An Opening in Heaven

God said:

What makes you happy? Let Me count the ways.

A kind word spoken.

A smile.

Looking into someone’s eyes and seeing Mine.

Looking up into the sky and seeing an opening into Heaven.

Sunlight and moonlight.

Sunrise and sunset.

The gloaming.

A breeze.

Flowers coming up.

Leaves turning color.

Leaves falling.

A snowman.

A whiff of soup bubbling on the stove.

Eating the soup with buttered bread.

The sound of the word cockleshells.

A new dress.

New shoes.

A new anything.

A new thought.

A good book.

A child.

A good time.

Remembering someone.

Forgetting what is better forgotten.

A day off.

School called off for a snow day.

Swimming in a pond, a lake, or the Ocean.


Taking a bubble bath.

An old song.

A friend.

Helping someone.

Loving someone.

Having an idea.

A photo.

We are just beginning, aren’t We? We haven’t yet touched on texture. Walking barefoot. Squeezing mud between your toes. Walking on sand. Dancing on air.

Finding something.

Letting go of something.

Hearing a sweet voice.

Seeing someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

Gaining an insight.

A hand in yours.

What day is not a good day? It takes only your say-so.

Say so.

Have a great day.

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Wow. That was most awesome!

Wow. That was most awesome!

how comes it that nobody

how comes it that nobody counted the ways, but I counted and I came across how easy this is to count and then I looked for my fav. saying and discovered that this is way to make oneself happy but I keep it for me, well it has something to do with mud of course, how simple and so fulfilling.

Have a great day, God. I

Have a great day, God. I love you quite a bit.

Dear One, You not only wrote

Dear One,

You not only wrote a great simple comment -- short is GR8 -- you re-introduced us a GR8 Heavenletter!

We are just beginning

Such a refreshing list. What a blessing.