All the Beauties of Life on Earth

God said:

What is loneliness that it follows you? Loneliness is looking for something. When you feel lonely, it must be that you are looking for yourself. You are mulling around in a courtyard hunting your True Self. Your True Self is truly unable to comprehend loneliness.

The concept of loneliness exists only in the world. Loneliness does not really exist. You may be an expert in loneliness, and yet it doesn't exist, and yet you inquire about it. Loneliness doesn't exist in Heaven. It exists in an area of your mind. It is a thought. It is a longing for knowledge of your own soul. Your soul exists. Your awareness of soul may not or not enough.

And so you look for others to assuage your loneliness. Of course, you have to be doing something while you are on Earth.

How does this concept of loneliness serve you? It must be telling you to get closer to yourself. Others do not remove the nagging sense of loneliness that trails after you, at least not for long. Others get your mind off loneliness only for a while.

It's possible that loneliness tells you something you need to know. Maybe loneliness is saying that you are a stranger to yourself. Maybe it is telling you that you enter the masquerade of loneliness only for a while so that you will leap out of it into Oneness.

You do not want to be lonely, and yet you stand apart. That very sense of apartness is nudging you to the soul's territory called Heaven. There is no place, you understand. Heaven is a state of being. It is within you, and it is within you that you find it. You find it and yet do not locate it. It is not locatable in the way you can locate an address in your town. And yet you can discover Heaven which has always been within you. It is a vast part of you. It is more than a part. It is the mainspring of you.

Where are you going, and where have you been? Nowhere. Everywhere. You have been to Infinity and back, and you never left Infinity, not for one moment.

Loneliness is false, and yet you are on the trail of something true that is already in your possession. What loneliness seeks cannot be possessed, and yet it is yours.

Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.

You are at a juncture point. The juncture is within you. The two seams of yourself are being joined. You are finished with Twoness. Duality does not hold the interest for you that it once did, and yet you will be living life more fully. You are not separate from Oneness. You are separating from duality. It is, so to speak, that you have taken possession of Our Oneness. You have abandoned Twoness or a Hundredness, and you have collaborated with Oneness. You have recognized it as your own, as belonging to you although it is never owned. It is pretty opposite to owning. You have entered a palace, and you are beginning to notice this palace that you find yourself in. You are just beginning to notice the golden walls, except there are no walls. There is only the Vastness of Oneness.

It is like a sea you sail on. It is like a sky you look up at, and discover that you are up in the sky. You ride the galaxies. Everything has become you, or you have become everything, and yet there is no thing. You ride the sun. You enchant the moon, or the moon enchants you. There is no difference between you and the moon and all the other beauties of life on Earth.

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New ground being broken

Gloria, once I stated in a comment that certain Heavenletters break new ground. You asked me to explain what I mean. The only way I know to do this is to provide an example. I have read the majority of Heavenletters in the archives, yet I have not seen any others that quite contain what this one does. Here are a couple of the most poignant lines:

Heaven is a state of being. It is within you, and it is within you that you find it.

Nowhere else have I seen this stated quite so clearly. It is implied many places, but not so well stated as it is here.

And yet you can discover Heaven which has always been within you. It is a vast part of you. It is more than a part. It is the mainspring of you.

Nowhere else is it stated that heaven is vast part of us. That heaven is the “mainspring” of me truly does break new ground in how I have looked at these ideas, and how I have looked at myself. I love this breaking new ground and I love these letters.


breaking ground

This is such an important point you are making, doctor.

I will only hear when I am ready to hear. Many a time have I looked up from a Heavenletter, startled to realize I'm hearing something for the first time. At times it may be really something that feels new, but often I get a more or less vague sense of having heard it before, perhaps even many times, never hearing it. If that happens, I know I have always been urgently needing to hear this – only not ready yet. It simply is this way with things that are not naturally close to our heart and mind but need some effort on our part. Nothing wrong with that.

So I hope it's not a shock when I say that what you quoted are things I have read many times in Heavenletters, even more directly, clearly, bluntly. They are what may be called my natural knowledge which I see and recognize wherever it shows itself (which doesn't necessarily mean I have realized it). As far as I can see, we all have these "natural preferences" that make us take in and learn some thing easily while consistently overlooking others that are as plainly visible. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. It can be quite amusing even; it can also cause difficulties.

