All That Awaits You

God said:

Now I talk to you personally, Gloria.

First things first. Attend to Me before you attend to emails. Attend to Me before you attend to the details that await you. They will wait. I too will wait of course, but I am gently reminding you that you cannot attend to everything, so make two or three priorities and attend to them. Let others sift themselves, as they will.

You certainly have learned you do not need to orchestrate everything in the world. You know you do not orchestrate others. Now know that you do not need to orchestrate even your email. No longer orchestrate yourself.

Leave emails unanswered. That will be a good experience for you. You think you have to answer every one. That is control. Do not even control yourself and the details that you think affect your life. Like everything else, they only affect as you think they do.

Do not even read all the emails that come to you.

I will change My mind on what I said a moment ago. Have one priority, not two or three. You know what it is. It is to serve My Will. Your venue is Heavenletters. Concern yourself with Heavenletters and not so much with the individuals who receive them. Let My words be enough. I am the Father of Heavenreaders. You are not the mother of them.

Acknowledge in your heart that this is so. When you think individuals need you, that is your need to be needed.

You are indeed needed, but only by Me. What you are to others is extraneous to your life and to theirs. No one needs you but Me.

It is not that I need, you understand. I need nothing for Myself. I only need to give to you, and I give you a great blessing with My Words. My Words that you pass on are My blessing. You are insignificant in this. You are a cipher. That is a great ambition. That is what you want to be, simply merged with Me.

You acknowledge that the Godwriting workshops are My gifts to other souls whose hearts reach out to Mine. You are like an appointment book. You write down the names of those who are to come, and you are there like a chalkboard, that's all. I write on you, and those who attend hear Me, and I honor them. You are an organizer and an introducer of Me, and that is good enough.

You do not need others to remind you of you and your place in My world. You need to forget yourself, and that means not making the details that surround you important.

As you become more and more centered in Me, you will not overlook people. You will simply see them more in the Truth of My light which is theirs. You will know Who takes care of them, and what your role is. You are like a hinge on a door. You are not the door, and yet you move so that all may come through the door.

Enjoin your heart less with others and more with Mine.

This does not mean you sit and converse with Me all day. It means you focus on the tasks at hand that I give you. You drop envelopes into a mailbox for Me. You know they will be received. Once sent, you are done. And you go to get more envelopes to send.

Consider yourself like one of Santa's elves. Hammer away. Go about your business. The elves do not conjure up the names of those who receive the gifts. They do not tally. They simply produce. Tap, tap, tap, go their little hammers.

Tap, tap, tap, go the keys of your computer, and I am enriched on the earth.

I am telling you the position of your heart. Your heart belongs with Me, Gloria, and not so much on Earth.

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Thirteen years after this

Thirteen years after this Heavenletter was published, Beverly Herman sent it to me. Wow. It's clear that I haven't been following it. In fact, I had no recollection of it. No recollection whatever. I need this Heavenletter now more than ever because the work load has expanded in these 13 years. I have to do something to cut down the work load. It is impossible for one person to keep up with it.

Unless an email has been lost, I have answered every email. How many millions? Do I really think that the sky will fall if I don't hold it up? Obviously, I can't do everything myself.

I have to delegate more. But to whom? The thing is I am attached. Details are not my forte, yet they have to be done. What is the cure for me. If I know I take on too much, what is there within me that makes it hard for me to let go?. Why do I over-extend myself in the first place?

It feels like a hardship on me to use a form letter.

I will do a blog on this whole thing in the not too distant future. It can't be that I really think God can't accomplish the details without me.