An Affinity of One

God said:

Everyone has an affinity with the Stars, Sun, and Moon. Everyone holds them precious. Mountains and forests rest within you as well. Oceans wash over you in their love for you. Even in your thought of the Ocean, you feel its power. Even if you have never seen the Ocean, you know it well. It has come to you in your dreams and left you crests of love. Some of this briny love you spill out in tears, for even your tears are the Ocean's love, and the Sun's and the Moon's and the Stars' and every living thing's.

The truth is that everyone has an affinity with everything, for everything has an affinity with you. Are you not connected to everyone and everything, connected to everything that ever-seeming was and will be? You are truly connected to everything but illusory time. Beloveds, there is not a particle of Heaven or Earth that you are not connected to and therefore have an affinity with. Come closer to that invisible seam where all differences meld into Oneness.

The Earth is the melting pot of the Universe. The Universe nudges you to recognize yourself in the Mirror of the World you look into beyond the world you see. Never mind this trying to affix your fault seemingly reflected in another. Rather, see your love as another reflects it back to you. Shine your love out. Forget attempts at affixing responsibility for what is lovely or not lovely. Just go forward in love meltingly. I am teaching you the psychology of seeing Truth and embodying it.

Is it really possible for you to look at one tree and believe that anything in the world but love exists? Science would talk about the oxygen a tree gives you, and the carbon dioxide you return to it. Oxygen and carbon dioxide are just technical names for what is the reciprocity of love. Do you see how intimately you are connected to everyone and everything? Even that tree in your backyard breathes for you.

Even cars that whiz back and forth carry love. All the energy in the world is love. There is no energy without it. Deny this truth no longer. You are an alternator of love, in that you give and receive this one existent force of love. Of course, it is not forced. Love is what is when every imaginary something else is wiped away. Love is left. Love cannot be erased. Even the hardest abrasion cannot touch it. Do not think otherwise.

There is nothing to equal love. Only love equals love. Love is the common denominator. Love is the crux of it all. Love coheres the world. Nothing else does. And you, who are love, are the coherer of the Universe.

You are in everybody's shoes, as they are in yours. Every pain or joy of theirs is also yours. You have experienced it. Only the joy was true, and the rest was not. The rest was a story you bought. You ascribed to it. Its sadness, in a strange way, made you feel good. It made you feel noticed. And it made all the others who suffered sadness feel good too. You have sometimes felt that no one has experienced the sadness you have. Now I tell you that everyone has. Everyone has fooled themselves just as much as you.

But now you are a recognizer of love. There is only your own love. There is no one else's even though it is everyone's. All is love. You are love. He is love. She is love. It is love. I am Love, and you are Love the same.