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A phenomenal New Year in 2009 with our very own Heaven Admin. You must know all the good that Santhan does for Heavenletters. You must know all that I learn from him. Somehow, miraculously, Santhan appeared much in the same way that Heavenletters themselves appeared -- like out of the blue to serve us all.

Santhan is always thinking of giving to the world. His vision is vast, wise, and original. He is only thirty years old. It must be that he was born with the wisdom of the ages. He is always thinking of others and how to make the world a better place.

In addition, it is delightful to hear him speak.My experience is that when we hear Santhan speak, hear his voice and what he has to say, we get closer to Heaven AND gain more comfort and understanding of the day to day world we live in.

This coming Sunday, January 4, we have the spectacular opportunity to hear Santhan speak on Al Diaz' radio show. Santhan will be speaking from South Africa, and Al from California. Al is a man of wisdom and many talents. One of Al's great talents is bringing out the best in all who share his internet radio show with him. In a recent Heavenletter (it may not be out yet) God said how we are to be the hosts of the Universe on His behalf. Al just naturally does this on his radio show. Al makes his guests stars.



You also can call in to this number and ask your questions and give your comments to Santhan and Al. Let yourself be heard on this fabulous show. 347-826-7680



I was totally lost in awe at hearing him for the first time the previous show that was given, such a blessing dear ! and how I loved hearing you dear Gloria !

I pray for a good connection to the web and be able to listen to Santhan's wisdom and love !


Wow! this is fantastic..

Wow! this is fantastic.. what a billing - the "ripple effect". I hope to be able to listen to this.. It's on the calendar...I look forward to the inspiration!

Update on the shows

Senora, the shows are going great! Al has started something wonderful. There is going to be another show on Thursday where all the 7 co-hosts appear together. I feel to speak about the Oneness Journey and Spiritual colonies. Surely this is the kind of platform to get things moving.

I feel very strongly about the creation of a global network of small sustainable colonies/communities formed on the foundation of love and shared vision.

Thank you for listening! And for inviting the Heaven family. Imagine how awesome it would be to have the people from the Heaven community be part of the sustainable love centered communities we will build!

One Love


Beloved Santhan, the Heaven

Beloved Santhan, the Heaven community has to be a dream of God's come true.

Por favor, what time is this bonus show on Thursday?

I know this is the link

And this is the phone number to call in and listen and have a chance to say something;


Question for the upcoming Radio Show

I was not able to listen to the show yesterday and did so right now. What a blessing that you can listen at any time to the shows and download them !!
What a wonderful emotion to hear you again dearest Santhan and sweetest Gloria !!
So much wisdom and love, I'm totally floating in Heaven !

... I had to laugh about the book dear Santhan, so you are going to write one and share you divine connection with all in this further way ??
Hearing you read a Heavenletter is a breathtaking experience, you really touched my heart.

Looking on the Radio Show site I think the further show with all hosts is the 9th but that would be friday I think, not thursday, or am I confused ?

Many many thanks and boundless Love from Italy to all

Beloved Berit, you know that

Beloved Berit, you know that Santhan didn't know he was going to write a book! Someone seems to think that he must. Or maybe CD's that radiate all his love and wisdom. That's what I'm thinking now!

I'll see what I can find out about the date of the show with seven outstanding guests.

This is what I found:

This is what I found:

Upcoming Episodes

1/8/2009 8:00 PM - "It's your turn for a phenomenal year in 2009" with all of the Hosts

Where did you see a different date, dear?

Angel, Upcoming


Upcoming Episodes

09/01/2009 3.00 - "It's your turn for a phenomenal year in 2009" with all of the Host's

sorry for not the confusion dear...

thanks again !!

So it gives two different

So it gives two different dates?

Thank you for posting about

Thank you for posting about the shows!

Did you know that the show was 6pm pacific time and that when I called in from South Africa, it was 4am Friday! I woke up at 3:30am, made some yerba mate, did a bit of meditation and joined in on the radio show.

The birds started to sing in South Africa at around 5am and Al was asking, "Hey is that birds I hear?". It was very funny. Then I accidentally pressed a link and music started to play on my side. Some kind of rock music! Everybody on the show heard it! The best part is that they didn't know it was me. They thought it was a caller. Shhhh.

The show went very well. The synergy of the group was awesome. There were great questions from the listeners. Each one of the co-hosts had something beautiful to share. I enjoyed listening.

But now, I remember how much I love the early morning and I may never be able to doze in bed until 7am again!

Thank you Senoras for all your love and support. It means the world.

One Love
p.s You may listen to the show recording, but maybe in two parts. It's 2 hours!

It seems that I gave

It seems that I gave everyone the wrong time for the show. I could have sworn it was at 8 p.m. Pacific which is 10 p.m..Central. I went to great lengths to be awake for it, and it was over! Of course I will listen to the recording. I am so sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused anyone.

(And I don't believe in the idea that, well, I wasn't supposed to hear it. I was. I definitely was supposed to hear the show!)

I too missed the show, due

I too missed the show, due to family life, will download it and listen to it asap. It's wonderful that you can listen to shows not only life but that the records are available !

CD's would be wonderful

CD's would be wonderful since Santhan's voice is so beautiful and inspiring !