And Now You Rise

God said:

Confidence is not bluff. Confidence is a quiet assurance that you are in the right place at the right time. You are not an uninvited guest in life. You have been invited here, and you accepted. You have every right to occupy your space, and so does everyone else.

You are all invited guests.

Whatever you are wearing, wherever you live, whatever you occupy yourself with, your place in life on Earth has been reserved for you. And where you move to in the next moment, that spot has also been reserved for you. You are free to occupy any space you occupy, and you are free to move. You are a free agent on Earth.

The Earth welcomes you. Whatever the world makes of you is irrelevant. Mother Earth welcomes you. Mother God and Father God gave you the train ticket to Earth. You have been sent from above. That is all you have to know. Knowing this, how can you be less than confident?

Aspire to be worthy at the same time as you know that you are. You may not have reached the summit of the mountain yet, and, still, you are climbing. You are on course. You are a worthy climber. You do not have to have reached the top in order to be worthy.

This is a beautiful thing to accept your worth. When you accept your worth, you can only accept the worth of others as well. Doubt goes across the board. Certainty does too.

You are worthy. I staked your life on it, that you are worth living on Earth and living My Will. I set you on this road, and now you find you way, and now you progress.

In the past you have judged yourself worthy for a moment or unworthy, and you go back and forth. But worthiness is not a question of judgment. It is a question of acceptance. I say you are worthy. Don’t waste your time debating that. It is a fool’s argument. Of course, even a fool in terms of the world is still My worthiness.

There is no escape from the fact that you are all children of God, appointed by Me, ushered by Me onto an adventure on Earth. I plunked you down on Earth. And now you rise. You have confidence that a balloon will rise. Have that same confidence in yourself. Just know you are rising, and that you take the whole world with you.

It is a known fact that the Earth floats in space. Let it be known that you too are in space, and that you rise. Your feet may be attached, but that does not mean that you are. Beloveds, you are above all limits. Will you have confidence in Me and what I say? It is not proof you need. It is acceptance.

You are all chosen to do My work on Earth. My work is My Will. And My Will be done.

If you consider yourself a part-time employee in the service of God, then appoint yourself full-time. Give yourself a raise. You already have My permission. What other permission could you possibly need? Only your own. Only your own.

Will you today, this morning, right now give yourself permission to soar? There is no power on Earth that can keep you back. Only the power of your own mind, and that is powerful indeed. No matter what ash heap you imagine you are from, no matter under what toadstool you have hidden, you are My proclaimed and true heir. I bequeathed you the world. I bequeathed you the sun and the moon and all the inherent stars and the seas and the shores and the ground on which you walk. I did not give to some and not others. I gave to all.

And I gave to each My Will, so that you may do it, wherever you stand, whatever you look like, whatever you may think of yourself -- you are My chosen. You have miracles to perform. The first miracle for you is to regain the confidence you have lost or to find it in the first place. Confidence is born from love, beloveds, and you are My own true love. Your step can be confident.

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Hello Friends,

God said free agent
Aspire to be worthy
The Earth welcomes you

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