Another View in Sight

God said:

If you knew the Greatness of your Beingness, how upset could you get? What would throw you? Would you get upset at all? For what purpose? What is the gain? Knowing as much or as little as you know, why would you spend a millisecond of time getting upset?

So, you broke a shoe lace. So, you tripped on the carpet. So, your computer is down. Tell Me, what is the disaster exactly?

So, your true love doesn’t love you. Or you fear so. So what if he or she does or doesn’t? What exactly is the calamity?

Ah, yes, I see. The sky is falling.

Do you crave calamities, beloveds? I wonder if you seek drama at all costs. Perhaps you would rather something be happening than nothing happen at all.

Go ahead. Take a break. Let nothing happen for a while. Let time stop. Let urgency go.

Even if you break a leg, take it in your stride. Bed rest for a while. A cast for a while. A crutch for a while.

Even if you get lost, how lost are you? You are somewhere. You will find yourself anon.

Even if your body dies suddenly, you will get up from it and go on your merry way. You will be redeemed. You are redeemed. There is no need for redemption. You are not a hostage. There is not a price on your head. You have already been captured by Heaven. You will stand tall now. You will know up close what it is to be with God and all the treasures that accrue. You will begin to know what a treasure you are. You will begin to know all good things.

There is an ultimate. There is an ultimate beginning, beloveds. You are ultimately beginning. By that, I mean that you are taking off. You are rising high. Body dead or alive, you are rising high. It has been ever so. Life on Earth and in Heaven make room for you. Body dead or body alive, where do you think you are? Do you really think you are adrift on the bounding main?

You are with Me, wherever your body is or is not. That is the conclusion you will come to. Your body is not you. Your body is not even a semblance of you. Who doesn’t know that beauty is skin-deep, unless, of course, your beauty is deeper. You are collecting the beauty of your Being. Gradually, you add to the stockpile of your beauty until even you will know the beauty of which you are made. Your Beingness is beautiful. Your Beingness is beauty as is Mine.

You are not a cast-off. You are not a stowaway on a ship. You are not a stowaway on Earth. You are not an interloper. You are certainly not an interloper in Heaven. Step right up where you belong to be, here, with Me. Where do I belong but with you? And where would I belong but in Heaven?

Beloveds, the scars of the world can only be the scars of the world. Pain of the world can only be the pain of the world. Scars and pain are symptoms of illusion. Your intellect made a mistake. Your intellect made a whopper of a mistake as only intellect can. Your intellect scrounged for all kinds of reasons, and it found them. Nevertheless, the intellect put together the wrong package. Wrong package or not, the intellect is sure that it is correct. The whole world supports its correctness.

If there is suffering, the intellect has misconstrued. Until the intellect has a different way of seeing, it can only misconstrue.

You don’t have to be fooled by the intellect. There is another view in sight.

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The Art of Misconstruing

We know that our perceived limitations don't come from our body but rather from our identification with the body. This identification is a mental projection which can be but a confusion in motivation. And this motivation is about the willingness to accept the premises of God or the premises of the ego.

God is always in our mind as part of our identification with His. But free will creates states of mind which are not God's and our recognition of what is in them depends on what we believe about our mind. And there are only two sets of premises which condition two sets of beliefs: Truth and illusion.

The difference between Truth and illusion is that Truth, as long as it is God's will, has nothing to do with our willingness. It is our ability to see the logical outcome of God's premises or ego's premises that comes from our willingness to see it. God says that we are redeemed, that there is no need for redemption. But we think we have to be redeemed so we can play the role of cast-off, of hostages. That is why we need to demonstrate the obvious to ourself because it is not obvious to us, even if it is obvious to God. The problem is not whether what God says is true, but whether we want to listen to what He says.

Can we really make the difference between what is joyful and what is painful? We are likely to confuse the two. When God proposes us joy, we think He is asking us a sacrifice. But the real sacrifice is giving up the ego and yet, sacrificing the ego is sacrificing nothing. On the contrary, it is gaining everything.

"If there is suffering, the intellect has misconstrued." If we associate suffering mainly with the body, how does the intellect misconstrue? Could we go as far as to say that the body is endangered by the mind in the sense that it is the mind that hurts itself through denial? Does the body just suffer because the mind fails to realize that it is the victim of itself? Does the mind use the mask of the body's suffering to hide what it really is suffering from?

The mind seems to be its own ennemy. "You don’t have to be fooled by the intellect. There is another view in sight."

What exactly is the calamity?

Sometimes I feel a Heavenletter could end after the first paragraph, the first sentence.

