An Everyday Kind of God

God said:

Be a blessing to yourself. Make the world easy and brilliant for you today. Truly, make every day a day of rest.

As it is, you seldom make Sunday a day of rest. Perhaps We want to define rest. Here it is:

Resting means letting go.

You know you could sit in an easy chair with your feet up, yet that doesn’t mean you are resting. You could be very anxious. What kind of rest is that? You can go to work and be anxious. You don’t require Sundays for anxiety and worry. You can engage in anxiety and worry any day of the week.

Rest is letting go tenseness.

You understand I mean to say that rest is more than absence of activity.

Ideally, whatever you are doing and involved in, you would be free from tension. This is possible. It is not impossible.

I am not separate from your activity. I am not singularly found in isolation and not in activity. I am not reclusive. You can have great bursts of Light with Me anywhere at any time.

You have likely felt that you have to go away somewhere to get closer to Me. That’s fine. I am Everywhere. I can be found anywhere. I can be found at an amusement park. When boundaries come down – your boundaries – I am easily accessible. I can be found on a sunny day and in a thunder storm.

Where am I not found? Surely I am in a cave, and surely I am in heavy traffic.

It is not so much a question of your discovering where I am as it is your finding yourself wherever you may be. It is accurate to say that you have spent much of your life running away from yourself, choosing noise over silence. Be assured that I am also in noise. Regardless, when you are running away from yourself, it’s harder to locate Me and your own Inner Silence. Running away, as if being chased, is not generally calming and peaceful.

Running away from yourself is frittering your life away, yet, even so, the inevitable conclusion is that you will find your Self and Me, and all is well. Even on the periphery, I am with you, and you are with Me.

Let’s put it this way: You don’t have to chase after Me. You don’t have to run away from Me. All you have to do is to receive Me. It’s a good idea to look for Me wherever you go. Rather than look, I suggest you be open to stumbling onto Me. Odds are you already have and may have denied this awareness to yourself. I have been right here in front of you, and you walked right by Me.

Perhaps you were looking for Me to fit a certain image you have in your mind. You may have a certain mind-set about the way you think God is supposed to be. Honestly, you can have rapture with Me, yet you don’t have to by any means.

I am ever-present in your life. I hang around with you through thick and thin. I am with you always. I am with you now.

You are reading Me now. Do you get some feel for the beat of My heart as it beats in you? I am close to you right now. I am an ordinary kind of God who goes everywhere with you. I am no stranger to you. I am not an exclusive God. I am an inclusive God. I don’t require your belief in Me to know Me. There are no requirements at all except your letting down your defenses.

Silly, you don’t have to defend yourself from Me. I do not accuse you. I do not shake My finger at you. I love you.

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Thank You God the Good

As I dismantle my internal department of defense I feel the safety of Your Loving Embrace and I Open My Heart to Receive the Truth "I AM LOVE" I love you God and Heaven Letters for never giving up on me. I am grateful for your Love.

No one could ever give up on

No one could ever give up on you, beloved Christine.