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A Prayer for the cosmos...

My goodness...the vastness of it all!.

I remember when I first visited a Planatarium...The Griffith Park Planatarium in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles. I was so little that I could barely fit in the special cushioned, lean back chair. And the room was so vast! And when they turned out the lights and at first tiny stars began to was so heavenly. And when "close-ups of colorful, majestic nebulae were projected just above me, I entered a new dimension of awe! The gorgeous twinkles and gases seemed as if I could reach out and touch them...or if my arms were long enough I could simulate them with finger-paints on the ceiling! But even at that age, I knew the astronomers were trying to duplicate and personalalize something so wondrous and spectatcular and beautiful and more vast than words could even point to.

There are estimated 200 billion stars in just the milky way galaxy (where our earthly home is located) and there are estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe. So that must mean that there are about 200 billion times 100 billion stars in the universe or 2 x 10 to the 16th exponent or power which is really a pretty giant number. This is so vast! Actually, my mind begins to fall apart when I consider numbers above several tens of thousands!

So this is an extremely rough accounting of all of the "objects" out there. What about the space between them...measured in light-years? and what about other phenomenon such as black holes and the big bang and worm holes and, and...

My head is exploding again! And my mind "cries uncle" and surrenders. So maybe the heart comes up with this:

Dear Father-Mother God: I am dumb-founded at the vastness of our created reality! Help me with this! I have trouble counting socks! Lets see two to a pair. But if they are for ETS, several to a pair. No, that is not right cause a pair is just two. This is just way too hard! I just accept with this little mind of mine that the universe is way vast and way beautiful...and very possibly, way beyond least my understanding!

I'm going to turn this over to Jimi for some help:

So Jimi says:

Thank you Father-Mother for the loving vastness that I observe...and that I AM. Thank you Father-Mother for this beauty that I observe and that I AM. And thank you Father-Mother for this wondrous love that I feel...and that I AM.

And Jimi says too: Thank you for reading this: You too are the vastness, the beauty...and the love.

Loving you always, Jimi.

Sweetest Jimi, I join you

Sweetest Jimi,

I join you floating in awe at the vastness and beauty of God's Creation and indeed you too and we all are that selfsame vastness and beauty. You went to the Universe, to the Cosmos and I am thinking of the same beauty and vastness related to "a bugs life"- What is a raindrop to an ant ? Nearly a swimming pool ! Everything depends just on how we look at it...

Much love to you sweetest Jimi and thanks for all your postings !