Action Arises from Consciousness

God said:

Please forgive yourself for any wrongs you have done. They may pang your heart now. At the time, you thought you were right, or you didn’t think. Now you are ahead of the game. Is that to rue and regret?
It used to be that the world thought that I was a God Who punished. Punisher, I am not. I have other matters to take care of rather than trying to catch you in a what is called a wrongful act. Without exception, you did the best you could at the time. Even if you robbed a bank and you knew that robbing was not admirable, you were doing the best you could at the time, so-called time.
Beloveds, you were guilty of ignorance. You were numbed in awareness. You were short-sighted. Do we persecute the blind for being blind or the deaf for being deaf or the poor in heart to be poor in heart or errant thinking for being errant? The deed itself is punishment enough, yet punishment is not what is required.
Of course, I understand the predicaments that exist in the world. Lawlessness cannot be supported. This is well-understood. Love has not yet been deep enough to withstand error. We are not talking about leniency or the idea that anything goes. Truly, a show of love is not love. Forgiveness is not a mere act nor a mere wish. It is a deed of consciousness.
Beloveds, raise your own consciousness, and you will raise the world. Erase selfishness and self-righteousness from your heart and where is it that offense can land? Nowhere.
Remember We speak of compassion not as a common sense of feeling sorry for. Compassion is not about feeling sorry. You may feel sorry for others, yet you are equally responsible for allowing self-centeredness to grow. The need for punishment may be seen as the only way in the world to separate those who commit crimes from those who do not commit the assigned crimes and upon whom crimes are committed. There is a fine line of separation, beloveds. All are responsible even if indirectly, yet responsible just the same.
If mold grows, a culture has grown to foster it. Maybe no one wants it. Maybe everyone frowns upon it. Yet in certain conditions, mold grows. Are not hurtful acts a kind of mold? How can you hold others exclusively responsible for what you do not approve of and you, alone, responsible for the good you do? How can you rightfully take credit for your own good choices and assign blame to others? You are responsible for the world you live in. Furthermore, you are responsible for the world you leave behind you. You are also responsible for the world you found.
The thinking and picturing and posturing of man bears responsibility. This is not a new thought.  
The thoughts of humankind are also responsible for the rain, for the floods and for the droughts. It is not new to consider that you contribute to poverty as well as to prosperity. Be careful of whom you call the enactor and whom you call the victim. All are enactors, and all are victims. One way or another, the caliber of your thoughts and the degree of harmony of your life, or the disharmony, are responsible for the world you live in. You share with your brother.
Above all, remember that you have to forsake blame. Blame accrues to past acts and thoughts. Responsibility is right now. Living in the now means responsibility and not blame. Do you read Me, beloveds? Do you get what I am saying?
The perpetrator and the perpetrated alike share responsibility. In Heaven, there is no such thing as guilt. On Earth, guilt flaunts itself. If you must, have a moment’s guilt and move on. Within an error lies forgiveness and redemption for the error. In the awareness of error that has to come from within lies its forgiveness. Error and blame are two different things, yet you are to get past both.

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Now you are ahead of the game.

Wow, I am responsible even for the world I found!

There are times when Heavenletters' message appears to be getting so clear in a hands-on sort of way. If all are responsible for everything desirable and undesirable in the world, the path to ending the undesirable and achieving what is desirable can hardly lie in correcting or protecting or anything we have tried so far. Had we taken at least some of our responsibility for everything on earth, we would be living in a different world. But we can now, every day anew we can.

There are Heavenletters that use the word love a lot to make some point, and there are others like this one that use the word sparingly but are saturated with love to the point where every paragraph and sentence oozes love – love like that first precious drip-off olive oil before pressure is applied.

There is nothing I can add to what this Heavenletter has on mold and floods and droughts. After hearing it once, it's too obviously true.

And then there's blame and what follows from blame and the difference between blame and responsibility. What, dear God, makes You emphasize this so strongly? — "Do you read Me, beloveds? Do you get what I am saying?"

This one was sooo goood! So

This one was sooo goood! So spot on and so clear! Thank you!!