wins the throne of the dead King and the hand in marriage of the King's widow -- unbeknownst to him -- his real mother, Jocasta. And, so, what is wholeheartedly seen as good news -- well, you can be mistaken.

Of course, at the time, Oedipus has no idea of what is really going on.

In Life, are the innocent to feel guilty? Is Oedipus guilty? Greek mythology, Freud and the external world seem to say Yes, Oedipus is guilty.

Freud reintroduced the idea of human Beings following their subconscious, therefore, bearing guilt regardless. So, yes, the world seems to say a resounding Yes. Shrug your shoulders and move on.

To finish the story, years later, when Oedipus’ wife and mother finds out that she has not only married her own son, she has also married her husband’s murderer, she hangs herself.

And Oedipus blinds himself.

Do you really think that such high prices must be paid on behalf of the low concept of guilt? I say no. All a Human Being can be guilty of is being a Human Being alive in the world where and when all manner of things can and do happen even to the Innocent.

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