A Thousand and One Possibilities

God said:

Let go of conditions as best you can. Let go of old stories you tell yourself. You tend to make rules where there are no rules. You make certain conditions necessary. You tie together cause and effect as if they were hitched, as if cause and effect were a pair of yoked oxen pulling a cart, as if one thing must follow another as if by law. There is no rule, and, when you make up a rule, it does not necessarily follow.

You say that germs cause colds. You are sure of it. You are also sure that not being warm enough causes colds. What studies exactly have you made to accept rules that you once heard and have followed without question? How many times have you not caught a cold?

The way I see it, so-called causes are excuses rather than causes. Oh, yes, if you drop a spoon, it will fall. Even so, I will wager that there are times you drop a spoon and catch it before it falls, or someone catches it. Better not to get caught up in details or proof. To what avail? To what avail are percentages? To what avail is evidence?

There are incidental factors you make into rules. Some of those you may not be aware of. Sometimes you are. Too often you state suppositions as fact:

"I am not good at computers. I always mess up. If there is a possible difficulty, I am sure to find it."

"I was never good at taking tests."

"I can't do geometry."

"I always have had terrible bosses."

"I can't get anywhere on time."

Now I will reverse My earlier statement. It's true. What you think is a cause is a cause. What you count on often comes true. What you say often comes true often. This is almost guaranteed. Your thoughts make it certain. Once in a while, there are exceptions.

In every situation, there are a thousand and one possibilities. Is it so hard to turn the odds in your favor?

Turn the odds in your favor by getting out of the past conditioning. What was does not always have to be.

What is there that a human being cannot do? What is there that a human being has not done?

Sometimes it seems important to you to prove yourself right in a conclusion even when the conclusion is against your interests.

"See, I told you I wouldn't get that raise."

"See, I never did well in geometry."

"See, I'm not good at sports."

Will you kindly change your tune? Give yourself a chance. Is it possible that you can change your thinking and so change the result? Can you not give yourself a fighting chance?

I do not even ask that you talk yourself into something. You don't have to talk yourself into being great at tests, sports, or what. I ask, I request, I insist that you stop marking conditions in stone, stop establishing conditions that you do not want - or do you? Do you like the distinction of always getting a cold, always not doing fabulously in tests, always something or other?

If you insist on limiting yourself, can you not equally insist on freeing yourself from limitations?

Be inspired rather than diminished. Have not there been men and women who lost their legs in accidents and nevertheless ran races in triumph? Have not those who stuttered become great orators?

I ask you to please not give up so soon. I ask you to, please, when it is something that matters to you, not to give up at all. Limitations are perceptions. You don't have to perceive limitations. Perceive beyond limitations.

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"There is no rule"

"To what avail is evidence?"
Since we have made evidence the most important thing in the world, this is the best rhetorical question imaginable. I love it. How many ways do we need to hear that causal thinking, giving the past absolute precedence, is a calamitous mistake? First, there are exceptions to every rule. Second, even the observed regularities of nature, called laws, are only what we say they are.
"The way I see it, so-called causes are excuses rather than causes."
This can be hard to accept. So much evidence against it! We can statistically prove that vitamin C does help. But do I love freedom enough to let go of my sense of causation and of evidence, of sure knowledge, of rules, of "that's how things are"? I do, yet finding that once you decided that drafts and germs cause cold, it can be quite tricky to make a new decision. But how wonderful and new the world and life will be without all those imposed rules. When love is back and its stand-ins – evidence, causes, rules, whys and wherefores – are gone, what a world!

Once love becomes unsure of itself as it does for all of us to varying degrees, mind is born, why is born. Why counts legs of centipedes and stamens in tulips, it searches for Higgs bosons and cancer-causing genes and wants evidence for everything and ends up with 10-dimensional string theories. When love comes back and why goes to bed again, who will care why anything is as it is or whether anything really is a certain way or not?
"Now I will reverse My earlier statement. It's true. What you think is a cause is a cause."
So it seems worthwhile to change my thinking, to drastically, radically, completely overthrow it. Even clinging as I still am to my old causal thinking, how I long to throw out 100% of it. This will probably include any sense of personhood which is what makes it look a bit of a challenge. It isn't really. All it takes is a decision, however shaky, that my most beautifully unrealistic dream is actually what is real and true.
"I ask you to please not give up so soon."
Dear God, this is a very touching letter, you know. Go on, lend me a hand, let's end this sad, sad age of misplaced realism that has made some of us tired enough to want to give up.

"There is no rule"

This should be read dozens of times. It is wisdom that will help you grow and know. It's beautiful.!!!!!!!!


" I ask you to please not give up so soon"

George would tell you that to give up too soon or to give up too late will have some influence in your day by day living, but your eternal destiny is never at risk.

The love filled Father chose you to be with Him for ever. You earth journey will have speed bumps and theme park that stir and frighten you. Read these Heaven Letters to find your bearings. They will help you even if they don't make sense right away. They are His love.


No standards, no universal rules

This kind of Heavenletters inevitably places us in an empty space which is hardly workable or manageable. Because our science is mainly 3D we have difficulty in figuring out how things really work. So we are looking for universal laws where there are perhaps only local perceptions.

First we think that physical laws must be the same across the Universe or across Universes (which should be called Multi-verses to use Kryon's expression) because of our linear conception. But what if physics was actually different in different parts of the Universe? It could mean that the only causality would be what is coming from the center or the mind/heart of each galaxy.

Laws and rules pertain to the world of illusion which is the world of bodies, which is the world of limitations, which is the world of the past. We don't have to perceive limitations but I don't suggest you to throw away your medication right now. A period of adaptation is necessary...

Norman speaks wise and beautiful words today.

Norman, these words of yours flow into our spirit and they flow into our minds with the fragrance of new found life. So casually to comment on Kryon's expression "Multi-verse" as though it's time to begin hearing a precious God Voice who can help us get free from the small boxes we formed to dwell in. How wise you are in your last paragraph. You shed light as you write. Love


"Fragrance of new found

"Fragrance of new found life". I love it, George. You make me more aware that it is indeed a new found life.

Thanks, dear friend.