Where does upset come from? Body? No, only from exclusive identification with body.

From first glimpses of what Greatness means, I know I have never believed in Greatness almost my whole life, even my whole spiritual life. I have not believed in God, I have not really believed in spritit however much I thought I did. I was a materialist although I would have vehemently denied that. Until you see, you don't believe.

Now, often, I feel something around me, huge, gentle, kind, smiling, powerful. It is distinctly an entity and distinctly personal but formless; it is a you; and it is I. I would call it all-powerful friendliness. It's what you would have needed for reassurance those many years ago when you started doubting.

Anyway, intimately knowing this entity, this other side of yourself, upset is unthinkable. And when there are first glimpses, reunion and intimacy cant' be that far.

Yes, without at least first glimpses, poor intellect can only package things wrongly. It is not to blame. It was sent in the wrong direction once and will gradually rethink now.

i feel conportable

dear God heavenley father,
i feel conportable your letter everyday when am read this letter,
that day com for me my last end of my life, am not wory,
eneymore, you are with me, thank you so much all your
letter,dear God,,

Rueful Grin

To express sorrow, especially with a humorous grin, is the most honest way we can bow with Grace and compassion.

All form eventually disappears so man-made commitments will always disappoint us here, and since the only game in town is that we think we are still here, then the most honest way to express is to ruefully bow with a humorous grin. What we each carry inside our form is as precious as Spirit seems is so invisible, so even when we think we can move around some here, anywhere can seem to merely express our own private portable paradise, honestly.

Since what is essential is invisible to any eye, and since love and joy can’t come visit us until we are not there, and since listening with a God-give Glisten seems what will always make believe we can disappear for others talking, and since our form only has value when we ‘be the love’ that ‘believe’ says without even saying, then ruefully grinning can become the beginning of letting go any ruthless and poignant energy of ego fear and control hostage taking.

We would be more honest than most if we admit to ourselves that only shame and fear are what keep us wanting to pretend we are still here. It has been my turn to pretend that I have been a man, mere man, here and the more I forgive others with the help of Spirit and a conscious contact with God, the more I begin to think like Spirit as if ONENESS is the way out of our shared delusion. I begin to think that God loves us so much that when we drop in here in this phase of our spiritual development that He gives us even linear time illusions to slow down enough to reconcile with our lost Spirit light, love, aliveness.

We perceive that getting born here is a sort of life, and while our unconscious anger and shame make us deaf and spiritually blind, while God may send us here with renewed conscience that withers as soon as any child pretends for the sake of parent form that has forgotten their own claim to inner child-like innocence. LIFE in Spirit, as Spirit, in the formless, even riding around in the portable paradise of our body taxis can unlearn ego impressions of hidden karma, forgive others as fast as they appear as daily bread, and develop a new mind of light, love alive by animating energy again on the way to expressing delight in response to every stimulus of form, if we just admit that even thinking in bodies is a symptom that we are still really filled with disappointment and sorrow.

What better inspiration than an unassuming rueful grin can ever speak better to the ultimate honesty than our usual self centered arrogance that precludes a life time of pretending our essence as human brings has more value than our Spirit. Ruthlessness, then, seems more like a hiding place as we pretend this phase is the only way to really live. All of us are always really innocent as we play the mirrors for others that need us to learn to unlearn and relearn the joy of learning that only comes with an honest intention to become kind, gentle, and emanate goodness again.

Old perceptions fall away like the skin falls off any undead perceptions, new hearing begins to take place in the heart that even the spelling of ‘heart’ implies, and seeing on the heart of others' sorrow, and fear becomes the catalyst to renew even more and deeper compassion for, even ourselves, so weary and indifferent. New perceptions of what love is and what love isn’t help our new mind of delight and compassion serve others with such devotion that emerges like an inner fountain and never again seems like old fashioned helping from ego that deeply wounds the shared hearts of codependent victims and victimizers, totally resigned to the hopelessness of emerging resentment building.

Peace comes to givers and receiver mirrors of Divine communion enterprises and truer letting go of pretentious ruthlessness upturns lip edges that bow with a knowing rueful expression that monks and mystics reveal as the most honest way to inspire others to surrender. Children play and actors seem driven on a mission pretending this is life, elder statesmen share from their heart-humility as if admitting humor is more a sign of Spirit than any serious attempt to keep on pretending. Life in Spirit, even before we drop here in some form or other is where we all return to eventually, but we don’t have to die first to activate our own energy of light, love.Funny how the way to the light isn’t like a moth to the flame, but more love than ever imagined comes from accepting and forgiving others around us as the mirrors of our own selves.

