All Good Is on Its Way

God said:

Beloved, all the good in the world is still out there waiting to reach you. You fear to count on this. You don’t have to count on it, yet you might as well, for all good is on its way to you as We speak. All good is on its way to you this very second. It may seem to you that it has been a long time waiting. This is rather an idle fantasy of yours. The dream is the reality.

It isn’t that you have to believe that all good is on its way to you. You have to know that it is truly creditable for you to receive limitless gifts. Nothing is too good for you. You are quite good enough. There is no plum that cannot fall into your open palm. This doesn’t make you a beggar. This makes you a receiver.

Let go of any idea you may hold that I, God, am stingy. Above all, do not restrict yourself from receiving. No ligatures of thought are to bind you from all that you and I desire for you. Deliver yourself to your deepest heart post-haste.

Believe altogether in the fulfillment of dreams. You might as well. Do you have something else to believe in more heartily than your deepest dreams? Urge them on. Don’t throw up your hands as if your dreams are pitiable and can never come true. I tell you that you are here on Earth for the very fulfillment of your dreams and Mine. Do you possibly think that I dismiss your dreams? I have far livelier things to do.

There are some ideas you want to get out of your head. Keep ideas in your heart, for that is where all your dreams belong.

Favor your heart's dreams over your mind's logic. Love your dreams and acknowledge the power of your happy heart. I go as far as to say that the power of your heart is the whole story. Surely, therein hangs the tale. Holding your thoughts fast isn’t the way to make your dreams come true. Free your dreams. Free your thoughts to all possibilities.

Thoughts are never meant to be scrubbed dry. Thoughts are meant to be rife with success. Moist fervent well-circulated thoughts win the day. Vitalized thoughts land on fertile soil. Be My guest. You have always been My guest to accept your dreams as real. Plant your thoughts in good soil. Water them. Do not pull your thoughts out by their roots too early. You know there is a waiting time. A waiting time does not mean, I repeat, that your dreams have to be a long time coming.

I will tell you this. When your dreams appear in front of you, this is when it is always easy. They have already come. Put up no barriers of thoughts to intervene with the manifestation of even your most spectacular thoughts. All you desire is meant to appear before you. It is natural that your dreams come true. Where did you ever get the idea that you were ever to be last in line? What a deflector that idea is. There is no thief in the midst of your thoughts unless it is you, Beloved. Desire and receive. This is how it works.

You call it a miracle when dreams coming true are an everyday occurrence. This is how it is supposed to be. Get with it. Join up with a series of miracles spread before you. Don’t make yourself wait longer because of doubt. God-given miracles have been waiting for you to accept. Your miracles are waiting on every doorstep for you to accept, Lazy Bones!

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Like you, I don't want to

Like you, I don't want to make too much of things, yet, at some events, I do have to smile about!)

Yesterday, the day before this Heavenletter was posted, I stumbled on a patch or two of wild fruit trees near a restaurant. One was a plum tree. One was a pear tree. Neither fruit simply fell into my palm, yet the fruit of each tree twisted off into my palm from its stem. The plum was still not quite ripe, yet, oh, my, it was so tangy and delicious. At the time, I had no recollection of this Heavenletter which is usually the case.

The actual Heavenletter most likely was written many months ago.

I do have a blog yet to write and post that does indeed seem to speak of serious divine intervention for which I am deeply grateful to God.

Today, God willing, before I post this upcoming blog, I will post a blog in five parts that isn't exactly a lark! Oh, yes, I did get it up.

Meanwhile, Santhan and I are both eagerly awaiting the arrival of new volunteers! For Santhan, help with the new web-site and ensuing online interactive Godwriting Workshop and such vital matters/ .

For me, a lot of things, such as posting graphics on the Godwriting blog if this is something you like to do. Please tell us who you are right away! Thank you.

Like you, I don't want to

For all the time I been unconscious, and still to some extend keep getting pulled back into dreaming rather than fulfilling. There sure is awareness of what I dream about and what is becoming reality around me. Even though dreams are knocking at my front door all around me, I don't act on it. Maybe something about getting pleasure from seeing things be fulfilled. Maybe fear for putting myself out there and fulfilling the urges I gFree will, cFree will, coming back toming back to this topic again and again. I feel that is almost not possible. I can choose to act on these urges or I can remain on this silent neutral state. I am a dream, and a dream fulfiller, how can it be that the dream is not fulfilling

I'm a dreamer, i like watching my desires fulfilled around me by others. Or the emotions come up, and I wonder why it's not me. But all that comes to pass, cycles repeats.. How long till I start playing?

I wanted to write more, go into little more detail with everything but can't be bothered. Lazy bones hits the spot, not an umpalumpa or whatever lol.

Still reading these time to time. They are fun.

Go for it, Jonathan. The

Go for it, Jonathan. The time is ripe. Are you just playing around, friend?