A World of Peace

God said:

The world has hassle. Heaven has none. And yet, a time will come, when you can have hassle and sustain peace. Agitation and stillness can co-exist. They co-exist now. You may not significantly be aware of this because you are so leaned to the world that all you hear is the noise and your trembling.
What is world peace, beloveds, but enough seemingly individual people knowing their stillness even while commotion is going on?
The thing is that you don’t always want to sit still, isn’t that so? The stillness of peace always reigns. There is no escaping it, and yet you escape it with a preponderance of the world. If you had a fortune in the bank and forgot about it, how wealthy are you?
Even if you are the healthiest person in the world but have been swayed by advertising and sentiments of the world and you are convinced you are coming down with something, how healthy are you?
Even if you are physically beautiful in terms of the world, and you think you should be thinner or plumper, or taller or shorter, how beautiful are you? You could be thinking you are beautiful, and you will walk and talk as one who is beautiful. In any case, you are the one who has to know how beautiful you are.
Who else is it who has to know that you are healthy, wealthy, and beautiful but you. Yet you are a tough customer. 
As for wise, you have been wise, and yet you have compensated for your wisdom with folly. In any case, you are getting wiser. And in My terms, you are getting healthier and wealthier and more beautiful every day as well. I say in My terms. In My everyday experience, you cannot be more beautiful, nor can you be healthier or wealthier. I have given you perfect health, wealth, and beauty. What you are and always were is what I see.
I even see the underlying calmness of you, the calmness you have kept hidden from yourself. Perhaps you have even run away from calmness through one activity or another. Sometimes calmness is the last thing you want. Agitation carries more pizzazz with it. Let’s face it, you have often been in the mood for pizzazz and seldom in the mood for calmness. You may prefer calamity to calmness – until calamity, what you call calamity, comes to sit beside you, that is.
Let the agitation, both pleasant and unpleasant, go on while you keep stillness close to you. Let a river rage and overflow its banks, and yet it still has its banks. It’s just that it has overflowed them. The river will noticeably settle down. The calmness waits for it. Just so, ever-patient calmness waits for you to notice it and offer it a good seat next to you.
How many times in life have you lost an important object, your keys, your cell phone, someone’s phone number, and it is not really lost at all. It is right where you left it. And you do find it after all. So is it with the calmness I have poured down upon you.
I left nothing out when I made you. You are replete with the stillness within. Even if you have no limbs, you are complete. You have consciousness, and you have the means of knowing Our closeness. Your knowing is everything, beloveds. Your knowing your completeness rather than lack is everything. I am your Completeness. I am your Totality. I am your Knowingness. I am all you need to know, for I AM All That Is, and so are you.
If you want an apricot, and you have an apricot kernel, you have an apricot. Know you have it. It will manifest. Remind yourself that in the realm of which I speak, there is no time to wait for. There is no delay. There is now, forever now, and in peace in forever now, We abide.

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ever-patient calmness waits for you

Good morning, dear One, Your song is magnificent even when I feel lagging behind and a little sad abaout it. Lagging behind in sustaining peace, in knowing my stillness, in knowing my healthiness, wealthiness and beauty, in knowing my completeness, in seeing the apricot. But it's promised, so I can wait and look for all of it, expecting to find it now when now is where commotion and stillness always coexist.

Following Your words with little or nothing in mind is like a walk in nature, through woods and across glades, over fields and along the banks of the river. How refreshing even with some sadness over not enough closeness.

Now you even start speaking about manifesting apricots. How I love Your surprises. Well, we already know what manifesting an apricot is. Manifesting an apricot is seeing one. Seeing and tasting an apricot when you think that all you have is the kernel is quite a challenge but not a bigger one than having noise and hassle and yet sustaining peace and stillness and calm.

Jochen lagging behind? NO!!

I see you diving off the highest diving board in God Olympian Pool. You delight us all. Love you


Dear Jochen, I have the

Dear Jochen,
I have the impression of reading a David's Psalm in reading your post. I totally share it. It seems that movement is gravitating around stillness. Longing is the movement around closeness, nostalgia is the movement around being at home. I think movement and stillness will coexist for ever. We have to ajust our perception of perpetual movement.



I thank you for this HeavenLetter today and I'm thinking I understand more and more as "non-existent" time goes by
that it's very true:.....that agitation / chaos can and does co exist with stillness. I AM SO PLEASED THAT YOU CAN SEE THE
UNDERLYING CALMNESS GROWING WITHIN MY HEART. Now I am aware that in any moment I can offer calmness a comfortable seat next to me - wherever I am.

YOU know I have been reading a book written by one of your true Angels named Neale Walsch and I am so aware of how
close he has taken YOUR CALMNESS as his most precious companion into his every day awareness. He very wisely speaks of
the magical Peace that you have shared with him. Reading his books blesses me YOU MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE iIN HIS
LIFE and I choose to realize the same. His sense of equanimity comes from YOU. We all now want to make this
Diamond consciousness contact and we are !! There are some on OV who think your holiness exists nowhere in the world, and that is such a mystery to me. thank you for the reminder that I can still maintain my God-given peace and sense of equanimity even if
they think I'm more than a little off limits.

Mary Moon's thoughts just ooze light!

Sweet One, you have a way of expressing light that's enlightening and love that makes us love you. i was good of you to mention Neal Donald Walsch. He's one of my mentors too. Love you


This Heaven Letter sneaks up and grabs you!

At first I thought that God forgot about Oneness and got into Dualism or some such intellectual wandering but the last paragraph summed it all up in "We are One and the same thing." How beautiful it is! Thank You God!


There is now, forever now, and in peace in forever now, We abide

dear God I know that You are with me all the time, but nevertheless I needed to hear this very special message from You again today that "I am all you need to know, for I AM All that IS, and so are you."

Rumaia brings heaven home to us.

You have to be right at the Throne of God to write like this! I'm so happy to read your thoughts.


Great little pep talk . . .

Great little pep talk . . . straight from the Big Guy!! Mahalo to whomever channeled this!

Please tell us more about

Please tell us more about you, beautiful Skye. Mahalo to you who read this and understood.

If I, as this character,

If I, as this character, were able to manifest not just apricots but anything and everything I wanted whenever I wanted it, how long would it take for the excitement to wear off and for my ability to become a terrible burden? Not too long.

Or would I just want to fine-tune my reality a little? More comfort but not too much, more freedom but not too much, more money but not too much, more nice people but not too many, more dlicatessen but not too many, more world peace, more fair weather – just a little more of all desirable things but not to the point of everything becoming pleasantly bland?

What is it I truly want? To walk in innocence and love and let things be. There is more, but it does not want to come into clear focus now. I know this is mainly mind stuff at this stage.

How very peculiar indeed.

How very peculiar indeed. Yes, it is our lords day, and so we musn't complain.