And yes, it's an enlightening Heavenletter again.

Beloved Jochen, you

Beloved Jochen, you certainly add a beautiful dimension of thought. God has said it before!

Sometimes the same Heavenletter I may have read several times -- when it comes up on the Cosmic Generator, for instance, it makes an impression that it may not have before.

Can it be we are really really growing! Yes, it can be!

Been looking for you Jochen!

Your thought have always probed my mind and heart. Please put your name in regular print because my old, old eyes can't read the yellow and there may be others who look for but can't make out the writer of excellent comments too. You're wonderful!


The Heavenletters and their

The Heavenletters and their comments blend. Did God write the Heavenletter and the comments as well?

Beloved Chuck, it is always

Beloved Chuck, it is always interesting to me to how when I read quotes from a Heavenletter, such as you have provided, I get an extra zing from the quotes that I may not have when I read them within the Heavenletter. Thank you.

By the way, your guest entry on the blog is up today! Thank you!

Thanks so much, Gloria

The guest entry you mentioned was a lot of fun to do. I learned a lot from writing it also (one of my main motivations for writing). Thanks for the opportunity, hon.

If readers see my guest entry and compare it to my usual blog entries they will notice a lot more zing in the presentation of the guest entry in Gloria's blog. That is the difference an editor like Gloria can make! Gloria, you could have had a sparkling career as an editor along with your obvious potential as a writer. You continue to amaze me!

Love to all........Chuck

Chuck has a way to pull us in with His guest entry.

Don't miss Chuck's guest entry. Gloria has the link in her precious comment on Chuck's guest entry. You too will be impressed by this fine Doctor who opens not just his mind but also his heart and soul so that the reader is blessed with a fund of information that is healing as well as informative.

Chuck, it's wonderful! We want more. Put the link in your comments from time to time wo we can find it without have to look too hard. Sure loved it.


Chuck has put us in touch with the bottom line!

No one says it better than this! Keep doing this sort of thing.


Beloved George, the

Beloved George, the guidelines of this forum don't allow posting links, except, in this case, I gave the link to the Godwriting blog.

If we let Chuck post his link, then, of course, we have to let everyone. We would love to make exceptions, but we can''t. What we do for one, we have to do for all. The reason we avoid links is this -- and I learned the hard way because before I realized, links and favorite links were going all over the place. It became too much like spam, and don't we get enough of that?!!!

What Chuck can do, if he hasn't already, is put his URL under his profile. That's a big difference. It gives the Heavenreaders who come to this forum a choice. If they want to find Chuck's URL or anyone's URL who is registered, they press Chuck's name (or whoever's) and that will take them to the profile.

Thank you for your understanding.

This makes good sense to me

I much appreciate the loving and thoughtful input from both Gloria and George.


Hey Good morning All. Tell me, How can I be lonely when I walk with GOD? Love Jack


loneliness affects the genes which control immune function so it is dangerous for your health. when you know yourself you may be alone but not lonely and when you are one with god you are never alone or lonely.

Beloved Bernie, you say so

Beloved Bernie, you say so succinctly what we all desire. How deeply we want to be One with God.

very right!

very right!

Beloved Rebecca from China,

Beloved Rebecca from China, dear one, do you find any lines in the Heavenletter that stay in your heart? Please share those lines with us, will you?


OK!I know!Thank your suggestion!

This is a DEEP, beautiful TRUTH. Learn it well!

Even a hundred readings of this Heaven Letter can't contain the beauty and majesty of this Letter! If you doubt what I have just written give this letter another look.

To comment on ONENESS will only mean what you know now about dualism and oneness as concepts. Follow your heart on the path away from a potential split mind to a mind in touch with where this letter will lead you. Chase after it and don't stop until your longing to know is satisfied.


A new friend came into my

A new friend came into my life, And what a beautiful blessing she is! My beloved friend departed today, And I felt that loneliness. From this experience, I knew that I liked being more than one, But I also love oneness, With all parts of me expressed here on our beloved earth. Everything is perfect, Yet the desire for more harmony and oneness engulfs me. We are one, And we are everything. What weird and wonderful changes are happening to us right now.

Blessings, love and joy

Anna x