All That Cannot Be Described

God said:

Breathe Me in. With every breath, know you are breathing Me in, for am I not Everything? Am I not the air? If I am the Source of All, I am the Source of Everything and you. Everything meets at the corner with Me. In fact, We don’t meet. We are already met. What can the meaning of Oneness be but that We are One and not more. There really is no meeting, for the meeting was called from the very beginning of Creation.
It can be said that We cannot embrace for We are always in the middle of an embrace. Of course, Oneness is an embrace.
There cannot be separation. There can only be an illusion of separation. I tell you frankly that illusion does not last long. It is a flash in the pan. This illusion has another aspect besides illusion. It has the aspect of your memory of Oneness. At the same time, memory is always there. You have it. Just can’t pull it up for a time. Nothing is forgotten, beloveds. It’s just away for a while.
Everything you discover, you already know. Everything you know, you never did not know. Yes, you learn. Of course, yet that’s on one level alone. On another level, you know all. In the relative world you learn, yet it is really the relative world that is pie in the sky. It is the Unseen world that is never-changing. That is what makes it solid. The Unseen is the Rock of Gibraltar.
Despite gravity, everything in the world is topsy-turvy. At this moment, as the world turns, your feet may be up and your head down, and you’re standing on your head. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because in Heaven terms, there is no space, there are no directions to be in. If I am all-embracing, and I AM, then so are you. There is nowhere to go to and nowhere you have not been. There is no way to describe the Indescribable, now, is there? What you do describe to the best of your ability is that which is imaginary and that which you steer by in the imaginary world. How do you describe Beauty? As best you can with words. You express the Inexpressible as best you can, yet all that is true cannot be described. It can only be known.
Where does that bring Us? Nowhere because there is Nowhere to go to and Nowhere to go away from. And there is No One to show anything to because Oneness is One, and One is not less but greater. Wholeness is more than half-ness. There is actually a bigger piece of pie in the sky, so to speak, for there are no pieces. Only by stretch of imagination are there pieces.
So what are We doing here in this Heavenletter? Nothing. Oh, perhaps idly winding a ball of yarn and unwinding it again.
Nor is there ever truly an occasion for anything because, by the same token, time is not.
So, yes, life in the world, this that you may think I’m flippant about, is hard to put your finger on. The greatest fact in the world is not Truth nor can it be fingered or figurable in Earthen words. Where We really exist has no words, no language but the Language of Love, and, in Truth, the Language of Love is Silent. In Truth, there is no yearning for love, because you are in the midst of it even as you are the Love of God.

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the Language of Love

Thank you, thank you. This has been said many times before in Heavenletters, even expressed this bluntly and radically on occasion. Still, thank you for bringing it up again and as often as is necessary for us to catch on.

"Earthen words." Wow, what a

"Earthen words." Wow, what a great word. I believe this is the first time in my life i have seen that word used, and yet it seems so obvious a really good one. Why didn't I think of that? Earthen, wow!

Nowhere is Now Here

Let's laugh that nowhere is now here. We are ONE and we have found our funny bone again and we consciously connect with our Best Friend named Breath or might I say Holy Breath. Let's relax and chill in the Best Seat in the House and Breathe in Love and Breathe out Gratitude for this Miracle named Life on Earth and notice how Earth and Heart contain the same letters. I love life and I love earth life. Often a grace I say before dinner is: "Thank you Love for Creating Life and Thank you LIfe for Being Love" so yummy and delicious. I celebrate and I receive and I Trust that all is well in all of Creation.

Christine, Your comments are delightful

Thank You for Being Me consciously. You are Radiant Light.

Your Words

Your Words are indescribable. If I were to tell anyone what I have just read, and what I receive from Heaven Letters, I can't find the words. Thank You God.