A Thousand Balloons

God said:

Whatever you may long for, you are longing for more meaning in your life.

Whatever the name of what your longing calls you to, your real longing is for love, more love.

Whether it is a new car you crave, a new home, a new dress, a new dress size, the love of your life, children, health, wealth, happiness, it is all search for love, for the sustenance of love, for proof that you are one who is loved, and loved more than you used to be and even yesterday. It is as if you feel you must accrue love, for somehow love has been lacking. Somehow the love given you has been anemic, scanty, too sparse, insufficient, lacking. You are a Being who must know love. You are looking for evidence in the world that you are, indeed, loved and, indeed, worthy of love, and capable of love.

The world could send you centurions. It could send you a thousand balloons. It could throw wreaths upon you and bouquets beyond measure. The world could kneel at your feet and put you on the cover of magazines. It could anoint you the most favored in the world, and still it would not be enough for that yearning ribbon within you -- this streak of yearning within you knows that all the plaudits of the world are not enough for you, and, no matter how much proof you are given, you are not convinced nor satisfied.

All My words that repeat how loved you are, how dear and essential to Me you are, how blessed you are, that you are My One and Only still leave you wanting. It must be that you do not believe nor accept. I think you do not quite hear Me, beloveds.

Or your ears hear Me, yet the depth and extent of the wholeness of My love for you does not penetrate through your thick skull, beloveds. You may even say to yourself, “God loves me. He loves me, me right here. He loves me.” But you say it more as an affirmation, a wish that perhaps if you repeat it enough, it might come true. The thing is: It is already true. It was never untrue.

Ridges in your heart have to fall down so that your heart can feel the rushing flood of My love. Obedient to your listless mind, your heart keeps backing down. Your mind puts little floodgates in your heart in an attempt to have love start and stop, for you want to measure love’s flowing into your heart.

Beloved, all My love is already in your heart. Without My love in your heart, you would not be alive on Earth. Do you really imagine otherwise? Think of what it would mean to you and the world if you could but recognize that all the love in the Universe and beyond bides in your heart. This love awaits your recognition. It cannot come from the outside, beloveds. The best the world offers is still too little.

All love resides within you. Love from the outside is no more than a snap of the fingers. It is for a brief moment. It cannot stay. The best it can do is to point to a piece of your heart and stir it.

You know by now that the way for you to drink deeply of this love that is already yours is to give it away. It is My love filling your heart, and all you have to do to fill your heart to overflowing is to give it away. The more you crave love now, the more you are beholden to give it away. And if there is no one you feel right now that you can give your love to, then try giving it back to Me, and see what happens.

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Oh, right. Goodness.

Oh, right. Goodness. (blush)

It remains hard to believe or understand, though, that heart consents to obey mind. What could mind do to it if it refused to obey? Is heart as foolish as we are, backing off because of what They did to us and will perhaps do again? Pretending to give in now but intending to win out later? It doesn't sound quite right. How does mind manage to silence and censor heart? I really wonder.

But let me not fall for this seemingly interesting thought, dear God. I know what You mean to say. I only still sometimes think that seeing the connections would help.

My wife Jill put the

My wife Jill put the Heavenletters CD on every night. Thank God and Gloria for all You've done for us.
Bruce Miller
Fairfield, Iowa

Beloved Bruce, Bless you for

Beloved Bruce,

Bless you for letting us know that Jill listened to the Heaven CD every night. Of course, I wish she could still be with us and listen to it still. Of course, now she is hearing God directly, and she is singing with the angels.

Jill, 45 years old, entered Heaven this week, leaving her loving husband, Bruce, and two sons, 12 and 8. Jill was an inspiration to all. Bruce, you were too.

Dearest Bruce, I embrace you

Dearest Bruce,

I embrace you dearly and sweetly in the boundless ocean of God's love !


I don't believe God to be

I don't believe God to be sarcastic, and I certainly don't believe he would say we had 'thick skulls'
Sorry, these letters just went down a notch in my estimation....

Dearest Sharon, I do

Dearest Sharon,

I do understand what you feel.

Oh, but if you could have heard the love in God's voice as He said "thick skull" you wouldn't mind at all.

Of course, in my case, I have to admit that I have too often been thick-headed, dense, incredibly so! It could be that God meant that expression only for me. Honestly, He couldn't have been more apt saying "thick skull" to me.

My mother used to say to me a lot: "Norisheh kopf." It was Yiddish for "foolish head." Truly, it was a term of endearment.

God overlooks so much in us, can't we be a little forgiving with Him?

How differently we hear!

How differently we hear! It's wonderful and sometimes a little ..... uncanny. For me, this Heavenletter is the ultimate in love and good-naturedness and a mild teasing that makes me feel so good, so strong. When I reached the end of this Letter, I felt so uplifted that I was finally able to do what He says in that most powerful last sentence. Which means that I am very happy now.

But of course, Sharon, that does not make your way of hearing this wrong. Just different. I only wish I could understand you better. Sarcasm. That's a word which, to me, sounds somewhat bitter and slightly destructive. Sarcasm, in my experience, is usually a put-down. I get sarcastic when I feel disheartened, disillusioned. It may have a different meaning for you, dear Sharon. Or it may be situational. Well, I guess I will understand you better when I get in a sarcastic mood again myself.

I smile at the aspect of

I smile at the aspect of your truths....as you believe that it is fine for humans to be
sarcastic, and would use the term "thick skulls" yet it would be unbecoming of God
to. Welcome and ask yourself..."which part of God is the part you are a part of"
Accepting Yourself wholesomely is accepting God fully.Cunning we have freewill and
choice and believe that God is unlike us. " In His Likeness He created Man and Woman"


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said the thing is
All My love is in your heart
My One and Only

God said for more love
Try giving love back to Me
And see what happens

Love, Light and Aloha!

You know by now that the way

You know by now that the way for you to drink deeply of this love that is already yours is to give it away. It is My love filling your heart, and all you have to do to fill your heart to overflowing is to give it away

Amazingly beautiful !!


Thousand Balloons +plus One+

It's another message that draws me out of overconcern with the world...how this has quickened me to some extent, and made me laugh at others' (and my own) seriousness! My critical faculties actually defer to the Heart's will and logic here. Yes, even the BEST the world offers is still too little. Amen, and many kudos to you for this stream of inspiration.