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A Trajectory of Learning

ON A HIGHER LEVEL. We who read Heavenletters are a group being taught by the One Source. In a way that seems miraculous, our private individual lives, daily thoughts and actions, are included in the teaching that comes through Heavenletters. We are engaged in a TRAJECTORY OF LEARNING TOGETHER. How often we see the exact reflection of our own inner thinking and feeling in that day’s Heavenletter. Source is talking to Gloria AND to us at the same time, about the same topics. Nothing is by accident. We who read are being led up higher as a group, in this schoolroom of earth. The presence of each one of us adds to the height and depth and breadth of the teaching we receive.

learning how to be

yes memeggins,

i agree with you
i am with you
learning together how to be together
laerning how to be that what we are