All the Blessings

God said:

Beloveds, how do you get beyond smallness? You don't like it when you find your heart begging for more love, nor do you receive more love this way either. Never were you meant to be a beggar of love.

Accept love. Do not fight your acceptance of love. Do not pout about lack of love either.

Let love be. You don't need to pump yourself up. I recognize you. There is never a moment when I am not recognizing you. You are ever in My awareness. Allow My love for you to fill your heart.

What? Do you want the people whom you desire to give you more attention lay themselves down before you daily? Do you want their daily avowal of you to be a gift to you every day? Why are you so hungry for their approval and gratitude? Do you need daily proof that you are worthy? Avow yourself.

Remember this: It is not for you to demand from others. It is not for you to demand overmuch from yourself either. There is more to take care of than your fragile feelings. No one is to be at your beck and call. No one. Loosen your need to be served.

No longer pine for love. It is one thing to desire love and to desire to give it, and another to command others' reactions to you.

Gratitude from others is not a requirement from life. Be you more appreciative, beloveds.

You have been gifted with so much. Give up your ego. Serve ego no longer. Why would you ever be under the thumb of mercenary ego? Why parade ego before you as a strident emissary?

Be of Good Will. Be of My Good Will. If you want peace – I know you crave peace along with love – give peace to others. Give a lot of peace rather than a modicum.

If your thoughts are powerful, why would you besiege anyone with flailing thoughts? I understand that your thoughts seem to have a mind of their own, yet you are, nevertheless, the perpetrator of your thoughts.

When you find yourself thinking thoughts of how you deserve more love than you get, think of something else. Perhaps remember how deeply grateful I am to you and to all for their generous service to My Kingdom. You already have My gratitude. Remember My gratitude and cast it before your eyes.

Be of good cheer. Applaud yourself, and demand no more.

It has to be that your discomfort is a call to you to be more grateful. You can give more gratitude. If you object to the stinginess of others, consider that what you object to in others, alas, lies within you.

May you spill gratitude upon the world. When you are possessed of the thought of more and more and more, translate the thought of receiving more into the thought of giving more.

I am not asking you to be foolish or pandering. I am asking you to be more grateful for all the blessings given to you.

That you are alive on Earth in this moment is a blessing that lasts only for a short while. That another is also alive in this moment is a blessing to you for only the blink of an eye. Obviously, you want others in your life, only you may tend to want to call the shots. There is no need for you to be a puppet-master.

Look, now, do not allow ego to lead you around by the nose. You are not free until you drop ego. Let love from your heart take ego's place. You already know that ego doesn't do you any favors. Any fault you find to comment on lies not in the stars but within you. You are the culprit. No longer paste your own dissatisfaction upon others.

Do I or do I not love you beyond what you ever could expect? Let Me be enough for you. I am enough for you. My love flows over you like fresh cream. You are rich in My love, and you are indeed welcome to My heart. I give it to you now.