All the Way to Heaven

God said:

Why is it so hard for you to give love? Must love be earned? Is love a matter of profit and loss? What about love for its own sake? What about love alone? What about love for the joy of it? Why wouldn't you let the love in your heart come out of hiding? Why wouldn't you let your love rise like the sun in the morning and never set?

What on Earth possibly holds love back? What harness have you put on love? What restraints? What conditions? What are the requirements you have set for love, and who meets them?

What do you require of yourself before you let your heart bloom? What are you saving your heart for? It is not meant to be saved. It is meant to be spent. You waste your heart when you keep it contained. Spending your heart is good economics.

It doesn't matter whom or what you give your heart to. It matters that you give it. Your heart is not meant to isolate itself and pick and choose. Consider your heart like pick-up sticks. Let your heart fall where it may. Your heart alights, but it does not fall. Or, if it falls, it falls like sunlight, helping everything in its path to rise to it.

Love is not to be earned. It is the other way around. Give love always everywhere, and all who receive it will rise. They do not have to earn your love first, but they will rise to it. In that sense, they earn your love. You, who are the spreader of love, however, wait for no payment. Your payment is the giving of love. Love nourishes the giver as well as the receiver. Be good to love. Let the love in your heart flow like molten gold. Let the love in your heart be a mountain stream that flows mightily. Let the love in your heart splash itself everywhere. Let the love in your heart discover itself and overflow with rapture, reaching the tiny crevasses of other hearts more closed than yours.

Discover love and give it away. Finding love in your heart is good. Keeping it there is uneventful. Love kept is like a mistress, beautiful but out of sight. Your heart is meant to be in the limelight. Love shines when it is given. Love unseen is a song unsung. Love kept in the heart is a flower nipped in the bud. Everything was ready for a flower to bloom, but it had to open its petals. Open the petals of your heart. Your heart's destiny is to open. To keep your heart closed is against your destiny.

Yet it is not uncommon for love to be blocked. Most often the love in your heart is blocked because your mind weighs what someone else will make of it. Your assignment is to give love, not worry over what someone else might make of it.

Well, then, how do you give love? Think of some little thing today, a word, a gesture, a thought that will light someone's face. That is all you have to do. Does that sound like sacrifice to you? When you brighten someone's face, you have brightened their heart. Think of their heart.

Your heart is brave. It can withstand anything but being kept chattel in your chest. Let the love in your heart out so that it may be free to love. Your heart will find plenty to love once it is let out. Let your heart be a giant beach ball that bounces itself on sand and bobs in water and is happy wherever it is.

If your heart is a bird, take it out of its cage and let it free to fly all the way to Heaven.