All the Elements of Earth

God said:

The Universe is calling to you. Do you think that it isn't? Your impulses come from somewhere. While you are on Earth, you are on call, beloveds.

There is not a moment that I am not with you. I am always embracing you. The Universe longs for you as well.

Stars do indeed blink at you. Winds do brush past you. Birds sing, and birds do sing to you. Hearts call out to you. All the elements of Earth connect to you. You connect to all the elements. No one on Earth is separate.

Oneness can be referred to in many ways. Nature is naturally sustainable. Nature sustains you, and you sustain nature. All is reciprocal. The air you breathe encircles the world. There is nothing that is not connected. Souls, yes, of course, and the physical and all dimensions, known and unknown, as well.

Water flows. The water you drink comes from many aspects and thousands of miles away. Millenniums of miles away. Oh, yes, Earth is your planet, and it is fueled by the stars, and it is fueled by other planets, and plants as well. Interrelated is everything. There are no exceptions.

You are made of essences from everyone, and everyone is also made of essences of you. You trade atoms and molecules with everyone else, past and present.

No man is an island transcends many meanings.

You are Vastness. And you are Infinity. Yes, hearts touch. All levels of existence touch.

There is more on Heaven and Earth than has been dreamed of or uttered. Your pulse affects another pulse. Your thoughts affect others' thoughts. Who are you? You are everyone at the same time as there is no one else in the world like you.

You are far greater than you credit yourself. And you are not yourself alone.

You are wonderment. You are the seeker who seeks yourself and everyone else while you are at it.

The furthermost star is you and right with you. It has reached you, and you have reached it.

There is nothing that is not possible. There is nothing that has not been or will not be. There is nowhere you have not been. You are everywhere and everything. You have an idea of this. You have seen yourself before somewhere.

You bear a thousand names. Everyone who ever was is also you. No one is solitary. Everyone is public domain. All are related, and all are One. There is no one you have not met.

What you have forgotten, you will remember. What you remember, you will forget. You will be here, and you will be there. And, yet, you are nowhere.

You meet yourself everywhere. You forget yourself everywhere. Everywhere on Earth, I am speaking of. You know that something more is up in Heaven.

Your voice carries. It returns to you. Your voice sings to the birds. You are the lion's roar. Each Being furthers other Beings. Even the Unknown is known.

I know you. I have always known you. You know Me as well. On clear days, you know Me as your Self.

Life is grounded, and life is magic. You are magic and magical. You swirl around the Universe that calls to you.

You ask, „What is happening?“. You are happening, beloveds. Life is happening. Love is happening. Love surmounts all.

You are love whether you are aware or not. Whatever you may think of yourself, no matter what, no matter when, you are love whispering to love.

Love is more than you think or can believe. Love is Oneness. What else is there to say?

Where are you going, and where have you been? Where did you come from, and what are you about? What are you going to do about it, and when? When do you recognize yourself and fly from heart to heart? When do you know yourself, and when do you not? When do you not know Me? Never.

When do you flee? And when do you speak? And when are you silent? And when did you first appear? And now you never leave. Hello, Myself.

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"There is nothing that is

"There is nothing that is not possible. There is nothing that has not been or will not be. There is nowhere you have not been. You are everywhere and everything. You have an idea of this. You have seen yourself before somewhere"

Through the lens of Innocence, Wonder and Curiosity I marvel at the wonder of the Elements which quide and nuture the plants and trees and seas of life. I know I too am of this magnificent garden. I surrender to my Divinity. Thank you. I am grateful to Be Now Here in Nowhere.

Ah, Christine. I, too, am

Ah, Christine. I, too, am grateful.