A Poem God Wrote One Night

God said:

You may be walking on a rocky road, yet do not mistake this road for your path. You may be on rockiness now, yet there is a smooth terrain coming up. You are not the road you are walking on, or stumbling on, or hanging on to, or getting away from. You are more than all those aspects of life that you identify as you or anyone may identify as you.

If you are riding the rapids, that doesn’t mean you are the rapids. If you are taking a slow boat, that doesn’t mean you are a slow boat. You are beyond all the pieces and paces of your life as it appears on Earth. You are absolutely greater than the sum of the parts. You are Wholeness.

You may be a doer, and yet you are also a receiver. You fling your life, and you catch it. Life is communicable, and it is indefinable. You are greater than any definition. You are further than the eye can see.

You are a poem I wrote one night, and you are reading up on yourself. You may identify yourself as a tract or technical exposition, yet I wrote you as a great poem. You must read between the lines. You are also the words not written. I wrote a poem of you, and yet it was a poem of Myself that I spread out across the firmament. You are Creation. There is no digression. You come alive on the page of the poem I wrote, and you are held up for all the world to see, and, yet, the world does not always see. It is too busy.

I am the Doer, and yet I am never busy. Busy requires time to be busy in, and I am beyond time, and you, as well. We live in other dimensions even as We are dimensionless. In order to be dimensionless, there have to be borders, and We are beyond borders. We are beyond dimensions. We are beyond shapes and sizes. We are vast. We are Vastness itself.

We run on the fuel of love. What else is there to run on? We appear to be running, yet We are ever still. We are immovable motion. We are motionless. Love does not run around. Love simply blossoms. It blossoms in you.

Love supersedes the imagined boundaries. Love is the meat of life. Whatever path you may think you are on, you are on the path of love. You are on the path of yourself. You are on the trail of yourself. You are the hunter of yourself. You are tracking yourself down.

Of what beauty are you made? Why, of My beauty, of course. In My vision, and in your true vision, there is nothing that is not beautiful. There is no speculation. There is simply Being, and you are a Being of My love. You fill the interstices of My heart. You are the filler of all hearts, and you are all hearts. You are the embodiment of love. From My love you were made. There is nothing else you can be, and, yet, you do not quite believe Me. You may even fight the idea. You scramble around in life and may overlook the love you are. It is said you have forgotten. Certainly, you have disputed My recognition of you. I give no appraisal. I gave Myself to the world, and you are Myself strewn across the world, and yet you object and yet you protest, and yet, even so, you are My poem.

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Let your mind be delighted.

Sometimes I enjoy posting, not about the specific Heavenletter of the day, but about what we can read between each successive Heavenletter, the invisible thread, the "between the lines of God's poem". We just heard about Illusions, Rewriting the Script and today about God writing the poem of us. One of the leit-motivs seems to be : "From my love you were made but you fight the idea, you do not quite believe Me, you dispute My recognition of you". Isn't the idea behind fighting our own illusions or rewriting the same old script?

Of course we know that we have to blame our tricky mind or our ego. Let us start thinking that our mind IS NOT US, our ego IS NOT US. It is only a part of us. The mind in particular (as the ego in general) is a highly adaptable, sophisticated, flexible programmable and programming tool, like the supercomputers that build computers. Just ask your mind to do what it is good at: it is programmed for constant analysis (science can be very useful in our world), for judgement (discremination function) and also for creating the various scenarios of the played life using emotions which are enacted through drama (tragic, comic or tragico-comic drama). So let's use it for those specific purposes and have fun with its capabilities.

But there is another leit-motiv to be read through the lines of the last 3 Heavenletters (including today's). It is all about ACCEPTANCE. Can you write a piece of code (a computer script) called "A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E" that could run in the mind's multi-windows operating system? No, it will crash inevitably. Mind cannot deal with acceptance because the computer script for "A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E" is not written in binary code 0001111001110000111001011 but in unitary code. Acceptance by-passes the mind.

So for everything you know that your mind (or your ego) cannot process, because it is not built to process that sort of information, leave it to I AM. By-pass your mind. Your mind will thank you for releaving it from a job it was not designed to do. There are things that you don't ask your computer to do because it can't be programmed to do it.

Acceptance is going beyond the mind. It has to be programmed in the heart. But then the heart can program itself without any piece of code. "From My love you were made. There is nothing else you can be, and, yet, you do not quite believe Me". That is what acceptance is all about and your mind is begging you to be relieved from it. Give your mind a chance and get out of your mind!

Normand is deeper than the Letter.

Thank you Normand for LIGHT! It flows from the Pen of God!


beyond all the pieces and paces

You may identify yourself as a tract or technical exposition, yet I wrote you as a great poem. One of the things I love most about Heavenletters is how they gently dismantle that old sense of who we are and what we need to do to become something called our True Self – all those tracts and technical expositions. Love does not run around. How deeply reassuring a sentence in a world that still tries to save itself by physically running around on streets or inwardly running around in profound existential thought or spiritual practice. In a creation that is not even dimensionless, what a blessing it is to have a voice which reminds me daily that nothing has to be done or can be done to make me be what I am. Whoever authored this, even if it's I, I cannot thank you enough.

Jochen is squeezing on the trigger

His gun don't have blanks!

Simply Beautiful

Simply B E A U T I FU L !

Thank goodness I am Godmade and not "my own" making.

With Praise and Gratitude, Infinitely Blessed in His Hand.

Light and Love Praise and Blessings

Johanne, you make the angels smile.

It's all because of the Praise and Gratitude that flows from you.


Heaven Letter #3565

This was such a beautiful writing that I had to comment. It had me swaying in the beauty of the words, almost like listening to music. I so enjoy reading the daily Heaven Letters. How can I add this to my web site, or is that a possibility? Namaste

Dear Sheri, I feel exactly

Dear Sheri,

I feel exactly the way you do! I even went ga-ga over the title! A Poem God Wrote One Night

We would love to have you add to add Heavenletters to your website. Include a link, please, but, of course, you would.

Heaven Admin is out of town right now. He would know exactly how you do it so it is easy to do.

Will someone else please advise?

Sheri, thanks for posting, and I hope you will often.

With love and blessings,


Dear Gloria and dear Sheri,

Dear Gloria and dear Sheri,
first is this link http://cyoe.weebly.com/ the site you are referring to?

If I take example from Arcturius web site (http://www.lespasseurs.com/chroniques_arcturius/), you can copy and paste a daily Heavenletter with the link that is provided with each of them.

I'm His Song of love,

His voice is the voice of the clouds,
My voice is the voice of the clods.
His voice sings an anthem of foreverness.
My voice joins His in loving wonder.