A Whole World Full of Light

God said:

The world, as you know it, is changing, for you are growing. And so, the world as you know it, changes before your very eyes. The world is a reflection of you. As you change and grow, so goes the world. The world is of your making, and the world is of your perception of it.

As you see a beautiful world, the world becomes more beautiful. And so do you. You become more beautiful to yourself and to others. You have always been beautiful to Me. My perception doesn't change. My perception has ever been true. I see. I have never not seen. Wherever I look, I see beauty. I have heard that beauty is in the Beholder. That saying holds Great Truth.

It is also true that how the Beholder sees rubs off on the Beheld. The more beauty you see in others, the more beautiful they will actually become.

You have seen this. When people feel loved or are in love, they light up, and they are beautiful. It is beautiful to see, and you have seen it. Be beautiful, and you will have a glow. See beauty, and what you see will have a glow about it. This is how you light up the world!

What is glow but light? And what are you but light? Light is spreading across the land. Beauty is becoming more beautiful. Beauty is infinite, and infinite means always more. There is no going back, beloveds. You can no longer hide your light in corners. No longer can you be shy or reticent to shine your light. You came here to Earth to shine your light, and shine your light you will. It is ordained, beloveds, it is ordained that you will come out of the shadows of your own perception. How about now? What is there to wait for? What are you waiting for? Come out from the shadows now.

Simply step out from the shadows of your past thinking. You, yes, you. You are a most beautiful being. Any lack you may have is lack of true perception of yourself, life, and others. You notice I say that it is your perception that is lacking. That is all that can be lacking. I created you as beauty. My perception is accurate. You are the non-believer. You are a non-believer in yourself.

You can't make yourself believe. You believe what you believe. Yet what you believe can be changed. You can raise a lesser belief to a higher belief. You do this by noticing. Any little bit of beauty you notice anywhere becomes you, and it becomes part of you. Start noticing beauty in yourself and others, and pat yourself on the back. Be pleased. You saw beauty. You noticed it. You became it. This is worth celebrating. Celebrate now. It's fine to celebrate even ahead of time.

Once you make the decision to see beauty, you will see it. You will notice it even in dark places. Even in the dark, there is some light. See the beauty in yourself. See the beauty in others. The truth is that all beauty is yours. It is all yours.

In this moment, the supposed you and the supposed I, are beautiful together. We make beautiful music, for you see, We love, and what is love but seeing the beautiful wherever it is, however it is housed. Every single person has a spark of light, and now We are going to make this spark become a huge bonfire of light, a mountain of light, a whole world full of light, thanks to you.

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beauty is in the Beholder

Oh Love!

The stirrings of passion and sweet emotions evoke the shimmering and simmering of my Heart.

Or is it my Heart that engines my emotions?

My eyes are open and awake : My mouth ready to pour words of blessings to the silent sunny morning.

My body erect and alive.

Walk and sits in my working chair.

The energies steadily purr into every cell and getting louder as I becomes quieter!

I look out to the Heavens and the fresh early-sun rays her morning stream of silvery gold upon my face.

The streets are aglow in playful shadows and silvery light.

A beautiful day awaits!

I go to read the words of widom coming from my Father in these Heavenletters.

"Every single person has a spark of light, and now We are going to make this spark become a huge bonfire of light, a mountain of light, a whole world full of light, thanks to you."

Oh Love, light your fire! Light your mountain of bonfire!

Let All Hearts be ablaze and shine like this morning early Sun for "You are a most beautiful being."


Love to you my Father.
Love to all Hearts
Love to all Creation



Beloved JORGE HUGO NODA and Victor 1, God's words and your inspired comments make me proud to be a human being. Thank you!.

Love and beauty

Yes, I do see more beauty every day, since GOD tought me that LOVE was the Key, Live Is Beautiful. The world, we are allowed to live on, is beautiful, so are the people I encounter daily. And to top it off everyday I get these beautiful H. L. What more can anyone want. I am so grateful for all of GODs gifts Thank you all as well because you to are beautiful. LOVE Jack