A World Peace Conference Today

God said:

I am calling a conference on peace today. The meeting takes place in all hearts. All hearts gather together to ensure peace on Earth. This is all it takes, this silent conference of peace commingled in all hearts. This is the natural state of the heart. This is the natural state of your heart.

Your heart is a peace-lover, a peace-maker. This is what love is. It is a serenity. It is a knowing. Romantic love is an excitement, but I am not speaking of romantic love now. I am talking about nice easy quiet love in the heart that requires no object for its existence.

The sun shines everywhere. It shines on everyone and everything. And yet the sun does not require objects to shine on. The sun is perfectly happy with or without objects. The sun made a decision long ago that it was not elite, that it would be common and gladly shine on all. This is how your heart would like to be. It would simply like to be free to love and require nothing to feed on its love, just to be love generic, love for no fame nor reward nor precipitating reason, just to love and love and love the same way the sun loves to shine its beautiful self all over. Think of the light blazing all over from all the hearts in the land. Think of the light blazing all over the land from your heart, your very heart that beats right now. Put your hand over your heart now, and feel the beat of love. How beautiful is the beat of your heart.

The quiet beat of your heart is sign language, beloveds. It is sound language. It is sweet music language. Think of all the hearts beating in rhythm, beating for peace in the world. Not dull peace. Not stand-off's, no, but true peace, true in the way a bird sings, easily, effortlessly, for the joy of it. "Hear my song," the bird sings.

"Hear my beat," your heart says. "Feel my muscle," your heart says. "Squeeze my love," says your heart. "I squeeze only to give out."

There is the moment and movement of a swing in your heart, and it swings out far beyond the walls of your chest, far beyond any and all imaginary borders. It swings out beyond oceans. It swings high over the galaxies and the night-lighted sky, and your heartbeat and all the heartbeats beat a silent boom. Love sallies forth as love has long wanted, and a call for love becomes a heart-drummed song of love, and this song encircles the world without cease. Who knows any longer nor cares whose love is whose, because love has joined forces with love. Well, not forces because the power of love is so gentle, but this chorus line of love has gained cadence, has gained momentum, has gained its rightful place in the cosmos, and so I say it has joined forces.

No other sound but the throb of love is sounded. All of life is caught up in it. There is nothing out of it. Love is all, and all has become love. This is the music of the spheres. Did you not know that? Did you not know that the Earth's call is love which is the same as the song of Heaven, and that all a revival of Heaven takes is the beat of your heart in sync with the beat of Mine? This is so easy, to have all hearts beat in tandem, all hearts indistinguishable from any other. Soon it becomes realized that all hearts are One, and nothing else exists but the sultry beat of love, love, and more love, more synchronous love, more intractable love, more love splashing and enjoying itself, reversing trends, solving everything all in a growing resolution of love, a flag of love, love far surpassing language, love even surpassing itself now because all love is One, and all love is Mine, and all love is yours.

Anyone want to love today?

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. . . the old song sings:

. . . the old song sings: "let there be peace on earth . . . and let it begin with me" -- "The Kingdom Of God is within you" -- let peace begin there.

My heart willingly love to

My heart willingly love to form part of that song to which the universe dances.
o God help my heart to love
so my being can dance and sing.
o fellow brothers and sisters
lets love
for the sake of loving
lets create music to which every being can dance.
Organic love,

Hi, Gloria - what a

Hi, Gloria - what a beautiful message, as always. Yesterday I met a lady, Pam, in our beautiful Lithia Park here in Ashland Oregon who started a Peace Fence along the railroad tracks last year. All are welcome to make their own peace flag and have it added to the fence. www.peacefence.org - The peace panels are so beautiful, each a unique expression of the person's Heart. By the way, I forwarded today's Heavenletter to her, as it seemed like such a match. I also sent it to the lady who runs the Peace House here in town. Love ya!

Barbie, thank you for your

Barbie, thank you for your spreading Heavenletters at the divine places you are.

Barbara used to be my next door neighbor, and she was such a great one. And it was she and her husband Ken who made the recording of the Heaven CD.

Nice to have you posting!

With love and blessings,


Oh yes! To love...for the

Oh yes! To love...for the sake of peace...to love....for the sake of God...and to Love for the sake of love. Loving you too! Jimi.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said so I say
Your heart is a peace-lover
A serenity

God said feel the beat
All the hearts beating for peace
For the joy of it

Love, Light and Aloha!