An Antidote to Worry?

God said:

There is no sadness in Heaven. There is no panic, no anxiety. There is a gentle knowing. Where could worry exist in Heaven? Heaven is worriless.

Remind yourself that your soul is in Heaven, and your heart is within Mine so you are heart and soul in Heaven. Worry and such is an added-on invention like a patch. Worry is not real, no matter how real-seeming worry may seem to be. Worry is like a hive of bees buzzing within you.  

Isn’t it odd that worry seems totally real to you and that I, the God of All, may seem unreal, as if I were an afterthought or add-on? The joke is on you, beloveds. Your placing your bets on worry instead of Me is the same as not knowing the difference between a pence and a pound. The difference is greater than that. The difference is as if you don’t know the difference between a penny and the biggest diamond in the whole wide world. Of course, the difference between worry and Me is greater than that.

There is no true comparison that can be made of what I am to you.

I do not create worry. It must be that My children invent worry and spread it far and wide. If you were a King who sat on a throne of worry, I would tell you to abdicate your throne. Of course, no one would want a throne of worry, and, yet, you have great attachment to your throne of worry. You are used to it, and you like to possess it. Even a headache lets you know you abide in a body where just anything can occur. No one in his right mind would incur worry, yet here you are, shackled to worry as if worry sets the tone of your life and you live in a prison of worry.

There is always another worry in the offing. You don’t run out of worries. It must be that you buy worries in a pack at a bargain price. Oh, yes, worries are a dime a dozen. Very cheap. They can even be had without the asking. However, I don’t see that you turn worries away. In fact, you bring them in, sit them on your lap, and you hold on to them as if for dear life.

Beloveds, worries are like a drug you take and become addicted to.

There is an antidote to worry, however, and that is innocence. Innocence doesn’t worry. Innocence doesn’t even grasp the concept of worry. Innocence is worry-free. Another word for innocence is trust.

An innocent baby may coo, and an innocent baby may cry, yet a baby has not yet learned to worry. A baby is where he is at the moment he is. A baby wants to be fed now. A baby does not have thoughts of tomorrow on his mind. He doesn’t think of tomorrow or next year or his retirement. A baby is right smack where he is at the very moment of being there. Innocence doesn’t make guesses. A baby wants to be fed now. He does not think of the future, nor does he draw conclusions from the past.

A baby knows his entitlement. You do not yet know yours.

If you had no worries, there would be nothing to worry about! What would you do with the energy you have if you did not lavish it on worry? Perhaps you would lavish it on joy which amounts to giving love to the Universe that sustains you.

It is good to know God provides. Remind yourself of this. Around the clock, God provides.

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God provides

"Isn’t it odd that worry seems totally real to you and that I, the God of All, may seem unreal, as if I were an afterthought or add-on? The joke is on you, beloveds. "


Let LOVE be full in every Heart
Let Love be felt and seen in ALL Creation
Let Peace abide in every Heart
Let JOY be found in Everything

God the Good

Thank you. Life is an Innocent Adventure.