A Toast to the World

God said:

From the goodness of your heart, let life spring. Set the dial of your heart on the side of the positive. Generosity will then be the well-spring of your life. Resistance will be a thing of the past. Now you will give fully to life. There will be no holding back. This giving will feel like receiving. When a baby smiles at you, what do you do? You smile back. See the world as a smiling baby that greets you. Warm up to the world. Become its benefactor of love.

Expect friendliness, and be it.

Expect warmth, and be it.

Expect a good reception, and you will have it, because you are one who gives a good reception to all. The one who gives, receives. You will be the interlocutor of the universe. You will be the host, the emcee. You will be the leader. You will be the high note played in the universe. You will be the ace drawn.

Heretofore, perhaps you have been the reticent guest of the universe, perhaps a little uncertain, unsure of your place and your direction. You may have felt that you were an interloper, perhaps landed here somehow by mistake, that you sneaked in or were kidnapped. You may have felt unwelcome and, therefore, unwilling. Now you are willing because you know you are welcome. Now you know you are the welcomer.

How you want the world to greet you is the way you are to greet it. Accept your new role in life. This is it. Be an amazing greeter to the world. In whatever circumstance you find yourself, be the sublime host. Be the first one to greet. Make everyone comfortable, and then will you not be?

If you are shy, then become what seems to you bold. Smile first. Hold out your hand first. Never mind right now how you feel. Care about how you make someone else feel.

Consider that through your life, you are making a toast to the universe. Offer the world a toast right now:

Say: “Hail to the world. Take note that God blesses you and all in it, and He blesses me. It is by His blessing that we have met. It is through His blessing that we engage in this preamble to love. It is with His blessing that we warm hearts as we pass through the world. This is my toast to the world and to all I am fortunate enough to share the world with today. We share its joy, and we distribute it to each other. Hail to the world. I drink to it. May all know the blessing that this humble world is and offers. And now I hold my glass up high to everyone in this beautiful world.”

If you want to raise the world, raise your glass to it. Ennoble the world with your speech and thought. Raise your thoughts, and the world is raised. Lift your heart, and the heart of the world is lifted. Move the world up in your estimation, and it is higher. Give the world some happiness, beloveds. The world is not a foreign object far from you. Let the world have your companionship and your welcomingness. Treat the world and all in it as royal guests. Is that not how you would like to be treated? Then be the leader of this parade that announces the universality of this world, and now march proudly. Lift those knees. Twirl that baton. Smile to beat the band. You are the band, beloveds, and you are the audience along the way who swells in pride over the grandeur of it. Welcome the world. Bless it in My name.