When we fall into a dark hole that is waiting for us all to experience, then the way out isn’t toward the light at the entrance of our trap, but to ask for help when we’re experiencing the darkness of our own projected trappings. If we can pretend that this is all Maya, and illusion, then we can pretend our way right back out of what has merely beguiled us all here together like lost sheep. The way out isn’t toward any centralization herding, but up mountain paths to the pure emerging springs that comes with renewing thirst that always sweetens as we ourselves, transform into ambassadors with no more judging that only can come from our own unconscious guilting projection movies.

Seeing without any more need for form, hearing truth and beauty within silent night stillness, talking from the heart of touching honesty and inspiration, God Glistening when listening to encourage others deeper honest telling, and grinning with a touch of humor when bowing with a rueful expression of God-given Grace, all will help let go of ruthless pretending as goodness emanates from renewing innocence as a gentle kindness replaces any more need for more poignant seeming worshiping form.

Discipline and devotion to forgiveness through Spirit, ascension toward the Golden Mosaic scintillating new wonder and happiness of ONENESS, renewing innocence within a conscious connection with our precious conscience, and enjoying intuitive guidance that only can come with renewing prescience, all help us hear the ‘sssss’ sound of ‘sc’ together transforming form into freedom from guilt, where that ecstasy comes flowing when imbibing in more formless intention paradise.

Beloved Jeffrey, you sure

Beloved Jeffrey, you sure can write! So well-said. Magnificent. I loved "God Glistening" and the "rueful grin" and much more.

You will have to pardon me for editing some of what you wrote for two reasons, one the length, and the other the guidelines we have for posting. Please do not be offended. Removed were references to politics and religion. To the best of my ability, I kept your message as you meant it to be, and I hope you will post again.

Jeffrey, do you subscribe to Heavenletters? I couldn't find you on the data base. I would like to!

thank you for your delightful response

Since I received notice from a friend in Wales the same day we wrote our thingees that seemed so synchronistic, I want to share how Rueful Grin just as it was written on the same day you published and was presented by my Wales friend, John.

I like how you are so kind and sensitive to edit to meet your protocol and especially enjoy your warm welcome of delight and joy. I respond to delight and even respond with Rueful Grin as a complimenting expression from fascinating shared energy. I love and support yur great work and inspirations- you are so very genuinely kind and oh so gentle that many times when reading in the past my tears help wash away more limits of my old unforgiving mind.

Nurturing is so pure in the formless and your energy comes fascinatingly close to my inner experiences so I am very happy to share here with you.

Beloved Jeffrey, you are

Beloved Jeffrey, you are probably the first person in the history of the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum who has thanked me for my editing!

You know, of course, that Heavenletters are not my great work and inspiration! Not at all. Yet I am privileged to touch the hem of them.

God bless you, Jeffrey.

Do you subscribe to Heavenletters?

Boy! I took a long time to

Boy! I took a long time to read this, finding it very hard to comprehend.

Dear Jeffrey, what is your comment about? Would you be able to somehow summarize the key points of your statement?

I took the liberty of

I took the liberty of highlighting some of the lines in Jeffrey's post that most scintillated me.

Please forgive me

In my own recent work surrendering, I embrace that when I don't understand it can come from anger and shame that seems to make us deaf and blind until we forgive others on the way to renewing our innocence, so I ask for you to forgive me. There is an inner poetic rhythm that emerges from within after forgiveness prayers and deeper meditations and since all I write comes from this sort of "song of prayer" I wouldn't even begin to pretend to be able to explain anything to another: sorry.

Sometimes my fingers seem to dance on the keys of my PC as if it were a version of God's piano for me to practice developing a new mind of delight to replace my old mind. This writing comes from wanting to deepen compassion for others and my inner voice, so I hope to be able to learn to express more from my heart than intellect. I am sorry for any obtuse phrases that seem difficult to understand, but all I know is nothing about any of this, and I won't even pretend to be able to teach, preach, or fix another because that would begin the process of cheating someone out of their opportunity with Spirit inside yourself.

I can only express in this way and leave your understanding or your needs unspoken here completely up to your own respons-abilty. I like to share joy and delight with others without getting into divisiveness that can begin, like here now within my response as my responding on your tangent instead of you responding with delight with my humble and creative expression here. I welcome you to respond with something from inside you and invite you to share some delight with me.

I think I understand this,

I think I understand this, dear Jeffrey. Thank you.

Your first comment, in itself, is not too difficult either. I think the "tangent" I was on, or the "need unspoken" (I like that expression very much), was trying to relate it to this Heavenletter.