An Embracing Peace

God said:

To be true to Me and true to yourself is to love. That’s it. It doesn’t have to be loud bounding love. It can be a calm state of love, or, We can call it an embracing peace.

Such love gives no offense and takes none. Rather than in a stew, you are in the calm waters. In other words, you are always resting in Me where there is no disturbance. There are no interruptions or disruptions. We can say that you rest in green pastures.

How lovely to have no perceived need for upset!

If you presently experience upset, it must be that you have perceived a need for it. Certainly, when you put your finger on a hot stove, you take your finger off right away. It is automatic. You don’t agitate. You take your finger off. Yet, when you experience a pique here and a pique there, you dwell on the pique and keep your finger on it for a long time. You refuse to save yourself the hurt. Whatever time you spend on upset is too long.

Why would you, a child of Mine, be loyal to upset and stay with it as though you must? Your loyalty is to be with love, beloveds. With love you nourish the world. With upset you crush the world. It is not noble to be self-righteous, yet that is where upset comes from. Nor is it advantageous to be upset.

Begin to think this way: Upset is the same as petulance. Talk about a tempest in a teapot! Have no tempest. Tempest is a tribute to ego.

Ego tells you that someone has no right to slight you or find you unworthy, no right whatsoever. Ego does not want to fall from its pedestal. According to the image of ego, no one in the world has the right, not God either, to not give you what you desire instantly in a desirable way.

The truth is that when you get upset, you are slighting yourself. You take upset as your due. If you don’t want upset, then do not take it as your due. Upset is self-punitive. Putting someone else down doesn’t make you rise, beloveds. Upset negates your worth and tries to negate the worth of another. Upset does not become you. Upset is a hot potato. Drop it. Drop it once and for all.

Upset eats you alive. It interferes with your digestion. Upset may seem like your friend, yet upset is insidious. Try life without it. What if you were a non-reactor? You would not miss being hot under the collar. You wouldn’t miss it at all, for upset would be replaced by intelligence. Why would a Child of Mine put himself through upset when it serves him not? Oh, yes, of course, upset serves ego, but ego serves you not at all.

If you did not nourish ego, you wouldn’t be upset. Think about this.

Without ego, even in what is commonly great grief, you would live “God’s Will be done.” You would not rant and rave at death. Without ego, you would be more neutral. You would not love less. You would love more. You would not be indifferent. You would be different. You would not be a mad creature who gets upset nor a sad creature who weeps and resents.

Now, another name for ego is attachment, that leech with talons that won’t let anything leave. Wow, what energy attachment uses. It is effort to hold on so tight. Attachment diminishes you. Yes, ego and attachment go hand in hand. You are not to follow either of them by whatever name they are go by.

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So True!

Beloved Father,

Thank you for this lovely message, this past days I felt out of balance, but I know that you live in me and I in you, we are one. One with all. Sweet Father of mine let me understand this great wisdom so I can stop my sorrows.

Thank you my beloved Gloria! I Love you!

Love and Peace to all here and everywhere.

Catya Pestana

Thank you, beloved Catya.

Thank you, beloved Catya. May all our sorrows be at an end. What do we want them for?!!

Loving you,