A Phantom Lover

God said:

Often you desire to improve yourself. You perceive a need to receive accolades from outside you, for you see accolades from the world as building you up. It is gratifying to receive accolades from the world. May you receive them. You have My blessing to receive them. They are lovely frosting on the cake, and how you like the sweetness of frosting. Of course, frosting is something layered on top.
Accolades from wherever they may come help to straighten your shoulders and keep your head held high. This is your natural posture. May you receive all the appreciation that the world has to offer, yet the essential accolades are the ones that you bestow upon yourself.
Your own reception of your self-worth is worth a hundred-thousand times more than any medals in the world. Your own recognition of your worth is what you must have. The more you require an illustrated picture of your worth from others, the more dependent you are upon the pictures other paint.
As you come to loving yourself as you are, then the more connected you are to My picture of you.
My picture of you doesn’t come and go. It’s dependent upon nothing but the Truth. It does not waver. It does not go up and down. It is solvent and assured. The world often attends to your ego. In any case, the world makes itself more important than it really is. What you think of yourself matters more than the highest projection from the world. Know thyself for all that you are worth.
I know you best. Learn from Me. Depend upon Me that My faith in you is True, the Eternal Truth, which is the only Truth there is. You must know by now that I do not curry favor from you. I do not look for you to honor Me for My sake. Honor Me for your sake. Unlike the world, even as much as I desire deeply your attention, I do not trade My attention for yours. I do not make deals. I am Truth.
The fact is that Who you really are is already established, and nothing can change it. You are My beloved when you are in the world’s favor and when you are not. It is important to Me, however, that you know your worth. It is yours. It is Mine. It is also the world’s worth. The world’s belief in you is not necessary nor are the world’s accolades necessarily in your best interest. You don’t have to chase after it. Your belief in your worthiness is essential to you, to Me, and to the Consciousness of the World. The world’s off-hand estimation of you can lead you down a garden path and leave you high and dry according to the errant world’s whim.
Does not the world you live in have many ideas backwards? The only ultimate Truth in the world is Oneness. The world at large is made up of so much multiplicity and even duplicity. The world confuses you and plays switcheroo with your heart and mind.
It’s vital that you stick with yourself which is the same as sticking with Me which is the same as sticking with Truth and getting down to a straightaway path in life.
Peripheral is not essential. At the same time, while you are living in the world, you are living smack in the world. Do your dance in the world and remember Me. Have fun, and remember Me. You and I --We can go on joyrides together. Never do you move in the world without Me. I am by your side. Enjoy Me, and enjoy My joy in you.    
While you live in the world, you go down a two-way street. It is as if you do have your feet in two boats. Steady does it. One boat is unsinkable. The other tends to be a phantom lover. 

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a need to receive accolades from outside

Yes my Father, I honour you.
I Love you for my very own sake.
I love you. We are One.
There is only Love. There is only Oneness.

I AM Enough

"Your belief in your worthiness is essential to you, to Me, and to the Consciousness of the World."
I accept this truth and feel my worthiness and my enoughness.

Gratefulness to Gloria

Dear Gloria!
I'm very grateful to You for this Heavenletter. It is very incredible and amazing!. How is it possible to to hit the mark? i can't stop amazing! of course it is God Who sent it through you. You don't imagine how it is in proper time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I'm with you, blessed

I'm with you, blessed Victoria. To not need so much building from the world as I have been depending on.

Ah, Victoria, the Heavenletters come from God! All glory to God.

By the way, for all who read this, Victoria is our new Russian translator. Elena has been our first Russian translator for quite a while.

Now we have 2! Happy day!

In fact 10 new translators have come to us recently. It's all miracle, isn't it!

Indeed it is all a Miracle

Indeed it is all a Miracle of Love.